Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Night, or...Tomato Pie Night

The last time I was in Asheville we bought beautiful heirloom tomatoes and oh, you know, local cheeses and I made tomato pies. I haven't made a tomato pie since, mostly because they not only have cheese in them but motherfucking real mayonnaise as well. This is not how I generally cook. But ever since we've been planning this trip I've been thinking that I should make them again and tonight's the night. 
We went to a farmer's market yesterday and bought about five different types of beautiful tomatoes from deep purple to yellow as well as fresh basil and I've just walked down to the local coop to purchase cheese. 
Local cheese. 
And I'll be making those tomato pies tonight. We're waiting on Jessie and Vergil and Greta to arrive to start throwing those babies together. 
Greta is just the finest dog. She is still a puppy but just as calm and chill as any dog I've ever met. Here's what she looked like after we walked her down to the farmer's market and back. 

She was so cute on the walk. Her only small sin was that every time she saw a nicely mown yard, she insisted in sprawling in it belly-down for a moment of total sensory joy. Then she'd leap back up and continue on. Yep. She's a fine dog and I'm proud she's my grand dog. Vergil even took her to work with him today and reported that she was very well behaved. And yes, in Asheville you can take your dog to the office. 

Okay. They've arrived with the tomatoes. 
The Last Supper will now commence. It's time for me to go home. I miss my man, Hank may have cellulitis, there's going to be a party at my house on Sunday for Billy and Shayla and I'm babysitting  Gibson on Saturday. I talked to Owen today and I said, "I miss my sweetheart SO much!"
"I know," he said. 
And I hear he made his mother pretend to be me. 

Time to go home indeed. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That doggie is really, really cute. I am thrilled you had a nice time with your girls and Asheville and your grandson there! And now you have your baby, your other grandsons, your daughter and a party to look forward to and also like Hank needs some tending to by his mom. I'm really hoping Hank is okay. Tender good byes and safe travels home. Sweet Jo

  2. Safe travels home and I'm glad you've had such a wonderful time. I've enjoyed all of your posts and that dog is almost as cute as Olga.

  3. Cute puppy :) so how do you make tomato pie? I have never heard of it!

  4. Gorgeous doggie. I love hearing about your adventures. I love Owen making Lily pretend to be you! That would've been fun to see too. He misses you lots. Next time I miss someone, I'm just going to ask someone who loves me to pretend to be them!

  5. Oh wonderful stuff!
    Could you share you tomato pie recipe? Pretty please?

  6. I am glad you have a grandpuppy! At first I thought he was yours and was wondering what on earth you were thinking! ha ha

    Would love the tomato pie recipe. We have about a million pounds of tomatoes and they need to be used.

  7. I'm okay! I wish I had some tomato pie.

  8. Ha! Olga does that belly-down-in-the-grass thing, too. Dogs are so utterly joyful, aren't they? They just love life.

    I've never had nor even heard of tomato pie, but those tomatoes look incredible.


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