Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday And I Am Not Getting A Damn Thing Done Around Here

It's raining again today, on and off, and in the paper they are listing places where you can go and get sandbags.
We have had a lot of rain this summer. Every baking pan I take out of the cabinet is coated with mildew and mold and I'm not kidding you. Although I have lived in Florida for most of my fifty-nine years, I have never seen this phenomenon. I've seen mushrooms growing in bathrooms and mildewed shoes and purses and walls and ceilings but baking pans is a new one on me. Flooding could possibly come next for all I know. That tree is still lying dead over in the side of the backyard, deader than ever. We have to do something about that thing. That and the toilet and the leaks on the porch and the boards in the dining room floor which appear to be curling up and well...Florida life in a very old house.
The garden needs to be cleared out, all of the dead plants pulled and tossed on a burn pile, things gotten ready for the fall garden. There's never a lack of projects around here.

But I don't feel like tackling any of them today. I've made a huge weekend breakfast with eggs and biscuits and I've fed the chickens and let the big hens and Elvis out into the yard. Baby and B.B. are doing well, eating their weight in whatever I'll give them daily.

Last night's outing pretty much did me in. We went to a local restaurant we have been frequenting for many years called Kool Beanz and despite its unfortunate name, it's one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten in. We always sit at the bar which isn't a bar in the sense that it's where you get drinks but in the sense that it's a bar instead of a table and the chefs are doing their thing with flame six feet away from you and it's great to watch. Last night one of the ovens caught on fire but they just opened all the doors and let the smoke out. No one was too worried about it. We got an appetizer of fried oysters and cheese grits, two salads and two entrees. Those entrees are sitting in my refrigerator as we speak, waiting to become tonight's supper. We had no room left after the salads and the oysters which were heaven. And why is it that salads eaten in a restaurant are always better than salads made at home? What's up with that? I don't get it because I make some pretty good salads but the ones we had last night were just incredible.
Anyway, I felt shy as hell last night. Even before we left I felt shy. I felt as if by having a "date" expectations were more than I could fulfill. Not sure what I thought those expectations would be but I was fairly certain I would not be able to fulfill them.
I'm pretty sure I didn't, either, even though I not only wore make-up, I painted my toenails. It had been so long since I've used any nail polish that I could only find one bottle in the entire house that I could open and it's a strange sort of peachy orange and I can't even remember buying that color but I suppose I must have and that's what I used. I also wore a pair of real going-out shoes and every time I looked down at my legs and my feet I had a hard time reconciling the fact that they were mine.
I think my favorite part of the evening was hugging the dishwasher who is the only original employee of the restaurant still there after all these years. He's such a beautiful man and his hugs are the best. He's deaf and mute so our communications are all through hugs and I guess we put our best effort into those hugs. They are joyful.

Here's a picture of me in the lady's room which is where the best rooster art is.

The whole restaurant is filled with art and most of it by a local artist named Pattie Maney. 
She used to do mostly dogs and cats but she's branched out into chickens and I approve.
Here's another picture of me in the restroom.

No. I did not spend my entire evening in the lady's taking pictures of myself but it was nice and quiet in there, plus...all the chickens. 

My own chickens are being exceptionally noisy here today. Elvis is obviously not sure that all his hens are where he wants them to be and has been crowing without cease. One of the hens laid an egg and so of course there's the big fuss about that and getting her back to the flock AND the train has gone by several times AND Mr. Moon is, as we speak, having a phone conversation four feet away from me and WHY? 

Peace, people. I need some peace. 

Okay. I've moved out to my office and Elvis has moved on to another part of the yard and guess what? I have nothing more to say anyway.

It's a rainy Saturday, I might just put on my overalls and go work in the garden in-between showers. I do not think we are going to need sandbags and I'll just have to wash each baking dish as I need it. If mildew and mold were toxic to me I'd be dead and I'm not dead so there you go. If I die, we'll need to reevaluate the mold-is-not-toxic-to-me theory.

Let's all try to not die today, okay? That's setting the bar pretty low but it's important. 

Your's truly and with love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is raining here too and the weather has changed. You are such a good story teller--you write like you are talking--I love that. My eyes must be tired because I read your words as "the toilet on the porch was leaking" and I was wondering why you had a toilet on the porch. Heeheeheee!
    I have re-established an interest in nail polish and my toenails are a sea green!
    --Michele R.

  2. It's a good day for me when I can start it by coming here and checking in with you. Woman, do you have any idea how beautiful you are? I think you do not, so I would like to assure that you are so very. You and that handsome man of yours make a mighty fine-looking couple! Nevertheless, I do understand the shy. Expectations will do that, but then, it's also kind of sweet to feel shy with a long-time partner. It's proof of magic if you ask me. Which you didn't. Happy Saturday, dear Mary.

  3. I love the pictures - and yes you look great with your red lips & long hair. I just bought red lipstick today - maybe I'll take a picture of myself in a bathroom somewhere. But it won't be as great as your picture because what are the odds that I'd find a bathroom with a rooster in it?

    P.S. I think that book you read was written in 1986, so what can you expect? Try something from the 2000s. :)

  4. You've hijacked our rain!!!! We've been so damn sunny it's made us all nervous as in 'is it global warming, are we all going to hell, etc"

    Let's do a trade, k? My water bill is gonna be enormous.

    XXX B

    So glad Baby and her chick are hanging in there.

  5. Michele R- Toilets on the porch are not unknown in this area. I do not have one, though. I assure you.

    Angella- I think it's a little weird. I don't always feel shy around him but sometimes, night? maybe I do.

    The Bug- Red lipstick can do crazy good things for one's look AND self-esteem.
    Yeah. I know that book was written in 1986. But I think I'll not bother to try another. I can't imagine wading through that many cliches again.

  6. Beth Coyote- If I could, I would truly and really send you some rain although I am not yet tired of ours. Plus- it's keeping us cooler. I imagine you guys are feeling as if god has forsaken you. That's how I feel during periods of drought. It's a horrible feeling. And if keeping those chickens penned up until B.B.'s maturity is what it takes, I'm going to do it!

  7. we're still in drought conditions here though it did rain some yesterday evening but we are way behind in our yearly rainfall. I'm sitting around just killing time til we leave to head into city so I can get to the airport early tomorrow without having to leave at 4 AM. from the city we only have to leave at about 5:30. why do I always schedule flights out at the crack of dawn?! it's a mystery.

  8. I loved this post on so many levels. I particularly loved the shy feeling that can happen with our spouse. Tonight we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary and I'm feeling rather shy. Instead of the fancy dinner after seeing Blue Jasmine, I'm tempted to suggest our regular cheap Mexican joint. It's the expectations, like you said. Well I hope tonight will bring some smiles and maybe a chicken painting or two. Peace.

  9. "Let's all try to not die today, okay? That's setting the bar pretty low but it's important."

    I giggled out loud, laying on my couch reading that on my phone :)

    You and Mr Moon need Mexico.

  10. I lived in a house at the top of a hill deep in the woods of Croton on the Hudson in 1994. There was so much mold that summer, that it looked like green fur in the bottoms of our shoes and along the pockets of our "winter clothes" that hung in the closet. I hated it. When I had Sophie nine months later and then she was diagnosed with her seizure disorder, I wondered if it were that mold.

    I guess not.

  11. Ellen Abbott- Around here you schedule flights whenever you can get them which is very limited. At least if you leave early, you can technically arrive early.

    Anonymous- Happy anniversary! Maybe the Mexican joint might be the best idea. Well, wherever y'all go, I hope there are many smiles.

    SJ- I'm glad I made you laugh. Mr. Moon and I DESPERATELY need Mexico. Or at least I do, which means he does too. If he knows what's good for him, at least.

    Elizabeth- Yeah. Pretty sure that's not what caused the seizure disorder but then again- who knows? At the very least, that much mold is miserable.

  12. No mold but it rained most of the night. The garden is a mess but too wet to do much on it. Great photos of you in the restroom. I have a chicken pillow that Pop did in needlepoint. It looks pretty cool.

  13. Ah yes, I remember well the Florida mold phenomenon. Not in baking dishes, though. That's a new one on me.

    Love the chicken art!


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