Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Morning

Twenty minutes the boys have been here and we've already had a smoothie and a long talk about Power Rangers and now "Brown Sugar" is playing.
Lloyd is rockin'.
Good morning, y'all. Good morning.


  1. Happy Sunday to you, Mary. Nothing like some brown sugar on Sunday morning.

  2. Good morning! I think about how years from now when Owen is grown and old, he'll hear Brown Sugar and other songs that remind him of his MerMer and Boppy and rockin out in Lloyd.

  3. Have an awesome day! Sounds sweet so far!

  4. Yeah, Browm Sugar will definitely be one of tthose great thinks he'll definitely think of his Mer Mer when he hears, like his cheese toast and the chickens. I can already hear the stories. Sweet Jo

  5. Good morning! Make him listen to Sweet Virginia, especially the part about scraping the shit right off your shoes.


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