Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dare I Say It?

Partial list of what I have done today:
Made soup and bread. I had help with the bread in the form of Owen who happily smashed the dough down after the first rise and helped me make the loaves. When it was done, he ate four pieces.
Did laundry.
Found my copy of The Marjorie Rawlings Reader which Hank gave me, to read shorts stories from aloud to Mr. Moon while he drives.
Made the bed. Why? I do not know because we subsequently played in it and tore it up. Me and the boys. I got tackled and kissed about a million times. And hugged. Jesus those boys are loving.
Swept. Again- why? We tracked in more than I swept up.
Read two stories to one boy while his brother napped.
Listened to long, long explanations of various Power Ranger toys. No, I have no idea what he's talking about but he does and that's the point.
Played an awful lot of pretending involving dinosaurs. And other things.
Spent some lovely time on the swing on the side porch with two boys, waiting for the rain to come in.
Changed diapers.
Listened to the Rolling Stones.
Responded to "Watch this, MerMer!" approximately four thousand times.
Responded to "Close your eyes, MerMer!" approximately three thousand times.
Prepared snacks that never got eaten, poured about four glasses of juice and made one glass of chocolate milk. Miraculously, there were no spills today. Christ! Call Ripleys!
Made two phone calls to two separate Zagg tech support guys. One was named Moses and was personable as hell, one was named Jerry and wasn't but he did help me.

(Gibson on his moon-shell phone. Talking to his Boppa.)

Played numerous tickle games and did the Eensy-Weensy Spider at least five times.
Went outside with the boys to check the eggs and feed crackers to the chickens. It was a good egg day with a total of four.
Washed some dishes.
Tidied up after the boys left.

Okay. That's all I can remember. I guess I'm not that sick, huh?

It's been a very, very good day and the soup is on simmer and the remaining bread is ready to be sliced. The boys seriously ate half a loaf this afternoon (and it was a small loaf but still) and took the rest of that loaf and half of a larger loaf home with them. I'm going to serve this supper up and try to get packed for our trip because I want to leave as early as possible. I am very excited to be going to Roseland. Can you tell?

I feel as if I am dreaming. I feel as if I am the luckiest woman in the world.
I feel fucking happy, all right?

All right.

(Please universe, do not kick my ass for saying this out loud. Okay? Thanks.)

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, happy. Happy deserves to be let out and shouted, every now and then.

  2. I would be honored to be your angel and with that comes the power to make the universe cooperate fully with your fully deserved right to be the happiest woman alive. You will have the best weekend ever. I know these things. I do. Sweet Jo

  3. I love your husband too. Because he is good to you. Because you deserve to be treated so well and loved so strong.

    XX Beth

  4. I am always happy to know that you are happy. God bless those grandbabies of yours. I am glad they bring you so much joy.

  5. The universe will not kick your ass. It will swoop down and wrap you in grandson hugs and make you giggle and sigh with peace.

  6. Beautiful day and I am glad for the chance to read about it. I'm ready for Roseland. Wooo hooo!

  7. Mama, you just go on and have the most wonderful time. I love thinking about you and Daddy down there looking at those lions, that jungle, that heart-home.

  8. Mary you do indeed have the fullest life of anyone I've ever known and it joys me deeply deeply to read about those little details the richness of you like a brocade hanging on the walls of Versailles.



  9. I am glad that you are so happy. That adds to my happiness.


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