Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Off To The Junior

Before I went to sleep my phone alerted me to the possibility of flash floods but if we had any during the night, I slept right through them. It did rain though, of that I am sure and it is beautiful this morning, coolish and clean and I've let the chickens out and somehow, their very presence as they start their day, each day, new and ready to go and find what the yard has to offer is at least a little inspiring.
Some people think that there can't be a heaven without dogs but my heaven would necessarily hold chickens. Sweet, fat hens and a rooster as brave and kind as Elvis.
I've said it before and I'll say it again- I believe the chicken has done more for humankind than Jesus did and if anyone ever went to war over chickens, I'm not aware of it, and if there were a Gospel of The Chicken, it would be a fine and peaceful book with lessons in how to get along with the flock and how to tenderly protect and raise the young and where to find the tastiest bugs and how to respect the eggs of each and every hen, no matter the color or shape or frequency of arrival.


I am going to meet up with Lily and the boys today and we're going to give Mr. Moon a ride to the car rental place where he left a car last week and then we're going to have adventures at the Tallahassee Museum which used to be called The Junior Museum and still is by some of us. There are bears there and wildcats and foxes and snakes and turtles and alligators and birds of prey which are being rehabilitated and deer and an example of a cracker farm with an old house, although not as old as mine, and a garden and mules and chickens and a cow and so it's a little like Lloyd but with a playground and pigs, too. I am excited about this. I love to go on adventures with Lily and the boys because I get to be purely MerMer and not have to be in charge of discipline or what passes for discipline around here which is perhaps what we might call Discipline Lite because those boys don't need much of it to tell you the truth unless Owen is having one of those worm-in-the-brain days and I hope he's not. I always said that I belonged to the Bribe and Distract School of Motherhood and there are plenty of distractions at the Junior and a gift shop for bribing so it should be a fine day.

I better get busy here, get myself ready to go. We need to get out there before it gets too hot.

This is one of those mornings where I am whirling in my mind, the parallel universes of when my own children were little and we'd visit the museum mixing in with this universe, colliding, bumping up against, blending in all together. I do not begin to understand quantum physics nor any other sort of physics but one can't help but wonder sometimes if the tiny crumb of what we do know is just the smallest part of the whole, so much not revealed to our eyes but perhaps a tiny bit to our bones where we just know things. Time itself is perhaps a shape-shifter and not nearly as neat and orderly as we think it is, observing it with our limited understanding.

Ah, enough of that. Let's go see the bears.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That paragraph about going to the museum DID something to me. Somewhere between Owen's possible brain worm and the distract and bribe thing... Your writing soothes my heart Ms. Moon, it really does.

  2. Life is too short for a whole lot of useless discipline anyway. Have fun!

  3. I love the way your mind works - from the gospel of the chicken to quantum physics. Your brain will one day be in that museum. I hope you have fun. Sweet Jo

  4. My mom was a bribe & distract mom too - and I must say I benefitted greatly from that strategy :)

  5. I will never be too old for the Junior Museum.

  6. Brilliant! Respect the eggs, each and every single one. I love it.
    Can't wait to read about the adventure.

  7. Jill- Chickens soothe me, I can soothe you. How nice, Jill! Thank you.

    Nancy- No shit, baby!

    Sweet Jo- Maybe not THAT museum, but the thought makes me giggle.

    The Bug- It worked for me. Mostly.

    Mr. Downtown- Me either! How many times did we go there?


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