Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Took my walk and now I'm off to town to go to the library with Lily and the boys and perhaps lunch. Oh hell, we always get lunch.

The day is heating up and the crickets are about to boil over and I am wearing a white linen dress because it's just too fucking hot to wear anything else and I am an old woman with a weird fucked-up face and strong legs and maybe it will rain and the squirrels are plucking the green pecans, tasting them, and then throwing them down to sound like small bombs on the tin roof and that is what it is today.

Right here, at least, and I am in a mood to be most grateful that this is how it is because it is almost majestic in its powerful heat and growth and green and possibility of rain.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "wearing a white linen dress because it's just too fucking hot to wear anything else and I am an old woman with a weird fucked-up face and strong legs and maybe it will rain "

    Hahaaaa... oh, me, Ms. Moon. you kill me. That is very wisdomy stuff.

    AS m'man Dr. Seuss says...

    “Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.”

  2. I have great adoration for grateful days.

  3. You know what? I come here every day and learn something new or am amused or am moved or inspired. The only think I miss is a picture of you, every now and then. Seriously. I'd love to see you sometime.

  4. You know what I don't understand? If an animal can know to not eat some plant because it's poison, why can't it know not to eat foods it doesn't really want? I'm looking at you Mr. Squirrel in my tomato patch!

  5. Carolyn- Ha! I'm not really wise but I do sound wisdomly. I like that!

    Nancy- Me too. Oh yes.

    Elizabeth- Sigh. I will work on that one.

    The Bug- Gee Dee squirrels. They are a pain in my ass. But they're cute.

  6. Sitting at JFK waiting for my flight to London
    Love to you and Mr Moon

  7. Hotter than hades here too. At least we are on the boat for the next few days catching some hot wind.

  8. Well, it sounds like Baggy was loved and may have even loved in her own strange way. I had a cat like that, maybe not quite as aggressive, but definitely hard to love -- and I loved her just the same. When it's your animal you learn to forgive shortcomings, you know?

    I'm glad she could be buried in your yard.

    Glad the outing with the boys was fun and the video was...interesting. I must say I have never been a fan of that song. But Mick certainly has some swively hips.

  9. Sittinonaporch- I wish you and Vicki the most magical of journeys.

    Syd- We may go to the island as soon as tomorrow. I NEED the water.

    Steve Reed- Your comment about the swively hips made me laugh for real.

  10. Madame King- For some reason I got notification of your post in the email but it didn't get posted here. So here it is:
    "Oh damn I'm so sorry for Hank. Give him a kiss for me. Tell him The Animal Gods will be with him until his heart heals. Sounds like Baggy was one of a kind as all cats are as all cats should be and how lucky he was to be loved so hard and so fine.
    ps. THE STONES. I can never get enough. Love love love.
    xoxox "

    Thank-you, dear one. Love...Mary

  11. Also- I just realized that a lot of the comments didn't get posted. Jeez! What's up with the Blogger? I'm sorry but thank all of you. And Rubye Jack- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I hope all is well.


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