Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yikes! Ike!

Here we go again.

Can I just ask one question? Why would they name a storm after some guy who beat the crap out of his wife?

I know, I know. That's just a terrible example of anthropomorphism. It's interesting, though, that they even name these storms. I wonder when that tradition started. I suppose I could look it up, but I'm too lazy. I remember when, in the interest of gender equality, they began to give male names to storms, as well as female.

I apologize, but that still seems wrong to me.

For example- which would be worse? A storm named Ike or one named Tina? Ike may have been a woman-beater, but Tina? A storm named after her would have incredible power, stamina, and would move with blurring swiftness on long churning legs of steel down its pathway of destruction. It would be accompanied by blinding flashes of lightening and the deafening percussion of thunder.

It would wear a wig.

It would leave us breathless, stunned and amazed.

Let's just hope they don't name a storm Tina.

If I were to name the hurricanes, I'd pick out names like Daisy, Bruce, and Sweet Pea and hope for the best.

I'm pretty sure we'll never seen a storm named Hitler.

Hurricane Hitler.

I'd evacuate for that one.

You bet.


  1. I think there was a Bruce, but it was kind of lame. Hannah's been very wet, so far. I hope the sump pump in my basement holds out. I think Ike will miss you, if it stays on the current course. I really hope we don't get up to Tina this year...I'm tired of it all!

  2. I'm tired of it too but at least the generator is working now.
    I hope your sump pump keeps working. And it seems as if you have electricity and I hope it doesn't go out on you.
    Good luck.

  3. hahahaha...

    Hurricane Hitler....

    yes. swift evacuation indeed!

    thanks for your comments by the way. i appreciate it a lot.

  4. You know, I never thought Ike Turner. I was always thinking Dwight D. "I Like Ike" Eisenhower.

  5. Oh well, that's me, Jon. Funny, though, when you think about it.

    AJ- I appreciate your comments, too.

  6. Funny! I actually like the name Gustav...I feel like the names are always so white bread. Gustav had flava!

  7. Gustav did have flava. Katrina had a bit of a flair to it too, which proved to be more than true.

  8. Ha! :) I just saw your new commentary under your photo. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  9. I did have a nice weekend, Nicol. Thanks. I hope you did too.
    By the way- you're probably the only person who noticed that slight change. Tee-hee.

  10. Well Miz Mary, Hurricane Jodi was thinking about you today so she googled your blog and, after curiously looking into some 30 year old's MySpace page, I found MY Mary Moon. Blog and all.

    So anyway, I am to comment on hurricanes.......Let's see. How about Hurricane Palin? Not sure I'd evacuate for that one. I'd just grab a nice bottle of wine and wait for the locusts and those 4 crazy guys on the horses to show up.

    Love you!

  11. Hey Jodi! Love you, too. Write me, girl. Tell me how it's going.


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