Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cold Wave

So it's like fifty-five degrees and already- I'm done with winter.
I live in Florida for a reason.
I'm freezing.
Perhaps I should put on some long pants.


  1. Yep, Fall didn't waste any time getting here, did it? I'm still in the honeymoon phase though....loving every minute of it.

  2. Just put on some pants Mama, and don't fret because I'm sure it's going to be back to ninety degrees in a few days. But I'm with Robin, I'm totally loving it.

  3. Are you kidding?? I love, no love this weather!

  4. God I love it! I hope it never gets warm again. Bring on the goose pimples!

  5. i am loving it too! i wish it would be like this everyday of the year!

  6. I just turned off my airconditioning a few days ago. Now the temperature in my house has descended to the ungodly temperature of 68 degrees (at 5PM, who knows how cold it will be at 5AM)! I don't know how I'm going to cope! I'm afraid it's going to be a baaaaad winter...

  7. Okay, okay! I stand corrected! The temperature this morning was delightful!
    I put on some socks and shoes and took a walk and all has been fine every since.
    It is a little bit glorious. But no colder! I mean it!

  8. guess you won't be visiting us up here in Canada?

    btw I loved your comment on my are inspirational and it is such a pleasure to read and agree with your posts!


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