Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not Much But It's What I've Got. Today. Now.

I just want to say that I got more visitors to my site yesterday than I have ever gotten in a day.
I don't know if this is because I threw my novel idea out there or if it's because I was nominated for "best crazy mother story" on The Newborn Identity website. (Tasty readin' there, folks.)
I'm thinking it's the Newborn Identity website.
Anyway, today's one of the those days where I think my own children could win a contest like that, quite easily.
And that's all I have to offer today, or right now, anyway, and must go shower because I'm going to lunch with a friend who just got divorced. This is not a celebration, it is an honoring of a passage into a different existence.
And I feel a deep need today, right this second, to give us all a very, very heartfelt bless our hearts and also to thank every one who made suggestions about my novel finding its way into the world and keep those ideas coming in, folks. I am considering them all.
Much love....Ms. Moon


  1. Here's to ya, Ms. Moon, and to your friend who has lots of possibilities ahead of her in her new existence!

  2. It was nice to see you ladies today, thanks for picking my restaurant. You looked so cute, Mama.

  3. Ms. Moon - your Mom was robbed of the crazy Mom title. Any fool can burn down a few trailers, it takes real insanity to paddle your daughter's classmates day after day.
    I might have know that any election that had anything to do with Florida was rigged!

  4. Please don't tell my mother I wrote about her beating children, okay? She'd deny it anyway.
    Nah, that guy with the arsonist mother totally won. Although, there were some mighty good stories there, weren't there?
    Jesus. No wonder therapists make so much money.

  5. Oh Maysie- thank-you for serving us such a lovely lunch. I think K. enjoyed it a lot.


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