Monday, March 17, 2008

Do You Think?

I'm about to go to Publix for the first time in ten days. TEN DAYS!!!!
I'm certain that it will be an event much like the one portrayed above.
Aren't you?


  1. You guys up there (including my Juancho) are big Publix fans. And sure, I've gone to Publix almost exclusively since 1968! But I still get major guilt attacks when I shop there. No one else does?? God, I can do more sinning in that place!

  2. It's the poor girl's jewelry store, isn't it? Even if you don't sin, the opportunity is there. They sell crack (chocolate) and cheese cake filling in a tub. I mean, please!
    Also beer.
    But no. I do not feel guilty shopping there. Quite the opposite- my daughter and her fiancee work there. My unborn grandchildren's futures depend on Publix.

  3. Haha! My "crack" at Publix would be their bakery! And, the marinated olives. Mmmmm.

  4. The olives stuffed with garlic, no less! And I feel better knowing that I am supporting your unborn grandchilren's future, Ms. Moon!! :)

  5. Those of us who work outside of the home thank you for shopping during the daytime, so the stores aren't as crowded when we have to shop at night and on weekends.

  6. Lopo- have you ever had the blue-cheese stuffed olives? Oh. My. God.
    Can you say Martini?

    And Ms. MO Blog- Now that's when I feel guilty- shopping during the day when I should be out in the world easing the suffering of the downtrodden and making money. Or at least doing something for which I get health benefits.


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