Monday, March 24, 2008

Can Someone Tell Me

How the wisteria can be this full-bloomed and gloriously purple and yet, the temperature is going to be down in the thirties tonight?

We've been trying to run out of gas for about two weeks now. Seriously. We have some major gas tank and gas line issues going on and so we're going to have to dig the whole mess up and replace it and that requires the tank to be completely empty. We use gas for hot water, cooking, the clothes dryer and...heating.

And I've been paranoid for two weeks that it would run out at any moment and I'd have to go without hot water, the stove, and heat. The clothes dryer I can live without. I have a dandy clothesline that is hidden by the wisteria in that picture.

And really, I haven't been worrying about the heat so much's spring and that means it's...warm and so who cares about heat?


Well, at least the man is on his way home so if tragedy does befall us I'll have someone to yell at about it.

Wait! I mean, I'll have someone to snuggle with and keep me warm.

Yeah. That's what I meant.


  1. Sure. That's what you meant! :) I hope you covered that wisteria with sheets. It's GORGEOUS!!

  2. Nope. The covering sheets are back upstairs, washed and folded. I put them there after the last-freeze date, March 15.
    So much for last-freeze dates. I think the wisteria will be fine.
    I think.

  3. Some of the azaelas were looking fairly shabby this morning. But heck, what's a Tallahassee spring without an unexpected freeze right before the parade?


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