Saturday, March 15, 2008

And The Dolphin Led Us Home

So we're back and I've posted a thousand million words that I wrote on the island but couldn't post from there and I apologize but hell- don't read it. This is my blog and I can put as many words here as I want.
There was sea fog when we came home, thick as wet cement and the husband got us back safely with his navigational skills and the GPS and I was so impressed. My daughter and I were sitting in the front of the boat looking for markers we were supposed to be passing and we kept joking about how great it would be if a dolphin showed up to lead us in.
And then- with a great leaping arc, a dolphin broke the water right in front of the bow where we sat, directly in the very center of our path.
It was that sort of week.


  1. Wow! That was a long sabbatical. good for you.

  2. That was exactly what it was- a Sabbatical.
    Thank you for giving me that word.

  3. The dolphin said it all! :) SUCH a good report...and such good reads you've provided us!! Why, I do think this may count as the book! :)

  4. Oh well. I'm word-obsessed. We all know that by now.
    I did some work on the fiction. Dog Island was involved.
    But it was a joy, sitting down every day to work on these little word-pictures.

  5. Lovely just lovely. After driving through angry streets (lost again) to get back to my apartment and read about a world of peace and loveliness was just wonderful. Just wonderful.

  6. Thank-you, you quiet girl. You made my day.


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