Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Ay, Yi, Yi!

I swear. I don't even know who I am one day to the next. This morning I had to get up early-ish and go to town to get my blood drawn in preparation for next Monday's annual exam with my doctor. As you can imagine, I am in quite a state about all of this and to my vast disappointment, the comet has not hit the earth disrupting and ending all activity as we know it so there was no putting this off any longer. 

My doctor is part of a very large group although all of the doctors practice independently, sort of, but almost every test you need is done at one central location. I have gone there to get x-rays and mammograms and  ultra-sounds and of course, lab work. There never used to be appointments. You'd just show up and wait your turn. And so I showed up this morning, only to be told that the wait time was two hours and thirty minutes, the waiting areas were full, and people were waiting in their cars. 
And of course I was fasting because it's that sort of bloodwork.
So at first I said, "Well, THAT'S not going to happen but then when I got back to my car I thought, hell, let's just get this over with. So I went back in and got in a queue and was told that I'd get a text when I should come to the waiting room. And back out to the car I went. I had brought a couple of New Yorkers, thank goodness, but I got so sleepy, waiting. I'd had no coffee either. Finally, after about an hour or so, I got called in and then had to wait in two other waiting areas. By the time I finally got into a room with a phlebotomist, I'd been waiting almost two hours. Turns out they are way understaffed with only two techs. They're trying to remedy that situation but for the moment, that's the way it is. One can make an appointment but from what I learned from other people waiting, there are no appointments available until the middle of October. 
They have to fix this. 

When I got out, I needed to eat and went to Japanika! because I hadn't been in a long time and was craving their curried tofu Bento box and that's what I got. It was delicious and I thought about all the times we'd been there when Owen and Gibson were little guys and how much they loved the sushi and miso soup. 

And then I went to Costco and Publix because no matter how often I go to those places, I always need more stuff and I got that stuff and came home and was so tired I had to take a nap after I got everything put away and the kitchen all cleaned up and the bed made and the dead animal which I assume Jack or Maurice brought in and left on the rug on the back porch, taken outside and the rug into the washing machine. 
"What was it?" my husband asked me when I told him about it. 
"I do not know," I said. "I didn't really look. But it had guts." 

And that sort of sums it all up for me as to today. 
I haven't taken a nap in forever but there seemed to be no choice about the matter today. 

Lily is still testing positive and not feeling great. She hasn't seen her babies since last Saturday and is not very happy about that. 

And so it goes. 

Let me know if you hear anything about a comet heading our way. I could use some good news. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sorry Mary, there will be no comets or earthquakes or alien starships to rescue you from reality though I do recognize that kind of daydreaming.

  2. Oh, my gosh, that last line was out of the blue! You made me laugh out loud.

    Only comet I know of, for sure, is the stuff you scrub the bathtub with.

  3. Unless everyone else was fasting you should have been treated as a priority - maybe you were! Fingers crossed for a good report from your doctor.
    Be careful what you wish for. My sister in law did not want to travel to Italy with my brother (they have an apartment there: he loves it, she not so much). This was early 2020 and we know what happened. China did not cause the plague, Louise did.

  4. I always take refuge, when I make long-term appointments in the, well, I'll probably be dead by then rationale. But I never am! A comet would be good though.

  5. I think I'd need more than a nap after that! Sheesh! Glad you got the testing done, though. And Japanika! Hadn't heard you mention it in a long time.....I bet it was heaven! Sorry, I don't think comets or meteors are in your future.....darned, LOL!
    Susan M

  6. That's a very long wait! And it shouldn't happen, but how to fix it? Even the experts don't know. Whenever I have a fasting appointment for blood draws, I carry a small snack in my pocket or bag so I can eat as soon as the tech is finished. I don't fancy fainting on the way out. That isn't likely to happen, but why take chances.
    I hope Lily starts feeling better soon.

  7. I'm hoping the comet flies over California first.

  8. I was told by my doctor on Monday that it's time for my mammogram and to get it in October, so look out for that comet for me, will you!

  9. A comet WOULD be good news at this point. Between Trump, Alito and Putin I'm about at my wit's end.

    You'll be glad you got the blood draw done, but yeah -- they have to fix that. That's ridiculous.

    I haven't thought about Japanica! in SO LONG! I hope you told Owen you went.

  10. Well, at least it is done so that's one good thing. That poor staff must go home so tired everyday!
    Hope you get a good report when you see your doctor!

  11. Good on you for staying and waiting. I won't even do fasting blood work. I get way to hangry without food. My doctor works around it.

    Also good that you had a nap. Fasting blood work, shopping and a dead animal. You lead a reckless life Ms. Moon:)

  12. I need to make my appointment for my annual in January. I'm lucky that there is a lab right here in this little town about five minutes from my house. Last time I had blood drawn I called to make an appointment, showed up and there were three or four other people in the waiting room and they called me ahead of them.

    As for the state of the country and world in general, it's a good time to be old.

  13. Or as my great-grandmother used to say, "Ai ai Ai ai ai" with emphasis on the 3rd ai. I can just hear her.

    Personally I'm waiting for kind and wise Aliens to land and help us figure out all our problems.

    Susan from the Pacific Northwest (who can't comment from her google account for some reason).


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