Friday, November 26, 2021

Here We Are

Every time Mr. Moon goes to sit in his chair, he is joined by the Murder Cat. She obviously feels as safe and cozy there as the grandchildren do. And unless he moves a hair, she doesn't even bite or scratch him! When I lean over to kiss him, I am taking my life in my hands but she seems to have settled down a little lately. Maybe by the time she's an old, old lady she will not draw our blood anymore. 

I tell you what- when I woke up this morning I hurt from my toes to my fingers. Literally. Yesterday wasn't exactly a marathon but it was maybe a quarter marathon. But the more I think about yesterday, the happier I am that we had our Thanksgiving here. It's been nice having Thanksgiving at Lily's but she needed a break and I think this old house needed to feel useful and filled up again just as I needed to feel useful and fulfilled again. And everyone really did pitch in to help from bringing delicious foods to setting tables and carving meat and carrying platters and moving chairs. And then cleaning up, too. Tonight Mr. Moon and I will be eating plates of leftovers- always the best. I don't even know exactly what we have in there although I do know there is a turkey carcass. SOUP! When everyone was taking leftovers I kept being asked, "Do you want some of my green bean casserole? How about sweet potatoes? Spinach casserole? Greens?" Yes! Yes! Yes! And then my sweet children would spoon us out some servings into my ever-ready old yogurt containers, sour cream containers, glass leftover containers, bowls....

We are rich! 

This morning we had the supreme and joyful pleasure of Lon and Lis's company for a little while. They had spent Thanksgiving with Lon's sister's family and stopped by here on their way home. We had coffee and rolls and got to chat for not nearly long enough. I had an appointment at Publix to get my flu shot at 1:10 and they had to get on the road. But a little bit is infinitely better than nothing and Lis and I got a tiny heart-share time and I feel all the better for that. 

Then I raced to town to get that shot and do a little Publix shopping. As I waited for my jab, I thought about how insane I went as a child when it was time for me to get a flu shot. I swear- I think that was the only time I went berserk in my life. It took my mother, a nurse, and the doctor acting in restraining concert to give me that shot. I screamed, I cried, I tried to run. 
I have no idea why. 
But I barely felt the needle today and honestly, needles do not bother me very much. I mean, no one but an intravenous drug user really loves the idea of a needle slipping into skin but when needs must...whatever. 
So far I haven't felt any reaction at all other than a slightly sore arm. 

After Publix I went to...wait a minute...can you guess? 
YES! I went to Costco! 
I don't think I've been out shopping on Black Friday since Black Friday became a thing and I was dreading the Big Box experience but it was only slightly busier than usual. If that. I didn't even use the self-check-out which is what I usually do, because there was no line at a cashiered check-out. Live a little, right? Let the professionals scan those items! 

I haven't done a whole lot since I got home. Watered plants, did a little laundry, cleaned up a few things. I certainly did not mop. I've reveled in the idea of those lovely leftovers for supper and our Friday night martinis. Gibson is coming to spend the night tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that. Despite all the Thanksgiving food in the refrigerator, I think I will make him meatballs because that is his special meal and I want him to feel special. He is such a precious boy. 

Okay. Here are two pictures from yesterday. 

Jessie took this one.

I love it with all of my heart. 

And here's one that Rachel took. 

I am wondering what in the world was going on in that smart little head of his. We will probably never know. 

And here's what the sky looked like when I went out to the garage to fetch my husband to come in and make martinis. 

I swear I can feel the house yawn in the same contentment I feel, knowing that it is still able to provide shelter, happy that the heart-pine body of it is still strong in the ways that matter, happy that once again its floors and walls and windows and doors were available and flung open to life and yes, to love, in myriad and joyful ways and now is resting again in that knowledge. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Leftovers for us tonight too and yippee because it is my night to cook. Free ride baby! I think Levon must be trying to decide what to eat first and judging by the look on his face it must have been a hard choice. I finally decided what to do about the shadow boxes so I worked on them today. Now tonight we are going to watch part 2 of the new documentary by Peter Jackson on making of the Beatles last album Let It Be. We watched the first part last night.

  2. Such a contented blissed out post! Lovely to feel like that.

  3. This is so comfortable, I think that I will just linger here for a while...thank you

  4. I too have a very strong memory of getting shots very hysterically, at the army base. My brother and I each seperately tested the strength of multiple adults while my totally mortified mom sat in the waiting room with our baby sister. It was only the once, but I'm petty sure it was that multiple needled thing that gave everyone those circle scars. I am so glad you had such a wonderful family experience!

  5. Another sweet night coming when Gibson arrives. Enjoy!

  6. The blogpost ends on a semi-religious note but I am glad you omitted the big beardie fellow in the sky - he who allegedly sees everything. Better to make our heavens here on Earth I think.

  7. I also once threw a complete conniption when I had to get a shot as a kid. And then I was surprised that it turned out to be nothing much.

    I'm glad you had such a great holiday. I think you (and your house) have been a bit restored by all that activity and warmth.

  8. Now we are rushing to Christmas! I can't believe that several people in my neighborhood have Christmas trees up already! I am hoping to get my shopping done quickly this year so I can relax and enjoy the season. What happened to 2021! How is it almost over?!

  9. Feeling the house yawn is a wonderful expression - I know exactly what you mean, or at least I think I do.
    Today we are all cosying up as the storm lashes outside - sometimes that's a nice way to spend the day

  10. What a lovely family thanksgiving!You are blessed indeed.

  11. My dad was a pharmacist in the Army. I remember he brought home a shot, I remember locking myself in my room and refusing to open the door. I think the spanking I got hurt way more than the shot. I believe your house is quite contented right now, if only walls could talk the stories your home could tell would be fascinating!

  12. That is such a wonderful photograph of the cousins. I know they must have missed each other so much at the height of covid. Lovely that we are able to gather again, cautiously as we can.


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