Monday, November 1, 2021

Halloween, Part II, Fresh Salad, Part I

I got my Mac and my phone talking again and so am able to post the pictures of Halloween from Hank and Rachel and Lily that I got. 

I just love this picture of Rachel. She and Hank did a whole thing for Halloween, setting up outside for candy-giving and even having a little fire to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. 

Lily's kids look amazing although I really have no knowledge of what or who their costumes represent. Gibson and Owen are Fortnite characters, and if I knew anything about Fortnite I'm sure I would understand. 

And Magnolia June is a ladybug who is some sort of action girl on a show. 

Whatever. She's adorable. 

And now Halloween is well and truly over except for leftover candy. I hope that August remembers to save me an Almond Joy if he gets one. 

I had what I felt like what was a very productive day and that should be a joke but it's sort of not. My productivity bar is set remarkably low. I called the Jefferson County health department about getting my Moderna booster and they had appointments for this afternoon and so I went and got one. Easy and fine although they did make me wait for half an hour in the seating area because I am allergic to sulfa drugs. They even gave me a little timer thing which was quite thoughtful. 

The weather here is so beautiful right now that I have wanted to be outside and this morning before I went to Monticello for my shot, I hung the laundry on the line and watered the porch plants and filled up two empty pots with potting soil. In one I planted my many rooted sprigs of Swedish Ivy and the other is in wait for my banyon rootling that I have going. It just needs another week or two before I feel the new roots are established enough to stick in dirt. 

I got out in the garden for a bit of what I think of as "tweezer-weeding," pulling the tiniest of weeds from around the new seedlings. Definitely not a very physically challenging activity. It was so nice to be out in the coolish air, surrounded by the new growing things. 

As you can see, my little tiger wanted to be outside too. Those zinnias are volunteers, seeded from the ones that we planted in spring. The volunteers are always smaller for whatever reason, but are still so vibrant. I just could not bring myself to pull that little patch of them. 

And then...AND THEN! I did a little bit of thinning. Every year I swear and vow and declare that I will be a ruthless thinner of my greens and lettuces, broccoli and cabbage. And then I get on my knees, my thumb and forefinger posed above the little plants, the little, tiny growing green sprouts of life...and I just have a terrible time doing it. But I comfort myself, knowing that it's okay to do it in stages, using the ones I do cull to add to salads. And tonight will be the night we eat our first salad with these mini-micros in it. 

The large leaves are mustard green leaves, plucked from a few of the plants I bought a few weeks ago. There is also basil in there along with some arugula, and an assortment of lettuces. 
I am pretty darn excited. 

So now I'm waiting to see if I get much of a reaction from this booster. My arm is suddenly sore and I guess I'll be feeling it more tomorrow if at all. I very much want to get the shingles vaccine and the side-effects from it sound rather brutal but from what I've seen in people who get shingles, the side-effects sound like a much better alternative. And I need to get my flu shot too. It's a little weird to try and figure out when it will be most convenient to feel like shit for a few days. 
Ah well. 
This is why they make ibuprofen and frozen chicken pot pies, right?

Meanwhile, we're having leftovers and salad tonight. Salad that will bite us back a little with the arugula and mustards. 
I can't wait. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I had mine last Wednesday and felt surprisingly good for the first 2/3 of the rest of the day until my arm started aching all the way from neck to elbow. I went to bed at 8:30 and woke up just normal as could be except for a still sore arm--still is today even. Still, nothing like shot #2 back in February which I thought was surely trying to kill me.

  2. Getting my booster tomorrow. Seems it’s pretty common to feel bad the day after. And yes on the shingles vaccine! I’ve recently recovered from my second round. I’m definitely doing the shingles one in a week or so.
    I have the same problem with thinning and share your determination to be ruthless. It’s so hard! Love Rachel’s purple hat.

  3. We had our Moderna boosters last Friday, a sore arm was the only side effect, and even that was less sore than before, I guess because it was a half dose? Don't really know. Hey woman, are we the same person? I'm allergic to sulfa drugs too. Your costumed people are adorable, scary, darling.

  4. Just had my Moderna booster shot at shortly after 4 p.m. today at a mobile vaccine bus set up at the County Nurses building parking lot! Easy-peasy ... Came home to zap a Lean Cuisine for supper, draw a glass of white zin, and take a Tylenol just in case!
    The first two were never very sore, so hoping this one won't be either!

    1. Also ... I've had shingles ... You do not want them ... Get the vaccine! Shingles are extremely painful!

  5. Yes,definitely get the Shingrix vaccine series. It was no fun, but I'm told that anyone who's had shingles would gladly exchange. And get the pneumovax as soon as you're old enough.

    That said I'm sure those are cool costumes though I'm in the dark about them too. The kids look pleased with them.

  6. I had a shingles vaccine a few years ago and don't remember any after effects at all. I have had all 3 covid jabs and flu this year and luckily only had a sore arm after the flu one! (I almost convinced myself that she only pretended to do the booster shot, as it was so quick and not even a sore arm!)

  7. we are working from home for election day here, one of the things i'm doing while i don't pay attention to 6 solid hours of meetings is trying to book my shingles series my booster around the first of october...we are now having what the dept of health determined was an outbreak in my building so glad i got the extra protection. hope you have little to no side effects other than a sore arm.


  8. Shame you didn't show pictures of your good self and Mr Moon in your Halloween costumes. I imagine you as Cruella Deville and Mr Moon as Donald J. Trump but I am probably way off the mark.

  9. I love the kids' outfits though I don't know anything about Fortnite either. For a while it was all the rage here at our school but I haven't seen much evidence of it lately. You've reminded me that I need to ask about my booster shot.

  10. I hate thinning seedlings too and my carrots suffer for it every year. It feels wrong and it's tedious.

    I had shingles on my face but the antiviral medication worked surprisingly well.

  11. Have had shingles twice. First time was the worst (was only 41), but was fortunate to get anti-virals relatively quickly. Had a bad reaction to the Pneumonia shot a few years ago and was knocked pretty hard by the second Moderna jab, but am scheduled to get the booster next Monday. Since I just returned from overseas (multiple Covid tests were negative), I decided to wait a week to get my energy back before getting the booster. Did get my flu shot before I left.

  12. I have my Moderna booster tomorrow. I had my flu shot a couple of weeks ago and had no reaction at all. I had the shingles 2 shots 2019 and had no reaction to that either (at least none that I can remember)!
    Hope you feel fine today!

  13. we need to get our Moderna boosters but I'm a little reluctant. I swear one of my injection sites from the first two just flared up itchy (which the first one did between the first and second) and when I scratched it it opened up and formed a scab.

    my neighbor gave me a bag of mustard greens he grows and they were so good.

  14. I have no idea what Fortnite is about either but I'm sure the boys are good representations of the characters. They all three looked cute! And I'm with you, I almost have to break my fingers to thin seedlings out - ridiculous isn't it!


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