Monday, June 24, 2019

The Strangest Of Times

I took a walk this morning and it was so damn hot that I truly doubted I would be able to do the last five hundred yards or so to my house. I even crossed the road to walk off of the sidewalk because that side was shadier but it did not help much, not to mention that was I walking in almost knee-high grass which means ticks and possible snakes. 
Oh, Florida! Why are you trying to kill me?
Or perhaps more to the point- oh, Mary! Why are you trying to kill yourself?

I got home and doused my face with water over and over and drank deeply of more water and then I took the trash and the recycle and then I met up with Lily and Owen and Gibson and Magnolia June at the Wacissa where I embarrassed my daughter and could easily have gotten into a fight.
When we go to the river we always try to set up under the shade of the big cypress at the edge of the water and so we did today. There was a group of kids right next to us- teenagers- and they seemed lovely and the girls, especially were at that age and place in their lives where they don't even have a clue as to how powerfully beautiful they are. Such perfect skin and hair and lean, strong bodies they had. The boys, as boys that age generally are, were gangly and not nearly caught up to the girls in development but they weren't loud and they sipped grape sodas and swam some and jumped off the rope swing some and I had no problem with them whatsoever. But right where they had laid their towels and where they were hanging out, was a red waterproof speaker wedged between two roots of the cypress tree and very, very loud country music was blasting forth from it.
There was nothing inherently wrong with the music. It's just that when I go to the river or the beach I really don't want to listen to music.  And if I did, I'd wear some damn headphones. They make them wireless and waterproof now, just like this red Jensen speaker was.
I bitched about it to Lily and then I asked one of the girls if it was theirs. She said, "No. It was here when we got here."
I walked around and asked everyone (I thought) there if it belonged to them. Everyone looked as mystified as I was about who the owner was so finally, I just walked over and figured out how to turn it off and did just that.
Heavenly silence ensued with nothing but birdsong and child-calls to break it.
But then...BUT THEN! A guy walked over to it and turned it back on and came over to me and said, "That's mine and I'm here with my wife and kids and we're enjoying ourselves swimming and hanging out and listening to the music."
He didn't look particularly threatening and he was wearing swim trunks and a ball cap with a Florida flag on it which was okay. I mean- it wasn't either a MAGA cap nor did it have a Confederate flag on it. So I said something like, "Well, yeah, but not all of us are here to listen to music. That's why they make headphones."
"Well I've been here all day long," he said, "And it's my right to listen to music."
I knew that I was not going to win any argument with this guy and so I backed right down and said, "Sure, okay," and he walked back to the little picnic pavilion which was not exactly close to where the speaker was and I sat back down in my chair.
"Oh well," I told Lily.
It's funny- even two years ago I doubt I would have done a damn thing about that music. Maybe I feel like no one would hit an old lady or maybe I just don't give a shit about propriety any more but I sincerely was NOT in the mood to listen to anyone else's choice of music.
Eventually, he grabbed the speaker and took it with him up to the pavilion but he made damn sure I realized that it was as loud, if not louder, than ever.
Whatever. What a little dick.
They kept the thing going at full blast until the very second they put in the car when they left and I guess he proved his point but I tell you what- I could feel my whole body relax when they finally took off. Not because they were gone but because I didn't have to listen to the crap that passes for country music anymore.

Besides that, it was a fine day at the river. Owen's goggles recently broke and his mama hasn't had a chance to buy him any new ones so he was pretty put out about that but Gibson did finally share his. Speaking of Gibson- that child will make friends with ANYONE! He literally does not know a stranger. Which is fine if you're right there to make sure that whoever he's talking to is an okay person for him to talk to but Lily's always afraid that he's going to say something inappropriate because the child just WILL say whatever he's thinking which I find charming but which everyone else might not. For example- once Hank brought a friend to the river whom I am sure preferred the "they" pronoun which is something we are quite comfortable and familiar with but Gibson was fascinated.
"Are you a boy or a girl?" he asked with no guile whatsoever. He truly wanted to know.
He not only doesn't pretend not to see differences, he wants to explore the subject of them. Which I think is pretty cool but is probably not always comfortable for the person he's interested in. He's no more afraid to ask a person about their skin color or body shape or age or gender than he is to ask where they're from, despite all of Lily's admonitions to him that differences are no big deal at all.
I love that kid.

I brought a jar of the dill pickles that I'd put in the refrigerator for taste-testing and they got eaten up.

Here's a cute little mermaid enjoying one. 
I can't believe I was able to put that picture in. My internet is still fucked up. While we were at the Wacissa a Century Link truck pulled into the parking lot and continued on around the loop of it and I thought, "Goddam it! Go fix my wifi!" There is absolutely NO reason to be in the parking lot of the Wacissa in Jefferson County, Florida unless you are about to make use of the river in one form or another. It's literally at the very end of a very country road. 

But. Hey. I do have internet. 

What I don't have is my husband back. He was planning on coming home tonight after fishing all day  but he called me and said that he was just too tired and that they needed to clean up the house he's been staying in. He'll get up very early in the morning and drive back here tomorrow and get dressed for work and go on in to the credit union where his office is. 
He sounded exhausted and I would much rather have him go to bed early than to drive home so very, very tired. 

We just got another minuscule rain shower, not nearly enough to dampen the dirt but it surely did drop the temperature some. I have a very nice photo of a fine pig that I took on my walk this morning, PLUS, another cute picture of Maggie, PLUS, a picture of Darla and some of her chicks but no matter how hard I try I can't post them. 
Use your imagination. 

So guess what? That latest rape accusation against Trump?
Completely ignored. 
How many women does this make now? 
As proof that he did not do what she accused him of he has this to say, "She's not my type."
Well, then. There you go. 
I hate that man with the smoldering heat of the surface of the sun. 
Which is even hotter than it was in Lloyd today. 
Having Donald Trump for a president is like having the man who abused you as your boss. The boss of the job you cannot quit. The boss who lives with you and from whom you cannot escape no matter where in the world you may go. 
In other words- a whole lot of us are in a perpetual state of anxiety, fear, revulsion, and disbelief. The very news of every day should require a trigger warning. 
And we are doing our best to try to maintain any sort of sanity at all. And it's not easy. 

I believe I will now go make some chicken and rice. 

Hang in there, babies. Nothing lasts forever. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hate him too. And the cold, snake-hearted people making use of him. And the ignorant, mean as snakes, stupid as shit people who love him to rile them up and get them off and give them excuses for their vile behaviour.

    I wish we could post-birth-abort them all, him included.

  2. Yes, I do hate that man, and the republican party, with the heated hatred of a thousand suns.
    Maggie is so adorable!
    Why can't they fix your internet? How hard could it be?

    1. I think the problem is that there is only ONE service provider for internet where I live and thus- they just don't have to try very hard.

  3. How many women now? Twenty three. Why people shrug this off I cannot fathom. I simply cannot make sense of it. Sweet dreams anyway Mary Moon. xo

    1. Right? Even Bill Cosby eventually had to face justice. Will Trump EVER have to? My blood boils at the thought of him and the way he treats women. And the truth. And our country. And, and, and.

  4. revulsion and disbelief is what I see every day (not intentionally, mind you) and it makes me ill. ILL! Can we EVEN get rid of that dumbass? I want to smack a thousand times his ardent followers........ just smack them silly. How has it come to this? I am in utter disbelief every day. Just breathe, Susan.......just breathe
    Susan M
    PS . good for you on the attempt at thwarting the loud music at the serene river. What a dickhead......inconsiderate doesn't even cover it. Rude twit
    Susan M

    1. I feel the same way about Trump's base. FUCK THEM ALL! There is NO excuse for supporting him. None. They are all dumbshits. Racist, ignorant, dumbshits. Deplorables, in fact.
      Well, I didn't really stop the loud music but I sure made the guy aware that not all of us were enjoying it. He was a dickhead.

  5. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog and I'm thrilled to see several like-minded people! I don't think I've ever had anxiety....until DT came along. Now it is almost constant! I'm 70 and have such a fear of the future for all the younger time is probably almost up so it isn't about me anymore. But I'm living with a sick feeling almost every day. I live in a Red Southern state where you can imagine the demographics. The "faux" Christians here are a particular thorn in my side. I live in a small town that is the home of the Church of God. I wonder daily just how STUPID and blind they must be to support that monster. How they can so blindly support the horrors that that man perpertrates makes me want to scream. And then today I found out about Google and how they are working with Big Business to silence so many companies whose policies don't jive with the likes of Monsanto, etc. I'm so horrified that I just don't have words. What in the hell is happening to "our" world...I really don't feel like it is ours anymore. I think it has been hijacked and only God knows how this will end.

    1. You're right. This is certainly not the world I thought I'd be living in at this point in my life. I have a theory that a lot of the culty Christians are more apt to buy Trump's bullshit because they've been brainwashed their whole lives to believe total crap. It's second nature to them. But it sure is horrifying, isn't it?
      Anyway, I'm glad you found me and there are a lot of like-minded people here. We welcome you.

  6. Actually, that man was quite a dick. It may have been his name. I wonder if his wife sent him for the radio, and the volume was for both of you.
    That Gibson remains a charmer. He's had me since the day he put on the hat.

    1. I think his wife was cheering him on. I could be wrong but she could have easily been Mrs. Dickhead.
      Gibson is a charmer. You'd love having a conversation with him.

  7. What a prize Gibson is...We have become a disgusting country. Sometimes I just want to hide...Sweet dreams.

    1. As Lily said the other day- who wants to celebrate America this year on the 4th? Doesn't seem fitting, does it?

  8. i agree that radio guy was a dick. i hope he gets sand fleas.


    1. Heh-heh. Maybe ants got in his little device and fucked it all up. One can dream.

  9. What is scary for us here in Britain is that we seem to be heading the same way to elect an unstable, weird, provenly dishonest nasty bit of work to be prime minister, his plans don't even pretend to be for the benefit of the public. Hopefully he'll be the shortest PM on record, hours rather than days you know. Your river place sounds great, pity about the guy but I am glad he left. Gibson is just so adorable! I love to hear about him.

    1. It does seem as if it's the whole world which is losing its mind, doesn't it? Have we learned nothing? I suppose not. It's all just so ugly and disgusting and horrifying.
      The river is beautiful but one never knows who's going to be there. Just like this country- it belongs to all of us, no matter how misguided we are.
      Gibson has always been so very much himself and no one else. I love that about him.

  10. It's unbelievable that that self-obsessed man could pollute that entire area with his music and not to be even sitting by his red speaker - well that's just crazy. The ignorant knob-head. Shame you are not a jujitsu champion - you could have brought him to earth and forced him to whine for mercy. As for Trump - he seems to be able to get away with anything - even setting up a concentration camp for Latin American children in El Paso. The sleeping arrangements, the medical care, the food, the communication channels - all are terrible. I learnt this on "Democracy Now" last night.

    1. There are a lot of narcissistic bastards on this planet, Mr. P. As you well know. And the whole lot of them are having their time in the sun it would seem. I sure hope that the pendulum swings soon.
      Yeah. The news here in the states is very much filled with the atrocities at the border. I can't imagine anything worse than the terrorizing and mistreating of children.

  11. Honestly, what is WRONG with people?! It's crazy that guy would keep his speaker near YOU rather than take it up to his table and turn it down. What an asshole.

    I think I may seriously just stop reading the news. I don't think it does me any good. I never learn anything I can do something about. It's just a lot of angst-producing information that reinforces my determination to vote the way I already know I'm going to vote anyway. So what's the point? (And I say this as a former journalist!)

    1. I agree with you about the news. I honestly think I'm addicted to the huge hit of anger I get every day from it. And that's as disgusting and disturbing as anything. But you're right- I'm going to vote for who I'm going to vote for so why do I even listen? Or read? I must be getting something out of it.

  12. Hi,
    Ugh, I am so mad at the entire administration but he really does not care at all about the quality of life. At least I can say I didn't vote for him and I wont this time around. My son said … Oh Mom I didn't know you were a Hilary supporter! I said hey there were others on the ticket.
    In all seriousness I almost lost it when I heard Mike Pence declare that the border children didn't need toothbrushes or soap to be healthy and safe!
    I was so upset that I had to turn the video off. The older I get the less I can listen to the news. I suffer from anxiety and knowing I cannot do anything about any of this is taking a toll.
    Did anyone hear on the news the story that citizens tried giving out diapers and toys and were denied? So very unhappy with this man and his actions.
    Melania Trump really disappoints me. I thought that she would come back from El Paso and stand up to what was right but she didn't. I really think that my expectations are too high.

    That guy at the river was very rude. I'm not surprised. I just cannot believe how rude people are today. I'm very glad that you did have some relaxation... xx Beth

    1. Did Melania even go to El Paso? As someone said to me the other day- she is nothing but a paid employee. She sure can't be a loving wife. Not to that piece of shit. But I never expected anything more out of her.
      What was wrong with being a HIllary supporter? She was probably the most qualified candidate to be president in the history of the United States. That's my opinion, anyway.
      Glad you found me, Beth. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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