Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The chicks are growing as chicks will do and these are wild ones. They run like a tiny herd of dinosaurs when I approach even though I’ve never done anything but bring them food and water. 
I think Darla has brainwashed them into thinking that I’m a monster out to crush them. 

Still writing on my phone. The newest time estimate to get our internet back is 10:00 pm tonight. 
I didn’t even call them today but instead went to You know, for a change of pace. 
I did indeed chat with someone who apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that engineers were addressing the problem. And then wanted to know how I’d like to be informed when my service is restored. 
Every tech person I’ve spoken to on this issue seems obsessed with this question. Do I want to be called, texted, or emailed? I think they focus on this in the hope that I will believe that this issue will indeed be resolved at some point but I am losing faith. 
Me. Moon actually called someone he knows today who works for Centurylink. This guy, and I am not kidding, is Mr. Moon’s taxidermist. 
Yeah. This is not my beautiful life and yet, it is. 
So the guy did some checking and reported back to my husband that some “card” got fucked up (my words, not his) and that they’re having a hard time finding a replacement. 
This doesn’t sound reasonable to me. Does it to you?
Supposedly, this card situation happened at the substation and that may be the substation about a block from my house. I don’t know. But I can imagine that no one’s too concerned about the fact that the Lloyd area is without phone or internet services. 
“Eh- what the hell?” I can imagine them saying in some office somewhere, perhaps housed in a trailer the way our water company is. “It’s just Lloyd. What do they need internet for? Hahaha!”
Or something like that. 

So anyway, I am pretty sure that 10:00 pm will come and go and I still won’t have WiFi. 

Have they heard about Amazon Prime? Maybe they could sign up for the free trial and get a new card delivered overnight. 
Yeah, probably not. 

I’ve had the most boring day ever. 
I took a walk in between rainstorms and although it wasn’t that hot, the humidity had to be at least 98%. The rest of the day has been mostly about the recovery required after the walk which translates to not much. I did go work in the garden for awhile but it started pouring rain again so I came in and took a nap. 
And, well...that’s pretty much it. I could have done some ironing but my contract states that unless I have TV to watch, there will be no ironing. Without internet we have no TV, thus no ironing. 
I could have cleaned something but that might have been unpleasant so again, no. 
I’m still listening to the David Sedaris diaries and I have to tell you that whether it’s because he quit drinking or because he got into a higher income bracket or both, his writing loses something as the years go on. It’s just not as punchy. Or even interesting. However, I’m sure that on a personal level he’s much better off and I’ll be sad when I’ve reached the end of the book which is just about to happen and in all actuality I have no right to criticize anything that David Sedaris does or says. 
But when did that ever stop me?

Mr. Moon just got home. He went over to Jessie’s house today and stayed with August so that Jessie could take Levon to the doctor. It’s his turn to be running a fever but instead of having a lot of snot, he has pink, puffy eyes. He was diagnosed with pink eye and Jessie was told to bring him back if the fever continues. In other words- hmmm...we’re not sure what’s going on but I’m sure that August was in heaven, having his Bop all to himself. 

Here he is, cooking up a hearty meal for his grandfather. 
Jessie told her daddy that Levon cried all the way to the doctor, wailing, “Augga! Boppy!”
Those boys love their Bop. 
As I may have stated before. 
Tomorrow I’ll get to hang out with the boys while Jessie goes to an appointment. I know that they won’t be nearly as excited to see me but they’ll just have to deal with it. 

While I was somewhere in my house today someone left a little flyer in my screen door. 

That pisses me off so much. I wish I knew where the person who left it lives. I’d go to their house and leave one of my copies of Keith Richard’s autobiography on their doorstep. And perhaps a schedule of the Stone’s current tour. 

It’s a miracle! 
The internet and phone are back on. 
I got a text message and it’s true. 

Do I give credit to Jehovah or Keith?

Maybe just Centurylink. 

See you tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The card CenturyLink were looking for must have been the ace of hearts. You see - they do care about Lloyd after all!

  2. Clearly they do not realize how important Lloyd is in this world. All of your readers would nave been down their throats, a rallying call. Glad it is back. Praise Keith!
    My friend with the sheep lives just a few miles north of here, They have never had and likely never will have internet out there, She has to go to the library to use one.She also has chickens and the most gorgeous rooster I ever did see. Maybe it is something about chicken folk that puts y'all on the back burner. Makes no sense, but that one thing is what you have in common...

    1. Well, if one has chickens one may live in a rural area. Most rural areas are not known for their wealth and are not very densely populated. So...
      But I sure am glad that someone took the reins and got this situation fixed.

  3. Did you listen to that episode of Mormon Stories where he interviewed the ex-Jehovah's Witness? It made Mormonism seem tame (well, sorta).

  4. I'm not a fan of proselytizing, by anyone or any religion. We went and saw the musical "The Book of Mormon" last fall. OMG! It was so funny.

    You make a boring day quite entertaining.

    1. There were a few episodes on Mormon Stories podcast with one of the guys who was in the original version of "The Book of Mormon" and he was hysterical. He grew up in the church but is not part of it anymore, as one might imagine.

  5. I think I just read something seedy about the Jehovah's Witnesses folks, but I can't remember what it was other than it made me raise my eyebrows. I like the idea of countering evangelists with one's own Bible -- in your case, Keith Richards. I'm going to have to think what mine might be.

    1. Ah yes, here we go:

    2. Okay. I read the article. Sounds VERY like what's happened in the Mormon church and of course in the Catholic church and oh yeah, the Baptist church and okay, the Boy Scouts.
      Fuck, fuck, fuck them all.

  6. i've invited the JW in a few times. they haven't been back in a while. once i told a one armed jw lady i didn't need to be saved because i was jewish and therefore already one of the chosen.....this was before i found out i was actually 3% jewish so i think that makes it even funnier.

    i hope you get your services back soon. i would DIE.


    1. 3% is close enough, I'd say. I agree with Jo- you are chosen.
      One of my dearest neighbors is JW and although I can't believe she's part of that cult, I still like her but she knows better than to come to my yard. She respects my disbelief.

  7. Whew! Thank goodness your Internet came back! I'm impressed you could write such a comprehensive post on your phone. Every time I post from my phone I wind up with a picture and about two sentences.

    Your dinosaur chicks are cute, even if they are defensive!

    Does pink eye cause a fever?! That's a new one on me.

    1. No, pink eye should not cause a fever. So we don't really know what's going on. But he's better today, I think. Sweet little boy.
      Yeah, I'm pretty good at posting from my phone, considering that difficulty.

  8. Leaving Keith Richards autobiography on anyone's doorstep would be an act of such generosity and kindness. You would be giving what you truly love, and that impulse alone proves they dont need to stop at your house next time. You could teach them a thing or two about soul saving. I hope Levon feels better soon. As my kids say, FOMO is real. (FOMO = fear of missing out, but I'm sure with your brood you already know that!)

    1. Can you imagine what they'd think when they found that book on their doorstep? They'd probably be bewildered. And then throw the book away.
      Yep! Levon definitely knew he was missing out yesterday. He's better today.

  9. Hello Mrs Moon...I am currently backreading and thoroughly enjoying your blog. Plenty to look forward to as I have only reached 2009! I really love your header painting and would like to know who it is by and what it is called please. Sandra

    1. Oh, Sandra. Of course I can't remember. Steve Reed figured it out but that was a while back. I should have labeled the picture.
      How sweet of you to backread- welcome to Bless our Hearts. You will now know more about me than anyone ever needs to. Thank you for being here.

    2. Thank you for the welcome, I guess as I catch up I might find out.

  10. I find proselytizing to be so arrogant, their assumption that you are lacking or lost somehow if you don't know their god. personally, I think they need saving from that cult but I'm not gonna knock on their door.

    1. Exactly, Ellen. But you know, in a way these people are not to blame. Well, they are for not using the brains their god gave them. But they've been indoctrinated into these stupid cults, many since birth! It's the only life they know. Their churches will absolutely excommunicate or disfellowship or whatever, people who are found to be reading anti-whatever-their-cult-is material. And a lot of these churches really stress the mission and witnessing aspects. Of course, with the Jehovah's Witnesses it's right there in their name. Still, although I may have some sympathy for individuals, I abhor the religions who use these poor dupes for their own weird and often monetary purposes. FUCK THEM!

  11. Great post...especially as it was written on your phone. I can assure you, I'd never be able to do that.

    Hope the little one is feeling better soon.

  12. So funny - we have Century!ink too and, yes, any time there’s trouble they want to know exactly how to reach me with the happy news of restored service. It’s never happened yet that I’ve received such a communication. Glad it worked for you b


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