Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I'm Cranky As All Fuck

I knew that today was going to suck when I went to pour out what was left of the smoothie this morning and spilled most of it on the floor. That doesn't look like much, does it? But let me tell you this- that shit splashed ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE KITCHEN and up the cabinets on the other side.

Do you see it way up there at the top of the cabinet? 
How did this even happen?
To add injury to insult, it also splashed up my very own personal dress so yes, I had smoothie on my thighs. 
I don't even like smoothies. I make one on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights though, all except for the blending part, to leave in the refrigerator for my husband to have before he works out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They have fruit and yogurt and almonds in them. With prunes to make them sweet and add fiber. I'm to the point where I really can't handle sweet things for breakfast. I'd rather have a toasted cheese with tomato on it or a burrito with an egg and salsa in it. But I always make too much smoothie for one person and so of course I feel as if I must finish what's left in the blender jar in order not to waste it and this morning things just went awry. 
And please don't offer me suggestions on other things to make smoothies out of. I'm not in the mood. I'm afraid that if someone just said the word "kale" I might fucking lose it entirely. Even the word "green" might make me throw something. 

So anyway, I did take a walk. It was shortish but I did it and then I felt like I should get a prize. 
I didn't get a prize. 
I did get this picture. 

That's an oak tree that was cut down and cut up in the front of the old Lloyd Woman's Club. You can look it up. It's on the National Register of Historic Places. They don't do Woman's Club stuff there anymore, though. Now they just have AA meetings. 
Good to know, right? 
That tree was huge. I know you can't really get the scale from the picture but I think you could build half a house from it. 

So. I spent the rest of the day, mostly, looking at AirBnB and VRBO listings for Nashville. 
There are about six hundred of them. 
Out of all of them I found ZERO places I wanted to stay. 
This probably says more about me than it does about the listings on AirBnB and VRBO for Nashville. 
I also looked at hotels. Well, hotels online. 
How many goddam Marriott's and Wyndham's and Hilton's can one city have? 
Oh, you would be surprised. 
Of course there are also non-chain hotels. "Boutique" hotels we call them now. 
I just can't. 
I don't know what's wrong with me. 
And we're only going to be there for one night so it seems ridiculous to get anything too expensive or groovy. We won't have time to get into the whole vibe of it. Or use up all of the toiletries. We're also going to spend a night in Birmingham, Alabama so that we can break the trip up there into two days. 
So I finally gave up. 

And that's what sort of day it's been. 

Here's some good news. 

I stole these pictures from Facebook where Jessie had posted them. She reports that August finally feels good enough to get his goofiness back and they made hats today.

Mama made them rocket pops.

As you can tell, Levon never lost his goofiness. 
Aren't they fine looking lads? I think so but of course I'm their grandmother. 

Here's another good thing- I've been listening to "Theft By Finding: Diaries 1977-2002" by David Sedaris on and off all day long. I love it. He was born a writer. I don't care what was going on in his life- abject poverty, meth, cocaine, family stuff, homophobia or just general living-in-the-south crap- he could make his daily visits to the ihop sing like tension wires in a windstorm. 
I'm being blown away, basically. 

I'll end this here because there's no need for me to go any further. 

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. And not even get up to ninety degrees. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I said the fword many many times today.

  2. I hope you don't get the rain we got. or maybe I do. depends. 8" in 7 hours. we were surrounded by water. it's mostly drained off into the ditch or soaked in now. got a bit hairy there of a bit though.

    only one night in Nashville? just close your eyes and stab a finger at a page of listings.

    cute boys

    1. At this point, I can hardly visualize rain, much less that much in that short of a time period.
      Yeah- one night. And we'll be at a reunion for most of it so...
      Hello, Best Western!

  3. Darling boys they are. Love the hats.

    1. I love how much the darling boys love the hats. I am searching my memories to try and remember if I ever did anything so creative with Jessie when she was a bitty girl. I don't think I did. I was too busy teaching her how to cook turkey hot dogs in the microwave. Which she learned to do quite well.

  4. Geezus….that is one big ass tree. And a lot of smoothie artfully splattered on your cabinet. However, I did notice you're also rocking my favorite bourbon located up top all the way to the right. Pour yourself a nice big snifter and call it a day. Love you Ms. Moon.

    1. Mr. Moon drinks the bourbon around here. I'm the vodka tonic girl.
      That WAS a huge tree.

  5. I think the only reason one wouldn't squeeze those two fellas to death is they would elbow and knees and squirm themselves gone.
    I looked at the weather channel today, and that whole rain storm was on the Florida panhandle, too. It must be raining on you by now. It was raining on us, for sure, many inches, and that's why I looked.

    1. Nope. That rain still hasn't gotten here. I just looked at the radar though and it's heading this way.
      And you described exactly how August and Levon act when you try to squish them with your love- they wiggle out of it. I try to be respectful of their personal boundaries. It's not easy.

  6. Those boys get cuter every day...That tree must have been massive, and very old.

  7. I love the red popsicle picture. They really do look like brothers in that shot. They're going to know each other and hopefully be there for each other their whole lives through and one day when they are middle-aged men they are going to reminisce about their lovely "Mer" and August might say, "She was the best goddam grandmother anybody ever had!".

  8. Seems Climate change will give us plenty to talk about, not going to be a pleasant walk, so they say.
    The boys, the GAWD they are adorable. Glad to hear of speedy recovery. I am not sure that one night in Alabama will give you enough time to sort them out! Anyway, I hope that you have a fabulous journey. Love goes where you go!

  9. The brothers! Be still my heart. Also of course you're cranky. You're about to travel. I get undone just at the thought. As for booking a fancy hotel, I say if you're staying just one night, all the more reason to indulge as you'll only be paying the luxurious price once, and it will be something to look forward to perhaps. All will be well. Hugs.

  10. Some days are just cranky as fuck days.

  11. Those white-headed boys are amazing. GOod to see August looking well again.

    Sorry you're cranky. I hope a nice place to stay pops up, I think it's worth staying somewhere fancy for just one night, maybe all the more reason to, cos it's affordable.

  12. Some days, indeed, are days to forget. When I've have then, I tend to hit the liquor store for a nice bottle of wine and sit down with a book. Not moving makes it better. Cheers to a better day.

  13. I loved those Sedaris diaries. I think there's supposed to be another volume coming out sometime soon. I can't wait!

    Sorry you had a shit day (as the British would say). Do you think your crankiness is rooted mainly in apprehension about your trip to Nashville? I'm with 37P -- indulge in a nice hotel, even if it's just for a short time. It's not like you do this a lot, and you'll at least be confident that you'll be comfortable.


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