Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Long Day

Still no internet and if I related all I’ve been through with Century Link today it would take hours and who needs that?
I didn’t need it either but there you go. It’s not even so much that the system is down but that they keep giving me times of when the outage will be fixed and none of them have been true. 
Oh, so what? I’m a whiney bitch and I want my TV and my internet and that’s all there is to it. 
Jessie and I went to see Miss Melissa today. I wanted to get my hair cut and I did. At least eight inches are gone and good riddance. Jessie got a trim too and August got a pretend haircut which made him happy, especially since it came with a real lollipop. 

 And a little cuddle from Melissa. 
She just got back from her family reunion in Alabama and had some good stories. Anytime someone has a story about a guy named Hard Rock who goes everywhere on his riding lawnmower and who manages a trailer park, I want to hear it. Hard Rock isn’t really a relative of Melissa’s but he goes to their family reunions. 
On his riding lawnmower. 

It’s raining and cooler and I’m going to make egg rolls for supper. I don’t really have a lot to say. Although yes, the whole deal with Century Link has me frustrated, it’s such a first world problem that it makes me a cliche to even discuss. 
My signing up with Medicare is almost complete and I’ll be glad when that’s done. Now I can get sick as hell and it won’t bankrupt us. Isn’t that a comforting thought?
I guess so. 

The chickens are scratching in the drizzle and the frogs are chanting. I need to go collect whatever eggs got laid today. I’ve been lazy and remiss and yet the world continues to turn. 
Amazing, I know. 
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Keep your eyes on the sweet spots in your life. Sorry for all the aggravation and the unexpected rodent. Sweet dreams.

  2. it's raining lightly here and cooler too as well. and it's a good thing, the cooler part, because Sunday we had out hottest day so far with a heat index of 108˚ and mosquitos, big black ones. I'm past due for my summer hair cut. I twist it up in a bun but it's so severe.

  3. I've known Hard Rocks in my life. Good men. They tend to know each other, and go visiting on their riding mowers. Once in a while one of them turns up on a golf cart. Seeing them out on business brings a smile.

  4. When I opened your blog, I saw Melissa's picture first and thought she looked so beautiful, but what's the best thing of all is that I knew who it was immediately, and it's made me think how wonderful and connected you've made us all through your blog. So, thank you. I hope you get your internets figured out really soon.

  5. Like Elizabeth, I greeted Melissa as soon as I opened your blog. Yes, you have fostered such beautiful connections here. I want to say let yourself take the next few days at a slow pace. You are grieving for a soul who is richly worth your sorrow. Lovelovelove


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