Thursday, June 6, 2019

Kids And Stuff

I'm running late, late, late tonight and feel a bit frantic. A woman I know who used to live next door came out for me to show her where everything is because she's going to housesit and animal-tend this weekend for me. It was so good to see her and I'm glad she's coming because she's had chickens and has lived in Lloyd and isn't afraid of critters or old houses. She did ask me if this one was haunted because the one she lived in next door was. I told her I'd never had any indications at all that it is and that's true. There may well be spirits that live here but if so, I'm too boring for them to mess with, I guess.

I went to town today to meet up with Jessie and Lily and their kids and I have pictures.

It was kid's eat free day at Maddio's and we took advantage of that situation. 

I wish I could say that I've spent the rest of the day packing but I have not. I've packed a bathing suit and two pairs of underwear. 
But I have done laundry and gotten the chickens all ship-shape before I hand them off. 
That doesn't sound like much, does it? 
Well, it's not. 

So I was walking into Publix after lunch to get a few snacks for our trip and some cheese and melons for my housesitter (that's what she told me she likes to eat) and a woman who was also walking in said to me, "All men are liars, aren't they?"
I wasn't quite sure how to respond to this. 
Finally I said something like, "And what inspired that comment?"
"I just talked to my ex-husband."
"Oh," I said. "Well, yes. All ex-husbands are liars." 
This seemed to make her happy. 
I felt a little guilty making such a negative blanket statement about ex-husbands. For all I know, there are plenty of ex-husbands walking the earth who wouldn't tell a lie to save their souls. 
But hey! Solidarity in sisterhood! Am I right? 
Probably not. 

It is drizzling. It has been drizzling on and off all day long. We've gotten just about enough rain to dilute the dust in a rain gauge if I had one, which I do not. 
This is not what we were hoping for. And the humidity must be at least 99%. 

Owen told me today that his Rolling Stones T-shirt still fits him. 
I love that kid. 
I love all those kids. 
Did you notice that Levon has a security shovel? He carries it with him everywhere. Jessie says that when he's at home, he carries two shovels. One in each hand. 
A guy never knows when he's going to need to dig something up. Or dig a hole. Or...whatever. Levon is prepared. 

I kissed all my babies good-bye and told them I love them and that I'll see them when I get back. 
They didn't appear to be too distressed about me leaving. 

I better get to it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. How wonderful, I can see big boys again, what with school out. The shorter versions are wonderful, too.
    Have a good read this weekend!

  2. Good luck with everything Ms Moon! I do hope you can relax enough to enjoy yourself some on this trip. Take care of yourself.

  3. I wish you a wonderful time and congratulations to Mr. Moon.

  4. What beautiful photos. I love the triangular configuration in the first one.

    I guess all the men in that woman's life might have been liars. It wouldn't have made her feel better to know not everyone's as unlucky as her, in that moment.

  5. "But hey! Solidarity in sisterhood! Am I right?"
    No you are not right.
    Blanket judgement of "all men" represents an extremely distasteful type of prejudice which I, as a man, find most offensive.

    Have a great time away and come back safe!

  6. I smiled at the Levon/shovel thing. I just bought two small shovels this past weekend. You just never know when you might need two! You'll get it all done when you have to. Have a wonderful trip and just go with the flow. -Jenn

  7. Levon is hilarious. A security shovel! LOL!

    I think it's safe to say that by the time someone has become an ex-husband, he's probably told a few lies. The same might be said of many ex-wives, I suspect!

  8. well, yes, solidarity in sisterhood. she needed the confirmation regardless of its truth. just throw some shit in the bag. it's just one night. although I guess you've already left by now. we got another 2 1/2" last night. just what we needed...not. but that's supposed to be it for the next 5 days. now we steam like vegetables in a pot.

  9. I got distracted by the security shovel thing and forgot anything else I wanted to say.

  10. Wonderful pictures. I love being able to see the big boys in the mix. You are truly rich in children and grandchilren.


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