Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Well, despite the fact that there is indeed a Category 3 hurricane in the Gulf looking approximately like the picture above, this is what it looks like here right now.

I know, right? 

I just talked to May who said that she'd encountered people today who had just moved to the area who really think this is all a scam.
"Have them come back and talk to you in 48 hours," I said. 

Still, though, I get it. I myself have been feeling like the whole thing's just a big misunderstanding or maybe a myth or maybe they've just called the whole thing off. 
Tomato. Tomahto. Potato. Patahto.
I wish.

We'll probably start getting bands of wind and rain tonight. It's supposed to make landfall tomorrow afternoon but it'll definitely be affecting us before then. 

So I haven't really known what to do with myself all day long. Therefore, I baked. 
I baked that beautiful no-knead dough I mixed up yesterday and that was really interesting. The dough is so soft and silky and you heat up a big pot with a cover in a 450 degree oven and then you slide the dough into that and bake it with the cover on and then take the cover off to let it finish up and anything involving cast iron and bread dough is extremely gratifying to me. I can't wait to slice into it. 
I also made oatmeal cookies. Do not ask me why. I would like to say they're for my husband because he loves cookies but I'm sure I'll eat some too. 

I went out to the porch to deal with the plants and studied the situation. 

We're talking about three or four-foot tall plants in heavy clay pots of dirt. So I decided that if winds are strong enough to throw those suckers around, we're going to die anyway and I let them stay where they were. I did move the hanging ferns to the back of the porch. 
Yay me. 
Then I ironed. I started watching a Net Flix show called "Dancing Queen." Have you seen it? It's a sort of reality series about a drag queen who runs a dance school in Mesquite, Texas. 
It's watchable. 
You know what I think when I see beautiful drag queens? 
I think that I really should try a little harder with make-up and clothing. I mean, those guys are GORGEOUS and they are guys. Ah well, how many sixty-four year old drag queens do you see out there? There's only so much anyone can do with make-up and clothing at this age but really- I'm not doing any of it. 

After I'd ironed all of the shirts that Mr. Moon wears to work I made a spaghetti sauce. At least it has vegetables in it which will be the first vegetables I've eaten all day. And no, I haven't eaten a fruit, either. I've concentrated on the carb/fat/protein parts of the food groups. 
I have a very strong feeling that I'm not the only one in the Big Bend/Panhandle area who might have overdone the stress-eating today. 
I guess it's better than doing heroin but I don't know where to get any of that whereas flour and sugar and leftover pork chops are abundantly easy to procure.

So. That's what I've been doing while waiting for this storm. 

The air is as still as it can be right now but honestly, it's not that sinister stillness that one often feels before a hurricane. It just feels like normal. We got a few tiny rain showers but again- nothing out of the ordinary at all. 

Here's what Maurice has been doing today. 

Does she know that something's going on or is she just taking the opportunity to feel more secure as she naps? 
I have no idea. 
In fact, it is quite obvious that I have no idea about anything. 

I'll do my best to stay connected if our power goes out and unless something miraculous happens, it will. But I'm sure we'll all be fine. So don't worry if you don't see anything from me tomorrow night. I may post earlier in the day if it gets interesting and we still have electricity and internet. 

Ah, life itself is interesting. And at least we'll get some rain. 

Just think. If Darla's chicks hatch tomorrow they can say that they were born in a cross-fire hurricane. 

Love you all to pieces...Ms. Moon


  1. Mr. Man is keeping me updated, like every five minutes...he is very worried, an alarmist perhaps. But there you go neither of us has ever witnessed a hurricane.

  2. well, hunker down. I know y'all got that part and sheltered in that solid heart wood house. if it's anything like mine was it won't even creak. hopefully you'll just get an edge of the storm.

  3. Waiting with you. Watching closely. Sending love.

  4. And here I sit complaining that my feet are cold. And complaining that there isn’t a stick in one of the windows that someone could enter if they had a mind to. My husband is going away for a week and I get nervous. And as I wrote that he put a stick in the window and I can go put slippers on.


    Thinking about you. Lots.

  5. Hugs...Hoping my power stays on...

  6. Watching the news and weather from Up North; and hoping that you all stay safe.

  7. will be watching and hoping you and yours come out all right. We had 8 inches of rain from the system before it was a hurricane, but it sure did mature into a big one since then. stay safe and dry.

  8. cooking and baking and tending to plants sounds like a good pre-Michael plan! I know your house will withstand.....being its history, a solid one at that. That must be of some comfort. And you and Mr Moon are prepared....... with a positive attitude. I watch and wait and send the good vibes in your direction. Will look for your updates and keep you close in heart
    Susan M

  9. Cooking and baking are a good way to pass the day. Did you follow the recipe for the bread? There was some discussion in the comments about if it was a quarter of a tea spoon, or a quarter of an ounce of yeast. Hope the chickens are ok.

  10. Oh god, I hate this...the waiting, the anticipation, the not-knowing. It's dreadful! I'm amazed at your ability to keep it all together and even be fucking hilarious while staring down the barrel so to speak. Yes carbs are calming, releasing all that serotonin, so cookies and bread was a good idea. Snack away! Hell I'm sitting here eating carbs trying to calm my anxious ass down and I'm hundreds of miles away! My husband and I just enjoyed a week on St George Island and it was so lovely and healing to my soul. I hate the thought of it or Apalachicola being destroyed. Take care Mary Moon, I'm sending intense vibes of love and protection to the Moon family, friends and pets. May all be well.

  11. I just keep thinking that you need to stay safe and dry and warm with all your animal chickens and all your human chickens, too.

  12. I hope all will be well. Thinking of you.

  13. I'll be thinking of you! I see now it's a Category 4. Stay safe and definitely let us know what happens ASAP. I wonder if a hurricane makes it more or less likely that eggs will hatch? Like, does barometric pressure affect that kind of thing? To quote you, I have no idea.

  14. Stay safe. Bread and Maurice seem like the best way to storm prep. Xo

  15. Candles lit and hoping for the best for you and yours.
    Valium saved my life when the anticipation got to be too much.
    Much love.

  16. Just looked at a map. Yikes! Be safe!!

  17. I hope you are all safe and dry. Thinking if you today.

  18. Best wishes to you and your family today. Stay safe.

  19. Hope you and your family are safe. Thinking of you all today. XX

  20. this morning things are looking frightening down yonder! I would say get the hell out of there, but probably too late. Our grand daughter is going to school , freshman year, in Savannah, I have not heard from her. Yes, indeed you will get RAIN! Holy cow! Thinking about you , your family, the chooks, only the best thoughts. LOVE

  21. Thinking of you and your family (humans, cats, and chickens) and sending you lots of love. Stay safe and I'll be anxiously awaiting your post-MIchael blog post telling us you and yours are fine and safe. I hope that the worst that happens is that you *almost* run out of cookies before the power comes back on!


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