Saturday, October 6, 2018

Jo- Spider Warning!

I don't want to talk about it, okay?
I did talk about it. I talked and talked about it. Now it's time to accept it and try to remember that there really are good people on this planet and even in this country and yes, a lot of them are men.
I guess. What the fuck else can we do at this point?
Weep until we're blind? Scream until we have no voice to whisper, "I love you," to our beloveds? Beat our heads against the wall until we pass out?
Oh, that'll do a lot of good.

No. We go on. We love our beloveds, we tell them so. We use our not-blind eyes to see so that we can step up and speak when we see injustice. We use our heads to teach our children and our grandchildren respect for each other and to try and figure out the answers to hard stuff.

I guess.

It was a little cooler today. Cool enough that I got in the garden on my knees and ripped weeds out by the roots and shook the dry dirt off of them and tossed them in my cart to haul off to the burn pile. Over and over again.
Knees in the dirt. Hands in the dirt. Head somewhere, anywhere, listening to an audio book with one half of the brain, pondering everything else with the other half.

I had helpers. My familiars, my mysterious and beautiful companions who come and go as they please and because of that, I always feel honored when they appear. 

To be honest, the chickens have made the garden one of their daily stations of the cross, visiting it at least once a day whether I am there or not but my presence does not deter them and I will take that as blessing enough. 

I went over to where the neighbor's chickens and goats are kept in pens which border my back yard to see if I could spy Dearie over there. I did not see her but I saw these. 

The underside of a magnificent Golden Orb Weaver.

What I assume are Laetiporus Sulphureus, commonly known as Chicken-of-the-Woods. I know nothing about mushrooms beyond the Psilocybin and Stinkhorn varieties but using the Always Correct Internet as a guide, I believe that's what they are. I also sent the picture to Vergil who believes I may be correct. 

Here's another thing I may be correct about (or not)- Dearie might be sitting on eggs somewhere. I looked it up (again, on the NonFailingly True Internet) and hens can go broody as soon as they start laying and she's been laying for a few months. So. Wouldn't that be funny? Wherever she is, I trust her to be wily and wise in her jungle fowl ways. 

And that's the news from Lloyd today. I didn't leave the yard except to take the trash and stop at the post office. A dress I ordered from eBay arrived. It's linen and it's as deep turquoise as the sea in Cozumel. Cozumel Blue. Cozumel Camo. 
Maybe if I wear it there no one will see me and they won't be able to send me home. 

It's a plan. Not much of one but the best I can come up with right this second. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am very, very, very sad today. Your post has made a positive difference. Chickens and spiders are uplifting in a sort of 'life goes on' cycle of life. Sometimes I need a little Mary Moon.

  2. I'm sad, too but it is good to come here and read. I wish it was cooler in my part of Florida but not yet.

  3. Your new linen dress sounds beautiful in Cozumel blue. I like your spider photo and how you can identify the spider. We used to have a daddy long legs spider that lived in our bathroom and we put a sign up for guests saying not to disturb him.

  4. We love our beloveds, we tell them so. I love you, Mary.

  5. That is an amazing spider -- bigger and brighter than any I remember seeing, even in Florida! I'm still pondering the Kavanaugh thing. It's no surprise, let's put it that way. :(

    I hope Dearie is on a nest somewhere! That would be funny -- especially if she shows up with chicks in tow.

  6. Chicken of the Sea mushrooms are really very good! They do have the texture of chicken in a dish or stew, I use them all the time, but I only buy from a mushroom farmer...I wouldn't trust my foraging ability. The Kavanaugh thing makes me just want to hunker down and focus on things that make me joyful, like cooking a good stew and telling my dearest that I love them. You are right, Mary. We do need to counteract the overhanging bullshit with all the love we can express in our hearts for all the things that are good and correct in life!

  7. well, another day, another rung lower.

    I've decided not to plant a fall garden this year. the summer was so miserable and the beds so taken over by weeds that I just don't have the energy. it will take me all winter to get them back in shape. and all my flower beds are being taken over by evening primrose. my fault for letting them grow along the borders.

    Cozumel sounds like I need to be there.

  8. Working in the garden is a very good thing. I do miss that in the winter here, touching the earth, watching plants grow.

    I couldn't look at the spider photo, too scared of spiders. They give me the willies.

    A blue dress sounds wonderful, the color of the sea.

    Have a good day. Breathe deeply. This too shall pass. tRump is hard to live through but his time will pass.

  9. yeah, i can't talk about it either. we go on.

  10. Thank you! A photo of the dress would be nice :)

  11. So weird -- this feeling after. It's not quite dull -- but something else. I don't know how to describe it but apparently we all feel it.


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