Sunday, January 29, 2017

You Can Call It Boring. I Call It Pretty Perfect

I've had a soul-day.
Which of course means that my overalls are in the wash and there's a huge crockpot full of soup simmering away on the counter. Chicken, deer sausage, four kinds of beans, onions, garlic, tomatoes, kale, collards, mustards, carrots...anything else? Oh yeah. Some cabbage. And zucchini and yellow squash. And broccoli. I am lamenting the fact that there is no room, not one bit of room, left for corn or celery.

And the garden is about as weed-free as it's ever been and I planted a row of more arugula and lettuce because those are beginning to bolt as well as some shallots that my friend Tom brought me from his garden to plant.

Here's two pictures that I got via text today:

Maggie the rocker and,

August the napper. Not rapper, although he often does a mean "E-I-E-I-O" from Old McDonald Had a Farm when he's in the mood.

Jessie reports that when he gets in bed now, he pulls his animals up underneath him and hugs them to sleep.

I believe they may both be in line for over-the-limit cuteness citations.

Then again, I am their grandmother.

Mr. Moon should be home soon and I know he's going to be ready for a martini, a shower, a bowl of soup and his own bed. Probably in that order.

In daily egg report news (what? you didn't know there was a daily egg report?) fairly ancient Miss Camellia laid me a pretty pale green egg today.

And if you worked outside in the dirt and were as old as I am, that's what your hand might look like too. And yes, I mostly wear gloves when I'm in the garden.
I also got another miniature egg from Darla but nothing from Dottie or Violet.
Lazy girls.

Aw, we all need a day off now and then, whether it's from doing laundry or forming an egg in our bodies and delivering it out of our butts.

And that's the way it's been here. Cool enough to be a delight to work outside, and going to be cold enough to snuggle up for sleep tonight. Quiet and easy and good for the soul.

May we all sleep well tonight and may all of our dreams be peaceful.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am so glad you had a nice day. I am.

    1. Thank you, Birdie. I really hope you had a good day too.

  2. your day sounds divine and healing, love your gardening hand in the photo! I wish I could wear gloves but it doesn't work for me. Dreams? Holy cow I had a dream/nightmare last night with DT in it. I was cooking for him (WTF?) and he kept yelling loudly *NO....I wanted apple taco's*. Where did that come from? Too much news reading and frustration and overwhelming sadness yesterday......NO more for me, and hopefully he won't turn up in my dreams EVER again
    Susan M

    1. Have you tried the nitrile gloves? Because they are amazing. I never could wear gloves in the garden until I found them.
      What a nightmare! Apple tacos? I'm with you on the news reading. I need so badly to give it a rest. It just keeps triggering my anxiety.

    2. will try the nitrile gloves, thanks Mary. Sweet dreams to us all and to all a good night . ;-)

  3. I can hardly stand the cuteness of Maggie in her rocker ensemble. My god. And August, too. You are a lucky, lucky woman. By the way, I LOVE your new blog header! It's so beautiful!

  4. Sounds like a good day overall. I'm always surprised by the diversity of chicken eggs. I had no idea they could be so many colors. (Before reading your blog!)

    Maybe the shower BEFORE the martini. A buzzed shower might be dangerous!

    1. He had a sip of the martini before his shower. The rest he drank after. Safety first!

  5. my soup turned out very good. I don't wear gloves in the yard/garden. I like to feel the dirt and green stuff. going to dig today and get the satsuma orange tree planted.

    1. My soup was good too! I never used to wear gloves but I got tired of the ant bites. These nitrile ones are so light and flexible that I don't mind wearing them at all.

  6. I like the egg reports and pictures. I also have always liked when you list off the ingredients in your soup! It fascinates me.


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