Friday, January 6, 2017

We Are Home, Part Two

Yesterday morning my Mexican cat friend did not seem to want us to leave. She kept getting in the suitcases and then, when they were packed, laid down upon them for a nap. 
Of course she will miss me. Who else fed her leftover pork, eggs, and cheese? 
Oh, my Bagheera! 

And then, last night when we got home and went to shut up the chickens in the dark, who came trotting to join us but Maurice and I have to say that this cat, as crazy as she is, missed me. 

She got in the bed with me and snuggled me all night long. I don't think we moved at all. And this morning she kept throwing her body on me and arranging my hand to lay on top of her and even kissed me on the lips. 
And did not draw blood. 

I considered staying in bed all day but reconsidered. I had thought that perhaps I would go to town today but Jessie and Lily bought me food and I really see no real reason to make that journey. I journeyed plenty yesterday and although I do feel a slight amount of guilt, knowing that my husband got up and went to the gym and is now at work, fielding calls and dealing with REAL LIFE, I don't feel enough guilt to actually get in the car and drive to the grocery store. 
Which I don't really need to do anyway so fuck that. 

I have a ton of laundry to do because I did not wash so much as a pair of panties while I was gone. TWO WEEKS WITHOUT DOING A BIT OF LAUNDRY. OR TOUCHING A BROOM. OR TURNING ON A STOVE. 
It's like a dream. 

I look out on this gray day in North Florida and actually, those two weeks in Cozumel do already seem like a dream. Waking up to walk out and look at that clear water, the boats coming in and going out, the clang of the dive tanks, the soft Spanish being spoken all around me, the greetings, the "do you want to go to breakfast?", the decisions, the vast and important decisions about what to have for my morning meal and what shall we do today?
Having my husband beside me every minute. 

Yesterday was a rude awakening, coming back to the states. Customs in Miami is simply a cluster fuck and no one really seemed to know what was going on and there was rudeness and I'll tell you something I learned- you may not be able to get on a plane with over three ounces of a liquid but you can damn sure carry a cudgel. We brought back Mr. Moon's walking sticks and although a few security people gave us second looks, no one said a thing. I wondered if people thought we part of some Moses cult. 
Who cares? We are old and we made it home and it was so precious to see Lily and Jason and those three grandchildren and I have woken today to find all of this. 

The camellias are blooming and the chickens are all alive and the garden is thriving. 

And Jessie left my house in such good order. 

So I will stay home today and I will do laundry and I will go collect my mail and I will make a soup, I think, and maybe a loaf of bread, and Jessie and August may come out to see me and I am floating between worlds and countries and existences and identities and roles and tomorrow Magnolia June turns one year old and I brought her a pretty little red dress from Mexico to wear. 

We are home. 

It is time to settle back in. 

One more picture- the boys wearing their luchador masks we brought them. 

You haven't been hugged until you've been hugged by a small luchador. Repeatedly. 

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're home! And how amazing that customs didn't give Mr. Moon grief about his walking sticks. That's great. I love the masks -- especially with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers (I think?) shirts.

    You'll feel some post-vacation letdown for sure, but you'll also be back in the swing of things in no time, caring for the chickens and making soup and doing all the things you do to make Lloyd home. And Bagheera will in all likelihood still be there when you go back to Cozumel!

    1. Security feels sorry for cripples! It's awesome! Yes, the boys loved their masks and I was so glad we got them. They were the hot item this year, sold at every shop.
      I'm feeling pretty settled in already but I am worrying that Bagheera is looking for us and waiting for someone to let her into our room to feed her something delicious. She probably will be there when we go back. God willing...

  2. Oh what a nice Post, it made me Smile... perhaps Maurice sensed that you'd been amply Loved by a competitor? *winks* And the hugging luchadors, Precious! Moving between two Worlds can indeed be Surreal! Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. My luchadors have made things easier. I will probably survive re-entry.

  3. Sweetness from start to finish.

  4. welcome back!

    i made bread today too, and in some parallel universe, am winding down of two weeks of non-stop housekeeping and gearing up to go back to work monday.


    1. I am trying to remember how to be a house wife. It's harder than I remembered! My bread looks beautiful. I am sure yours does too.

  5. Welcome back! Miami is always a clusterfuck. Watching in horror at what's happening in my own hometown of Ft. Lauderdale. So much evil. Enjoy Maurice's love.

    1. I know- I can't even believe it. Yesterday I kept thinking that things were so loose and untended that anything could happen in that airport. We are so focused on such tiny bullshit that the really threatening things could easily be missed.
      Maurice is still sticking right by me. Bless her little cat heart.

  6. Welcome home. Your grands were sorry happy to see you and I include Maurice in there. And your flowers too. I hope we get to see August today!

  7. i adore that last picture! that's a happy boppy!

  8. So glad you are home...... although I'm sure you will be in transition in many ways for days and weeks to come. Hard to leave behind the joy you find in paradise.......but then you have your own paradise as well right there in Lloyd. Not only is your family always a joy to see.....but your camellias are to die for
    Love and hugs
    Susan M

    1. Yes. I am the incredibly fortunate person who has it all. And today, at least, I have enjoyed floating back and forth between worlds.

  9. Good to see you all back home. I had three weeks in Oahu and the Honolulu airport was one massive cluster fuck !

    1. I can only imagine...
      But Hawaii- maybe someday I will go there.

  10. I was wondering if Mr. Moon was going to be able to take his walking stick. I'm so glad he was able to.
    And I'm glad Maurice is happy you are home. It will last only a few minutes but you can enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. Walking STICKS! He has two!
      Yep. Maurice bit me this afternoon. Her love for me is already crossing the line of I-love-you-so-I-shall-hurt-you.
      She can't help it.


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