Friday, January 6, 2017

Could I Be Any Luckier?

(a) I am suffering the effects of the miles walked in airports yesterday with a heavy backpack on, carrying a walking staff made of some sort of very dense wood, or
(b) My two weeks of relative slothness have made me unfit for normal life.

Probably a bit of both. I am tired and my back aches and blah, blah, blah, life is just fucking hard isn't it?
What a first-world whiner I am.

But I feel rather cheerful. How could I not after a visit from these people?

Oh, but how that boy has grown and changed in the last two weeks! 

He is walking like a champ and climbing like the monkey I've always known him to be. He came right to me and seemed quite happy to see me and I was happy to know that he had not forgotten me. He now knows my house very well due to the fact that he stayed here for a few days while we were gone and went right to his favorite things. The cabinet with pots and pans and the old suitcase where I keep hats and the horse.

He LOVES riding the horse. He giggled and bounced and laughed and bounced some more. He is such a happy boy and only cries when he gets stuck, generally while trying to climb something. He ate stuffed grape leaves and a peanut butter sandwich and tomatoes and a nice stalk of chard he picked toddling around the garden as his mama and I picked our lunch salad. 

Here he is climbing the ladder to the tower on the play thing his Boppy made. He can climb that like a pro. And he is so proud when he has done it. He is king of the world!

Jessie and I would clap and cheer and then we would help him go down the slide and he would head straight back to the ladder and he did this until he was obviously getting tired and we said, "One more time," and after that, Jessie swooped him up into her arms and we said "Bye-bye" to the ladder and the slide and came back to the house and he nursed and made us laugh with his toddler-nursing ways. When it came time for them to leave he kissed me and kissed me and when he was buckled into his car seat I kissed his nose and his toes and his hands and his eyes and he waved bye-bye and threw kisses and said I love you but in the way that babies say it (and Maggie does this too) which is mostly like I ya yu, and I was so glad to have seen him and his sweet mama too.

I have stacks of clean folded laundry in the laundry room and have put stacks of clean folded laundry back into drawers. The washing machine is still running and I have one more load to do. I have made soup with beans and venison sausage and garden greens and onions and some butternut squash and a few baby carrots from the garden and corn and brown rice and tomatoes. And bread, of course, is rising. It has molasses in it. 

You know, it's funny. I do not feel as if what I eat in Cozumel is unhealthy in the least. I may eat too much of it, but what we eat is fairly simple and always unprocessed. Seafood, a little meat, some cheese, tortillas, rice, beans, eggs, peppers, onions, tomato, avocados, fruit, lime. These are the basics of what we eat there and it feels right and it satisfies me so completely and no, I do not miss our diet here at home. It is good to eat from the garden again and I loved my salad that Jessie made us today but I already miss my pico de gallo. 

Speaking of things I miss- I miss my husband who is, according to his text, on his way back from town. Such an abrupt break from our constant togetherness. 
But I am completely aware of how fortunate and blessed I am to have been married for all of these years and to still feel this way. 

And to know that because of our love, there is August and there are also these guys.

Lily sent me this picture. And I will see them all tomorrow. 

And my husband is home. 

Time to put the bread in the oven. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Blessed Bliss is what is looks like and sounds like to me... counting the Blessings and Sharing them with others is indeed what makes life grand! And what you're whipping up in the kitchen from your Garden always makes me feel hungry as I sit here Blogging at some ridiculously late hour! *LOL* Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. no I think not, in the grand scheme of things. a warm toasty home full of love is about as good as it gets.

  3. Look at Owen in his mask! That's awesome. And August has so much hair!! When did that happen?!

  4. It makes me happy that he is still nursing. Yay!


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