Sunday, January 1, 2017

Paradise, Part Whatever

Oh. I am happy and full and loved and a little bit sleepy and it's been the finest kind of day in Cozumel.
The weather this morning went from full-on sun to rainstorm in 2.3 seconds but we loaded up the car with the snorkel gear anyway and drove south. It was still raining as we passed all the snorkel places so we just kept going to the other side of the island where the sun was out and the water was every shade of blue and green that you can find in nature and some that you can not.
We stopped at Chen Rio again and had some more ceviche and dipped in the water.

We stopped at a different grocery store on our way home to get coffee and water and I wandered every aisle. 

I bought some more dishtowels and we came back to the hotel and jumped in the pool for a few minutes and then had another nap, got up and had coffee, watched the sunset. 

Are you bored yet?

I'm not.

The Churro Man came by and we bought two and he told me that this is paradise and that if you can't be happy in Cozumel, then you cannot be happy anywhere in the world and I agreed and he also told me that this has been the warmest winter of all of the seventeen years he has lived here. 
I believe him. 

We went to town and got our supper on the square and it took forever and ever and finally the waiter told us that there was only one chef today and that he was drinking tequila. 
Honesty is the best policy and we did finally get our supper and had almost finished when suddenly, the hugest raindrops ever began to fall from the sky and within seconds, it was pouring, a torrent of water and the entire zocalo cleared of people running for shelter, the mamas, the papas, the babies, the children, the teenagers, the tourists. Our waiter grabbed our plates and my purse and rushed inside the restaurant where there are more tables and we all laughed. 
And just like that, the rain ended and the streets were flooded and we paid our bill and walked back to the car, stopping at the ice cream place where the girl behind the counter named every flavor in English and smiled and smiled. 

Mr. Moon and I have laughed and laughed today. We have been here for what? Ten days now? And we have not had one dispute worth mentioning and I am so grateful that after all of these years we still, given the chance, are happy to cleave together in such closeness and agreeableness, teasing and joking and talking and napping and of course this is not "real" life but it is, at the same time. As real as the water and the sky, as unreal as they may appear at times, as real as the sun rise and the sun set and the little bats fluttering overhead at dusk and the moon rise and the star shine and the warm sweetness of the churros and of the smiles. 

I did not eat one bean today and have never felt luckier in my life. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am living this day vicariously through you and it feels like love on wheels. So glad you are living it first hand. x0x0 N2

  2. well, he's right. if you can't be happy in Cozumel then you just plain don't know how to be happy.

  3. What a perfect day. Water is life!

  4. LOL -- I'm just picturing that poor chef running around in the kitchen by himself and slamming tequila to cope. You're making me miss Cozumel!

  5. It truly sounds like paradise, and I am so happy that you and Mr. Moon are there, enjoying it.

  6. A slice of Paradise is indeed food for the Soul! You do sound utterly Content and Happy! I often hear of Retired Couples moving to where ever they found a slice of Paradise so that they can finish out Life's Journey having those Blissful days every day... very Tempting that is. But even brief visits are Memorable and can sustain us when we get back to 'Real Life'... but as you said, it's all 'Real Life' when we contemplate it, isn't it? Choosing Happiness and Contentment therefore is the ultimate Goal of the Journey... So Enjoyable to vicariously take this Wonderful Trip to Paradise with you here in the Land of Blog, Thank You for Sharing it... The Chef drinking Tequila made me Smile ear to ear... now that IS Paradise Found! *Winks*... Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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