Friday, October 28, 2011

Zippity Doo Dah

I don't know, y'all. I really don't have a damn thing to say today.
Isn't that odd?
Boring, boring, boring.
It is neither sunny here today nor gray. It is not cold and it is not hot.
The dogs are not barking. The roosters are not crowing. The hens are not cackling.

For a moment there I thought I'd lost Zeke but then I found him. He was asleep. I think he's depressed because he couldn't go home with Lily and Owen last night. They have too much going on this weekend and are going to be away from home a lot so he stayed here where he is the least-of-the-dogs instead of going to their house where he is the Only and Top Dog.
Their cat is not happy about Zeke but you know cats. They are easily offended. And quite frankly, that cat could whip Zeke's ass in a heartbeat. He's not afraid of Zeke, he's just completely disdainful of him. That's what I think, anyway. Like- damn- if you were going to get a dog, why didn't you get a real one?
Seriously. Does this look like a real dog?

So I hear that I'm going to have Owen a lot next week, which is fine with me. But the deal is, is that someone who is a meat-manager at one of the Publixes got fired and Jason is going to have to step in and take his place. Dude was fired because he was caught up in a pedophile computer porn sting. I read about that sting in the paper last week and if the accused are truly guilty, may they rot in hell but I certainly never considered the fact that the sting would lead to me having my grandson more.

Everything affects everything doesn't it?

Well, Jason and Lily can use the money and I never mind spending time with Owen.

I guess I better get my boring ass out for a walk and then do some serious rehearsing of my Poe Tale.

Happy Friday, y'all. And remember- boring ain't the worst thing, even if it doesn't make for very exciting blog posting.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I could go for some boring.

    Good luck tonight!

  2. Weird error message from blogger on my first try at commenting.

    Glad you're having the respite of a boring day. Peace is good.

    About cats, they're not disdainful. They just have a different understanding about the center of the universe--which is between their paws.

  3. PS Could you post the recipe for yesterday's squash croquettes? That sounds like perfect fall fare.

  4. "I like boring things."- Andy Warhol

    That is an adorable stuffed animal puppy-dog!

  5. Zeke is right! It is nicer to be top dog. After the cat of course. In the normal order, cats do belong above dogs. Humans top, cats middle and dog bottom. It's a good working order.
    Good for you to have Owen more! He will be happy too. Here's to boring friday's. The kind to snuggle inside with grey out.

  6. Boring is indeed good sometimes.

    Marc told me this sting was going to happen before it happened... they thought they were going to get an onslaught of clients as a result and were bracing for the fallout. For some reason that didn't happen. I guess they didn't catch too many..? I am with you on the rotting in hell bit.

    You are welcome to bring the boy over for a playdate any ole time.

  7. Well, it has turned into an unboring day here. Mother in law taken to hospital after fainting. Every day is an adventure when dealing with the elders.

  8. So true, boring ain't the worst. I know people who pray for boring...

  9. That picture of Zeke cracked me the fuck up.

  10. Elizabeth- Boring is good in life, not so much in blogging.

    Kathleen- You are probably right about the cats.

    nicol- Yes. Sigh. He is cute. Sigh.

    Photocat- Ah, I took a long walk. It was the best thing to do. Then...a nap.

    Syd- Oh no! I hope this is a "nothing" and that she is home by supper.

    A- I have myself.

    DTG- He's a mess, that dog. I love you, baby.

  11. Boring? Never. Simply ordinary, which is a blessing. Today was ordinary in my world, only NOT. As in, not ordinary that I was able to stay home and nurture a sick Owen and nurse a hungry baby all day, I have made soup with homemade noodles and BREAD, and yes, that might be ordinary but ALSO amazing. for me.

  12. Jeesus. Computer porn, really? Yuck.

  13. You and boring are not words that go together. Maybe you are bored, but you are never boring.


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