Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Update (At Least It's Very Short)

Well, it looks like there is the slightest possibility of rain. I have been working as much voodoo (not to be confused with mojo or juju) as I can by hanging the clothes outside and obsessively checking the radar.
In other news, a rose which I thought could never die has seemingly died.
Probably from lack of rain.
Well, I'll never have to prune that razor encrusted bush again. I swear to god, the thorns were bigger than the roses ever were. It quite frankly scared me to death. It's identical sister which grows right beside where it was isn't looking too healthy either.

Now if the dogs would just take ill.

You know I'm kidding! Haha!

(I'm not kidding.)

Of course I'm kidding!

(You decide.)


  1. wash the car. that can bring rain. or not.
    about the dogs? I have no voodoo, juju, or mojo but I do know that they are impossible and that into each life, poop must happen.

  2. rain.

    it is like water falling from the sky, that's how good it is.

    like free water, just falling all around for whoever wants it, or doesn't.



  3. Stephanie- Haha! Yes. You know.

    Jo- And LORD, you know.

    Nicol- Back at you, baby.

    Jaye- And pee.

    Tearful- Shit. Exactly. And we have not been blessed with that free water. Tonight. I am hoping for tomorrow. Almost too much to ask for.

  4. Just say this about the dogs...

    "I can't be 100& certain that I would not be unhappy if the dogs took ill."

  5. I think that you are kidding.

  6. Birdie- That works.

    Syd- Me too. I think.

  7. You crack me up. Dogs are a pain in the ass. So are cats sometimes.


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