Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not The Best Of Days, Part II

All I have done today is to take a walk and clean up after the dogs and sit here staring at the keyboard and wondering why I can't write.

I have now exiled the dogs to the porch. They will pee and poop out here and then I will kill them and then my problems will be over.
Well, the problems concerning dogs.

I am just overwhelmed. My mother's fucking insurance company is denying her claim for her need of assisted living. Turns out if you can get food to your own mouth, you probably don't need assisted living. Also? If you're not in diapers. So if you're continent, even if you can't use a washing machine or if you can fork up the calories, even if you couldn't get a meal together if your life depended on it, all those thousands and thousands of dollars you paid for insurance don't get handed back to you, baby.
I love how they write the letter to HER. As if she could make heads or tails of it. I love how they don't give a shit that you can't take your own meds or find your way to the lobby without guidance or remember when it's meal time or know what day it is or...
They are like honey badger. They don't care and they don't give a shit and someone should have read the fucking fine print.

Well. So there's that.

Beyond that, the dogs and the insurance company, I guess I have nothing at all to complain about. And yet, nothing at all is amusing me. No. We are not amused.

I need to take a shower. I smell like Satan's sulphurically scented elder sister. I look like her too.

Hopefully, the tide will turn, the moon will flip, the rivers will rise, the dogs will die, the insurance company will be brought to task, world peace shall spontaneously erupt, and we shall be amused again.


  1. hmmm, I thought I posted a comment. Guess not. I was writing about a lot of crap you have today... Not fair at all!

  2. In my previous comment I wrote about taking a shower. To let the bad things flow away... And then go perform some ass kicking with a very pointed shoe on those darn insurance companies... Not fair, not fair...

  3. I was thinking of suggesting you find a bunch of Keith Richards videos (especially of long guitar solos - there's a 7:00 live version of "Happy" that I watched last night that is grainy but excellent) and listen to 'em real loud.

    Gosh I hate to hear that the insurance company is acting like such an asshole. Hope it is resolved right & proper & soon.

  4. I know this is overwhelming, but FIGHT IT. Really.

    I have an email to write to you with questions for Mr. Moon, but I will wait until life is not overwhelming and smelly.


  5. Fucking insurance companies. They are evil and I seriously wonder where they find their employees. I feel for you Ms. Moon. This is not right.

  6. Oh, shit, piss, fuck.....those damned insurance companies. I hope you are planning to fight that idiotic decision as soon as you catch your breath.

    In would be better if you could delegate that job to someone who isn;t so intimately affected.....daughter, son, in-law, friend, hired letter writer and persistent phoner......

    Good luck with that project! I am already on my knees praying for you.

  7. I hate the cock-sucking fucking insurance companies. Bunch of motherfuckers.

  8. I often wonder why the HELL we give insurance companies thousands and thousands of our hard earned dollars, all for them to find some fucking stupid clause or excuse why your claim or problem isn't covered. Really? Good luck with it all....

  9. Both my grandmothers' insurance did the same thing, very slick. They are not in the business of taking care of people, but to make money.
    For both of them, we ate up a lot of their savings to take care of them; I'm glad my grandfathers passed first or they would have been heartbroken and felt betrayed.

    The insurance company is taking a stand, and if you don't buck them, then they made money.
    BUT, if you do buck them, they have to work harder to take that stand. It is frustrating, but you have a fighting chance. And they'll STILL make money.

  10. Yes, that's horrible. Everything I ever hear about them is horrible. It sucks.

  11. Ms Moon, i have been in this place with the insurance company. they hope we will get tired and walk away. you will have to get her doctor involved, get papers filled out attesting to the fact that she cannot care for herself. how on earth do people who don't have advocates manage? the insurance companies make it so hard. it is a full time job the fight them, but we have no choice really, i wish you luck in this. i know it is wearying.

  12. Insurance companies are NOT amusing. No. I wish we could put them out of business. This should be on Occupy
    ________'s agenda, not that they quite have one, but at least they're out in the streets.

  13. You know my feelings about insurance companies. I have built up quite a posse over the years and we would be happy, I'm sure, to ride on out to Florida to help you out.

    Love you --

  14. Insurance companies think they are banks where money comes in and never goes out. You go get those guys, Girrrll. Hope that shower washes the schmutz away.
    x0 N2

  15. Insurance is nothing but a legalized protection racket. I can't decide if it's to my benefit or detriment that we don't have any (health insurance), have never had any, can't afford it, never could and just because a new law goes into effect say I must have it isn't going to give me the dollars to buy it. At least I'm not paying them to deny me.

  16. Ms. Moon - I have been where you are now with the "wonderful" insurance company....persistence will pay off in the long run....they finally sent a nurse out to assess my mom in person, and she was approved. Don't give up the ship! oxox

  17. To All- We are, of course, fighting this. We will do whatever we need to do. We have a very helpful and sympathetic doctor- same thing happened to HIS parents and their insurance company. It will just take more time, more forms, more exams. When the company sent out a nurse to interview my mother, she handed me some literature on Alzheimer's support groups after the interview and I thought surely...
    But no.
    We'll work it out.
    But obviously, OBVIOUSLY, no one likes insurance companies.
    Tell me again why universal health care is a bad idea.
    I love you all so much. Thank-you.

  18. Insurance companies suck! I have someone in my care who is going through something similar. I feel for them. I feel for you. Ugh!

  19. Keep on fighting, yes -- but that kind of company sounds inhumane and unethical.

  20. We have to watch everything including doctor's and treatments these days. I have little trust when it comes to decisions based on expediency and greed. I challenge and look for data. I am one of the lucky ones who can find information and has enough smarts to bean advocate. Others are at the mercy of the system and the system is fucked.

  21. Insurance Companies are sulphurically scented.


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