Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh My God, It Was So Fun!

F.C. Rabbath and Vanessa Vandy.


Freddy and me. I made him put his sunglasses on so he'd be cool.
It worked, didn't it?

Mr. Moon being a movie star. Isn't he darling?

Yes, yes he is.

From a Jacksonville Arts magazine.

That's acting, y'all.

All pictures were taking on an iPhone and I am totally getting one of those ASAP. It GPS'ed us right there and took pictures and looked up stuff for us and I don't even know what. I'm convinced. I think Mr. Moon is too.
Freddy took all the pictures, of course, except for the one I took of him and Vanessa. Aren't they precious? Yes. Yes they are.

The part of Jacksonville we were in was just charming as hell. I'd love to go back and explore. The venue was an old downtown theater and we ate lunch at a funky little Italian restaurant.
There WAS popcorn at the theater. I had some.

And now we are already home and I'm back in my overalls and about to go plant Maw-Maw some turnips. The day is as bright as a newly-minted dime and I'm in about as good a mood as I've been in forever.

If I gave an awards acceptance speech it would go like this:
"I'd like to thank Freddy Rabbath and Glen Moon. Two completely different sorts of men with completely different sorts of special talents but united in one very uncommon and special way- the both make me feel beautiful just as I am.
Which means they are magic."

Now. Time to go plant the turnips.

Good Lord, I'm happy.


  1. Wonderful!!!! You look fab--I love every photo.

  2. Oh, congratulations!! You look radiant with Mr. Rabbath and Mr. Moon both.
    And what gorgeous gams you have!

    Wish you could have given that speech, because nothing is better than just being you and being truly appreciated for rock!

  3. :) So great, Ms. Moon. Love it.

  4. Either Mr Moon is very tall or you are short. Great photos, everyone of them.

  5. Denise- I always hate photos of myself. ALWAYS! But I like these.

    liv- I have inherited great leg genes. I swear. It's all DNA.

    Ms. Planting Woman- It was good for me, too.

    nicol- Thank you for coming with me, in a way.

    Stephanie- I smiled a lot too.

    Elisabeth- Mr. Moon is VERY tall. Freddy is a great photographer, even with an iPhone.

  6. Charming as hell indeed! You have a million-dollar smile. And all of this makes *me* smile. And I read the title of this post right as someone in the movie Basquiat was saying "What a relief!" - I thought that was appropriate given your earlier apprehensions.

  7. SEEEEEE???? You had fun. And you look ravishing. So glad you had a great day. O, and yes, go for the iphone. I can vouch for it. Just make sure you find a better provider then the ones we have here in England.

  8. Great post! Great pictures too. So glad you went and had a great time. I love your acceptance speech. Thanks for the smiles and happy friday!
    ps you looked awesome, and are you really that short standing next to Mr. Moon???

  9. You are absolutely my hero, Ms. Mary Moon (and I may or may not have totally creeped your IMDB page, while looking for my HS friend, who writes for Dexter. YOU'RE TOTALLY FAMOUS!). And you are a stunner, and you write like a motherfucker and you have chickens and you make me even happier to be a mama. AND you keep such kickass company as Maggie May and Elizabeth. Damn, girl--now you're a movie star going to red carpet events? What would your 10 year old self think of this beautiful life you've fought like hell to make for yourself, of these glorious people who love you so? Brava, bella. Brava.

  10. Fun!

    Mr. Moon's glam man look is workin for him... He looks maaaavelous! As do you all.

    Good times.

  11. Squeeeeal! You look great--your legs! It's pretty neat the things that can happen in life when a person opens up to opportunity and says yes. I take notes from you, Mary Moon.

  12. Love the pictures! Love the night for you! Love my iPhone!

  13. nice jacket, and nothing better than gardening in overalls, that's what I'm going to do all time, when I'm retiring in 2 years, can't wait !

  14. X-Ray Iris- I couldn't have said it better myself. What A Relief!

    Photocat- I'm sort of all giggly inside, thinking of an iPhone for me.

    Mel- Yes. Mr. Moon is approximately one and a half feet taller than I am. I am five four and a half.

    Sara- Oh, honey. Oh my. I don't even know what to say. And that was NOT a red carpet event but it was fun. I'm so glad to know that you enjoy what I write. And yes, I have the BEST company. Including you.

    Ms. Fleur- Isn't he handsome?

    Lora- And I take notes from you.

    Joy- Thanks!

    Niels- Well, we are overall sister and brother.

  15. You are so beautiful, and wow those legs! Yes plz run and get you an ipone worth it just for the camera, i promise. You will go nuts. So happy you went and had such a fab time. You glow.

  16. You're a star! Next time the paparazzo will be waiting for you!

  17. I hope you know that you not only look ADORABLE; you look gorgeous. That you have any reservations about your looks is outrageous. I think I'm a tad jealous.

  18. Great photos. I love my iPhone. It does everything--well, just about!

  19. Go mama! So, so awesome!

    PS: I am watching Sapranos and being so very grateful that our family is insane in the good ways.

  20. Bethany- I usually hate every picture taken of me but I do like these. Odd in that when I in a film, I delight in all of the things that make me cringe in still photos.
    I am drooling over the prospect of an iPhone. Drooling, I tell you!

    lulumarie- Haha! I need to practice posing.

    Jo- Indeed it was.

    Elizabeth- For some reason these pictures make me look far better than I really do. I give Freddy credit for that. I love the way he sees me through a camera.

    Syd- I can't wait to find out.

    DTG- Sort of weird, huh? But cool, too. And yes, we are insane but yes, we can be thankful that it is definitely in the good ways. I love you so much.

  21. You look fabulous my dear! And yes you should get an iPhone. I'm addicted to mine. I've had my old one for 3 years and I just got the new one on Friday.

  22. Mr. Moon is a damn doll. You KNOW this. I'm singing to the choir.


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