Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pictures Of A Birthday Party

When we left Lily's house just a little while ago she said, "Now go home and update your blog."
She just likes to see cute pictures of her son.
Well. What can I do but her bidding?

It was really a fun party. Just a few of us. Just enough. Lily and Jason and Billy and Shayla and Waylon and me and Mr. Moon and Hank and Owen.
The kids love Uncle Hank. Both Waylon and Owen think that Hank is the coolest thing ever.
They're right but somehow my presence scared Waylon to death tonight. I have no idea what I did but from the moment I stepped out of the car, he was NOT HAVING IT!
I felt bad but not that bad. I mean, I'm the old woman that children in grocery stores flirt with. I was mostly just puzzled.
Here he is, holding on to his Dad's hair, giving me the suspicious look.

Personally, I think he believes I want to steal him. He could be right.

Owen mostly just helped his Bop celebrate. Here he is, sticking candles in the cake. Waylon helped with this project too.

Then he helped Bop blow the candles out.
"Make a wish!" I cried as they breathed in.

I hope they did. I swear to you- that cake was not tilted like that when we left the house with it. It's sort of a Dr. Seuss cake in the picture. Who cares? It was good.

Then Owen helped Bop unwrap presents and read cards.

I got Bop three shirts and a pair of shorts. Owen had to try on all the shirts.

Actually, Kathleen gave him this shirt. It's traditional.

Here's one I gave him.

The best part of the whole crazy evening, though, was when Owen stumbled and fell and began to cry and Shayla offered him comfort. He went right to her and hugged her tight. And then he kept on. Hugging her and hugging her. And hugging her.
That boy! He just loves to hug the pretty ladies. Check this out:

He knew he was getting some lovin'. It reached the point of ridiculousness and he was still hugging, still grinning.

It was almost embarrassing. Owen was full of the hugs tonight but Shayla got the best and longest. Without a doubt.

We finally wrapped it all up after everyone played some sort of crazy video game while Shayla and I washed the boys.

Mr. Moon won.

Which is fitting. It's his birthday.

Ah-lah. I am tired. So were these boys.

Another successful birthday celebrated. Thank y'all for coming along.
Now let's all get some rest.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Whew! That was a great time. And you didn't even mention the snake eating the frog.

  2. DTG- I have given the snake his own post.

  3. Bare Owen butt!

    Cake is always good...lopsided or not. :) Looks like a wonderful party.

  4. Always a delightful time with the Moons and co.

  5. Happy day Mr. Moon!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Billy's hair and beard :)

  6. Yay! Thank you for letting us have the party here,it was so fun! Love you and daddy so much!

  7. Glad that Mr. Moon had a great birthday. Maybe Waylon has turned camera shy??
    My word verification for this comment is menhung--appropriate don't you think?

  8. I was looking forward to the party pictures this morning.

    Owen the Naked Butt. Laugh.

    Love y'all!

  9. Oh Owen. Huggin on the pretty ladies, showing off his nakie butt to the world. He's already a man.

    So wish I could have been there to beat daddy's butt in that weird video game. Hehe. I miss my crew, and I sure do love you all.

  10. Agella- I hope he's reading these comments.

    Mel's Way- Isn't he beautiful?

    SJ- We love our birthdays, don't we?

    Stephanie- He's looking very fine, isn't he? I told him so, too.

    Lily- Are you kidding? It's so nice to have things at your house. I love it! We had such a good time. Thank-YOU! And we love you so much and your Jason and your Owen. Thank-you for making such a great family for us to love.

    Syd- Okay. That is even funnier than you can imagine.

    gradydoctor- Oh, it was!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, you know- it's not a party unless someone gets naked.

    honeyluna- Your absence is so strong it's almost a presence. Jesus, we miss you.
    And yes, Owen and Waylon both are SUCH little men. Love you, baby.

  11. Birthday Parties are great! I can't understand why some don't like them. All the good food, attention, smiles, laughing, presents, games...geesh parties are great!!!

    Is Owen becoming a ladies man? Such a flirt...hehehe!

  12. Gorgeous pictures Mary. I especially love the one of Glen and Owen blowing out the candles (who cares if the cake's wonky?) and the one of Owen hugging Shayla. The Actor will be happy that he's on the only bare butt on this week too! Love you xx


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