Friday, June 17, 2011

An Old Woman's Dream Come True

So yesterday when my internet quit working as well as the phone jack where I keep the router plugged in which, of course was the root of the problem, I called good old Embarq or Century Link or whatever they call themselves now and they were very nice and said that they could get someone out the next morning.
An entire day without my internet.
Brutal but what can you do? Pull up your big girl panties and get on with it!
Which is what I did.
I cleaned. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I cleaned from nine in the morning until ten-thirty at night. And I am nowhere near done BUT, I have two very clean bathrooms, a clean bedroom and a cleaner kitchen, laundry room and one other bathroom.
I scrubbed, I oiled furniture, I sorted through stuff. I have THREE bags of trash to take. I mopped, I swept, I wiped down walls, cleaned mirrors, did laundry, washed rugs and sheets.
I cleaned and rearranged my holy relics shelf about the sink.

Not a great picture. Sorry.

I redid a part of my kitchen counter and put spices in a Coke crate and oils and vinegars in a basket. It looks nice. It's handy. I like it.

It just makes me happy to look at that corner.

So I guess this is what happens when you lose your internet. You get shit DONE! Mr. Moon pointed this out to me before he left to go fishing. Thanks, Honey!

I also talked to a friend I haven't seen in forever who came by to sell her engineless car to Mr. Moon. This is a friend whom I've known since I was nineteen years old. Good God! We talked for about an hour and it was lovely. We were so young when we met and here we are-grandmothers both, still busy, still looking for the next thing we're going to be doing. I was so glad to see her.

I finally fell in bed about midnight, so tired I couldn't read. I got up this morning and before I knew it, that lovely Century Link truck showed up and a guy got out and said, "Hey. What's going on?"
I was a bit disconcerted.
"My internet isn't working," I finally said.
He started checking shit out and I said, "Can you fix it?"
"I can fix anything," he said and I felt great confidence that he could.
Then before he'd finished up, another truck pulled up. This was for the phone jack.
The very, very nice man who'd been here before and gone way out of his way to make sure things were right, got out of his truck. The two men looked at each other.
"What you doing here?" the young one asked the older one.
"Got a trouble ticket," the older one said.

"Well, y'all confer," I told them.

It appeared that young one could get my internet working but fixing the jack in the bedroom would take going under the house and he wasn't too keen on that prospect. "I might run into a snake," he told me. "That would freak me out."
I told him I understood.
The older man assessed the situation.
"I got an idea," he said.
"Glad someone does," said the younger one.

And they worked and they figured it out and no one had to go under the house where a critter had chewed my line and now I have a new line stapled to the outside of the house where maybe critters won't chew on it and all is well and I was so happy that I asked the men if I could take their picture for my blog.

The younger man said, "Sure," and the older man asked me how much money he'd get.
"Same as me," I said. "None."

But they posed and as they did so, the older man said, "Did you know this is my son?"
"What? Really?"
"Yep. My oldest."
"Well I'll be darned," I said.

Here they are:

My heroes!
Aren't they darling? And smart and nice.

Okay. Time to get ready to go to town and meet with the nurse who is assessing my mother for the insurance company and yes, THERE ARE MORE FUCKING FORMS TO FILL OUT!

But that's it. By the time Mr. Moon gets home, this house is going to be clean and maybe the garden tended to a bit as well. Maybe I'll even get some peas shelled. It's my STAYCATION I was wanting!

See? Dreams can come true.

And I am officially thanking those two men for getting me back online although in the grand, universal scheme of things that may not be the best thing that ever happened but it sure does make me happy.

Happy Friday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A Father's day story! :-)

    Glad you are back up. I was wondering where you were! lol

  2. You've had a much more exciting day than I have so far.

  3. Birdie- You're right!

    DTG- Oh honey. You know it's ALWAYS exciting in Lloyd.

  4. ooh I do love American are a delight to read!!

  5. Aw, I do love helpful repair men.Heroes!

    So cute they were father and son.

    Congrats on your achievements!

  6. those men do look capable. and wow, all that cleaning! but I did miss you while you were getting all that done.

  7. another thing, the forms never end. they come around every year. as soon as you complete them for one year it's time to recertify, and whatnot.

    never. ends.

    your mom is lucky she has you.

  8. I'm tired just reading about all that cleaning! Glad you got everything fixed.

  9. Well, being the worrying ninny that I am, in your absence I thought of all the unfortunate things that might have happened which led me to think about how weirdly connected I feel to you and who would I call and who would tell me if something had happened, etc. etc.

    And here you are. Thank goodness.

  10. Yes, you wore me out. I am not doing anything this weekend. Just lazing on the boat.

  11. I was wondering where you were as well! First time I get online in about a decade and you'd gone AWOL.

    I could do with some of your magic energy. What were you on? I need to clean a bit as well, and all I want to do is be with people instead! This is very strange.

    Glad you're back on!

  12. Thank heaven you are OK.....I, too, was worried about you......I kept going back up and down the blogs thinking I must have missed yours, but alas no. Somehow I figured it was computer trouble.....otherwise i would be on a flight to Florida right now.

    A day isn't a day without Mary Moon!

  13. I am giggling madly at the whole "There might be a snake. That might freak me out" comment from The Son. For some reason that has tickeld me pink today. Glad to see you are alive, of course-oerhaps I need to arrange an internet-free day to get my own house clean! :)

  14. I heart this post. Especially the part where you discover they are father and son. *smiling*

  15. Ohhhh, yes. I need to step away from the computer and get shit done! Or, as the Hyperbole and a Half cartoon has it, clean up ALL the stuff! Though I sure can't do it as fast as you did. I'm the sort who begins reading the old newspaper I'm trying to throw in the recycling.

  16. I love this bit "The younger man said, "Sure," and the older man asked me how much money he'd get.
    "Same as me," I said. "None."

    I'm so glad you got your staycation! You've done TONS!! I am so impressed. Your corner looks amazing. Nice use of the Coke crate.

    I know exactly how you feel on a smaller scale. My friend Frances spent three hours here hanging things and trying to make some sense of my wardrobe. Then my gorgeous cleaner Sylvia and it's SO tidy and clean and sparkly I'm really trying not to make a mess. I even had a pizza for dinner so I didn't mess up the hob.

    I hope you give yourself a break this weekend. I love you xx

  17. I wasn't worried, not a whit. I figured you were out in the garden, hiding from the big raindrops under a cabbage leaf.

    BTW--love the holy relics shelf.

    I have several small altars around my house. And I do envy you your clean kitchen :)

  18. Young At Heart- That's so funny. What IS American writing? I would never think of myself as an American writer. Maybe a "southern" one. But I'm glad you like it.

    Jo- I felt so well taken care of.

    Angella- I missed you too!

    Lois- Now...will I get any more done or rest on my laurels and clean bathrooms?

    Elizabeth- Problem taken care of. You are NOT a ninny. I would have done the same.

    Syd- Ah. Perfect.
    I am doing some lazing too on this old boat of a porch. It's good.

    Mwa- Forget the house! Be with people!

    Lo- Nope. Here I am, safe and sound. But you could fly in anyway if you wanted.

    Kori- Chances are good he WOULD have seen a snake.

    gradydoctor- They were so damn cute!
    And capable. I love seeing a father and son work together.


    Christina- Oh my. I know I've said this before but...a cleaner? Oh dear my heart, my heart. I want a cleaner!

    Akannie- Little altars everywhere, right?

  19. The men look very nice. How cute--father and son.

    Love you!


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