Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Day Of Good News, Bad News And Chickens. Of Course.

Well, Jeez. It was a pretty good day in some ways and a fairly sucky one in others.
Kathleen's appointment went very well. Dr. Darling McGenius told us that although a tumor has grown a tiny bit, her cancer markers are down and her liver enzymes are too and so that means she can get on a bit stronger dose of the miracle drug. He's also going to do new genetic testing on her cancer because they are learning new things every day about which medications work best on tumors with specific markers. He said, "I'll figure it out in my office. You don't have to do a thing."
Now don't you love that?
And he's about to be a daddy for the second time and we were all very congratulatory about that, of course. I would love to see his children. I'll bet they're the cutest kids this side of the Mississippi and maybe even on the other side, too.
Well, except for Owen, of course.

After Kathleen's appointment, while she was waiting to get a shot, one of the very, very nice women who work at the oncology center came up and started talking to us and she was so excited because she's going to go to Australia on a mission trip soon to "work" with the Aborigines and when she says "work" she means tell them about their Lord and Savior and save their souls.
Okay. I sat there for a minute without saying anything and Judy and Kathleen held their collective breath and just waited because they know me so well and they KNEW I was not going to keep my mouth shut and I swear, I tried, I did but finally I just had to say, "But why? They already have a religion that they've had for tens of thousands of years. Why do feel like you have to bring them yours?"
Okay. Okay. Okay. I shouldn't have said it. I should have been a polite southern girl and kept my non-believing mouth shut but shit.
Why DO they feel that they have the right to try and change the spiritual beliefs of people all the way across the world?
Oh, I know why. Because they want to prevent these poor heathens from burning in hell for all eternity and that just makes me sick to my stomach. Just sick.
Not only does this very, very sweet woman believe in the righteousness of what she's doing, she also assumed that Judy and Kathleen and I would totally agree with her and probably would tell her that she was doing god's work and that she was blessed to be doing this and to wish her luck saving the heathen's souls, and maybe even make a donation for her mission trip, but she didn't really have any idea who she was talking to.

What IS it with some Christians and that need to go to all corners of the globe to minister to heathens? I mean, how would we feel if Aborigines came around and knocked on our doors to tell us about their spiritual beliefs? Okay, I'd love that but you know what I mean. And as I've said before, what would people think if atheists or agnostics or even people like me who don't believe they're smart enough to know what The Real True Thing might be, went around knocking on the doors of Christians to try and relieve them of their religion by using oh, logic?
They'd call the cops!

I don't know. Believe what you want- that's fine. But to cross the planet to try to give your edition of god to a people who have already been cheated out of their culture by white people is just...wrong. It seems to me.

So I was a bad girl although I stayed respectful, sitting there in the hallway of the oncology center, that place where people probably pray a lot but do not give up going to the doctors who work there, the geniuses, the dedicated, the believers in science. And I know that there are doctors who pray and who are Christians. I do. But I seriously doubt that even the most devoted believers who come there as patients refuse treatment from a doctor because he or she is not a believer. They take the medicine, the hoped-for miracles, created by scientists and if they are cured or helped, the always give the credit to god.

All right. I'm treading in perilous waters here. I am. I know it. And I also know that I DON'T know enough to say for certain that god doesn't answer prayers although like someone recently said in a comment here that if one religion was really the true one, everyone would figure that out and follow it but that hasn't happened yet.

When we left I said to Kathleen and Judy, "Oh hell. Now she's going to be praying for me," and I bet she is. Praying for my poor eternal soul. And I suppose that's fine. It just makes me feel a little icky. Like when the Jews found out that the Mormons were baptizing in absentia every Jew ever born. They told the Mormons to cease and desist and I don't blame them.


Well. To finish off the day, Mr. Moon did get to a dentist who told him he needs about $7,000 worth of dental work and that's that. Need I say any more about that? I do not think I do.

So, here we are. A day where we got good news about Kathleen and I heathenized up the Oncology Center and Mr. Moon went to the dentist and I made him his favorite supper- clam spaghetti, and oh yes, my mother had a melt-down but all-in-all, it's been a fairly okay day. I forgot to try and be happy although really, I think I meant content, which as many of you pointed out in comments, is enough to expect and I couldn't agree with you more. Contentment would make me happy. Very, very happy.

But right now I feel reasonably content and it'll be bedtime soon and then Owen's coming over tomorrow morning early and I'll have him for a good part of the day. I can't wait. He and I have some catching up to do. He went to the Jr. Museum with Waylon today and I want to talk to him about that. I hear his favorite thing there were the five turkeys. Peep! he cried when he saw them. Yes. The world is full of Mr. Peeps and isn't that a good thing to know?

I think so.

I just went out to shut up the chickens safe for the night and I took a picture of Miss Dolly at roost.

Look at that beautiful hen! Notice her shiny gold eye-shadow! After I took the picture I gave her a little scratch and rub because she's so soft and because she's a fine hen.

See? That makes me content.

Surely does.

I may be a heathen but I love my chickens and I love my grandson and I love my family and oh yes- thirty-five years ago tonight I was in labor with Hank and his birthday is tomorrow and I sure do love him.

Happy Birthday, Hank and I am thinking of you on this night when half-a-moon shines down on us and on people all over the world, a night when the frogs are deep into the chorus of their night-song, a night when your mother is content right here and her husband is not in pain and her friend is doing well and I am loving you.

Sleep well, all of you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, I feel exactly the same amount of nausea at the idea of white people trying to change the religion of indigenous people who've been marginalized and kicked off their lands already. WTF is wrong with some people? I guess it's the way you're raised, I don't know. But I really feel that we're all talking about the same idea of God, and just arguing over the semantics. So silly.
    The only difference between you and me is you have the guts to speak your mind, while I would just sit there tangled in my confusion and outrage.
    Sorry about the bad dental news and hooray for Kathleen's good news.
    Your chicken is very beautiful.
    Have a nice night,

  2. Mel stole my comment :) or at least said it first and better.

  3. Yay for Kathleen.
    Boo on Mr Moon's dental needs.
    But I'm glad he's no longer in pain.
    Wow about the gold eyeshadow on Dolly! Beautiful.
    I'm glad you gave her some lovins and it makes you so happy.
    Goodnight dear Mama Moon.

  4. So glad to hear that Kathleen is doing well. That doctor kind of makes it seem exciting to have her kind of cancer- so rare and new! That's terrible, so sorry.
    I'm also sorry about Daddy's $7,000 mouth. How is that even possible? Dang! is what I say to that.

    Sure do love you! And I love that picture of pretty Miss Dolly too.

    Oh, and happy, happy birthday to Hank!

  5. Missionaries and soldiers -- I have a hard time with both. And I feel like a pariah when I voice my opinions.

    I do love you voicing your opinions, though. I love it like butter.

  6. Sister Moon, you know where I'm at spiritually but know this: I always find your honesty exhilarating and raw and beautifully you. This is what I love about coming here. I never know what the heck to expect, which is kind of rad.

    You hate Oprah, I love Oprah. You are irritated by Christianity, I'm a Christian. But. You love your husband like crazy, I love mine. I love Key Lime Pie, you make Key Lime Pie. . um hello? See? It's cool because like you've told me before, we are more alike than we are different which I do think is true. Besides, that post you wrote describing the hair cut you gave Mr. Moon made me cry a happy love cry. For real. So just like you gave all of you there, this is no different. I respect that and it's what makes it cool. And you.

    Off to pray. . . LOL. . .

  7. The religion bit cracked me up especially that you'd like the aborigines to knock and the bit about calling the cops. Love it.

    I would have had trouble keeping my mouth shut too. I've not fixed my doorbell for a year to save Jehovah's Witnesses bothering me with their silly leaflets or ex cons selling cheap tea towels. I can't be doing with it!

    I am mostly content which suits me fine. The Actor thinks content is bad and boring and not something to aspire to for some reason. He says "cows are content" It's a point we do not agree on.

    Miss Dolly is the most beautiful hen I've ever seen!!

    Wishing Hank a very happy Birthday.

    I love you Mary, goodnight, see you tomorrow xx

  8. Ms Moon, you're not a bad girl at all. And you were respectful, but you're entitled to your opinion and when others voice theirs, why shouldn't you? It's a pity that more people don't.
    Happy Birthday Hank, and Happy Giving Birthday Ms Moon. Your children are so lucky to have a mother like you :) x

  9. Ms. Moon,

    I don't have the answers either. For a lot of years I thought I would get smarter and know more as I got older but I know less. I don't know anything. I am working on a post about a shameful part of my life and my religious beliefs were a big part of it. I know differently now. So, maybe that is it. We are all learning different things at different speeds and until we figure it out we do what we feel is right. I do think that whoever is out there that is in control of all this madness loves that we try so hard. Even if we mess.

    Or maybe not. I don't know.

  10. The evangelising is just ridiculous. Yes, and also insensitive and callous.

    I feel for Mr. Moon, and that bit reminded me that I really should start my dental odyssey as well now that I've stopped breastfeeding. Dammit. Oh, and hurray for Kathleen!

    Enjoy Owen!

  11. Damn, that missionary story is frustrating.

    I watched a film about Australia with Magnum PI in it recently, and Laura San Giacomo, and it was very entertaining, but the stories of what the 'Christians' did to the Aborigines were hideous. Genocide. I think the Christians should stay home and work on themselves - I saw a story the other day about .. welll...

  12. I feel your pain on the whole missionary thing. My mom has been to Africa 3 times now as a missionary. The first time I was totally supportive; she went as a nurse with some carpenters and even a vet! The fixed houses and animals and people and I thought it was great. Then the next time she brought medical supplies but they didn't do quite as much, spent more time "teaching" and such. Then this last time they didn't even BRING medicines and vaccines. They spent all thier time singing with the kids and "witnessing" and useful stuff like that. I couldn't handle that. To have the knowledge and skill of medicine to help them and not use it? It is just fucking insulting.

  13. Ms Moon, I love your blog.
    I have been on the firing end of evangalising christians and it is not nice, not at all. They won't go away and leave you alone, even when you ask them to politely. Poor Aborigines. they don't deserve that.

  14. I couldn't agree with you more about the damn missionaries. I don't mind them helping people, but do they have to proselytize to people too? Why not just be a good example of your religion by helping others? I should think that would be ENOUGH.

    This killed me:
    I mean, how would we feel if Aborigines came around and knocked on our doors to tell us about their spiritual beliefs? Okay, I'd love that but you know what I mean.

    Of course, I'm ALL FOR IT.

    Do you think Mr. Moon could pass as me with some lipstick and a wig? We're both tall. He could use my dental insurance then. I have good dental. I wish you and Mr. Moon did.

    I thought of Kathleen all day yesterday. I'm glad there is some good news. I want her to REALLY REALLY enjoy her retirement.

    Miss Dolly is a STUNNER. Wowsa!

    I have nothing to impart beyond that. Except that I LOVE YOU.

  15. I think that the effort spent on converting people to some religion would be much better spent on simply helping them with medical needs or basic things to have better quality of life. I like the Peace Corps--no proselytizing.

    I belong to an organization that is about boating education. I am embroiled in a rewrite of the by-laws that will do away with the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation that is always about the Lord and what the Lord says. Needless to say, I am viewed probably as a liberal pinko commie. I don't care. I have a right to speak my truth. I am glad that you spoke yours.

  16. Syd,
    Your comment made me laugh.

    You know I love you, you liberal pinko commie.

  17. Mama, you rock. Love you. And thanks, everybody!

  18. Sounds to me like you asked her a perfectly reasonable question! What, pray tell, was her response?

  19. Mel- I don't know either. But I seem to be less able to hold my tongue as I get older. Why the hell not? If opinions are flying- here's mine!

    Stephanie- Thanks, sugar.

    Bethany- Thank-you, sweet, sweet girl.

    HoneyLuna- Well. We shall figure out the dentist thing. And Kathleen DOES feel very special because she is! And so is Dr. McHandsome. I love you! I love you! I love you!

    Elizabeth- Me too. Both. Just wait until you get older. You won't hesitate.

    gradydoctor- It's funny. I now think of you whenever I write about religion and I hope not to offend but I'm sure if you write about religion, you know you have to speak your truth so....I know you understand.
    And hey! I don't hate Oprah! I just don't like The Church Of Oprah. There's a big difference.
    And I adore you. Because YOU are honest, you are heartfelt, you are loved-filled.

    Christina- I just tell those who come around to give me god's word that I'm not religious, thank-you, and good-bye. They generally take off.
    And tell the Actor that cows are lovely, beautiful creatures and the more contented they are, the more productive.
    Whoa- that was profound!
    Love you, darling.

    Sandy- No kidding- if they can tell me what they think, I can damn well tell them what I think.
    And my children taught me how to be a mother so they get the credit for that one.
    Thanks, honey.

    Birdie- I am looking forward to reading that post. I completely respect people who were raised one way and grew up with the cognitive powers to change their beliefs.

    Mwa- Dental work does not, unfortunately, wait. For no man. Or woman. And the woman in Thomasville really is the sweetest thing. You would love her until she started talking about god.

    Jo- And the harder they fight to control things, the more the truth will come out. I don't understand why they don't realize that.

    Zengato- Let's face it- if you're a truly believing fundamental Christian, the saving of the soul is more important than the saving of the body. Which...whatever.

    Annicles- Welcome, honey. "The firing end of evangelizing christians" is a sucky place to be. Feel free to tell them how you feel. Why not?

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- True that. Show your religion through good works. Done.
    And the Christians whom we (I mean you and me) love, do exactly that. AS to Mr. Moon in a wig and lipstick- it's a good idea but I am pretty sure it would not work.
    You're so sweet to offer. I adore you.

    Syd- I think I may BE a liberal, pinko commie. And proud of it. You should be too!

    DTG- No. YOU rock.

    Mike Watson- What could her response be except that she wanted to share her "relationship" with Christ? She was big on that relationship thing.

  20. Funny, isn't it, how we think of our children on the eve of their birthdays. My two like me to tell them all about it, and I so love that they want to know and ask if it hurt or if I was hungry.

  21. "Okay. I sat there for a minute without saying anything and Judy and Kathleen held their collective breath and just waited because they know me so well and they KNEW I was not going to keep my mouth shut and I swear, I tried, I did but finally I just had to say, "But why? They already have a religion that they've had for tens of thousands of years. Why do feel like you have to bring them yours?"
    Okay. Okay. Okay. I shouldn't have said it. I should have been a polite southern girl and kept my non-believing mouth shut but shit."

    Good on you! I would have done exactly the same. I hate the NOT live and let live theories in all fields. It's good that this woman heard for once that others do NOT agree with their wanting to convert everything... Religion or what it presents is the biggest cause of all problems. Especially when one wants to "convert" the other. You were not rude or silly at all, you did the right thing in my book: let that "good" person know that not everyone wants to or thinks that they have to convert others.
    Why DO they feel that they have the right to try and change the spiritual beliefs of people all the way across the world?


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