Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Post With A List

Woke up this morning to a gray, chilly, raw day.
To combat the cold and the dreariness I put on my favorite Goodwill cashmere sweater. It is mulberry colored, or perhaps a darker shade of Beauty Berry. One of those succulent purple colors. Of course I'm the only one around here to appreciate it and I do. The warmth, the color, the softness. I swear- cashmere is one thing in this big old world that is not overrated.
Here are a few things that are overrated in my opinion paired with things that aren't:
1. Chick-Fil-A...Krispy Kreme
2. Vacuum Cleaners...Dishwashers
3. Non-Stick cookware...Cast iron cookware
4. Kale...Collard greens
5. A date...a mate
6. Body Wash...Bar Soap
7. "Cage Free" eggs...Yard eggs
8. Billy Joel...Anybody else
9. E Readers...Real books
10. Four hundred Facebook friends...Four real friends
11. Scented candles/incense/plug-in scented oil dispensers/potpourri...The smell of whatever you just cooked
12. Walmart...Costco
13. Donald Trump...Greta Thunberg
14. The promise of heaven...The reality of this one and only life

Well, that's a few.

I went to Costco and Publix today. I talked to an employee at Costco and we both ended up crying about how incredibly sad Christmas can be. I told her that she was a beautiful soul and a beautiful woman and that my daughters and I often talk about how gorgeous we think she is. That made her smile. And then she told me that she thinks that August is the coolest little boy and that made ME smile.

I really don't have much else to say. I am neither here nor there tonight. Neither happy nor sad, neither joyful or in despair.

Tomorrow I'll go hear and see August sing Christmas songs at his preschool. Jesus will be mentioned.
Aw well. I do love a baby, conceived via virgin birth or swimming pool or IVF or donor sperm with turkey baster.
Ain't none of my business how the child got in there anyway. I just love 'em when they get here.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. An e book reader might be overrated to you but to me they are a godsend.
    Having been an avid reader of actual books my whole life I changed to a Kindle about five years ago because I could adjust the fonts. My vision has gotten steadily worse now I am in my 70's and I feel so grateful to have the ability to continue reading because of my Kindle.

    1. Oh! I hear you! And that's a very, very valid reason to love ebook readers. I'll be there soon myself, I'm sure, and I sure will appreciate that adjustable font.

  2. My grocery doesn't label anything a collard. They all have a name. On top of that, I wasn't raised knowing anything about good greens. But, I have discovered chard. OMG. I could steam it and butter it and pour it straight down my throat. Actually, I guess I do.
    Your list is pretty much right on. Krispy Kreme is right up there with chard. Well, the first two. Then I'm done for another year.

    1. I doubt I've had a doughnut in years but I remember what the good ones taste like!
      I'm not sure I've ever cooked chard. I've planted some this year. Let's see how it does.

  3. I completely agree with your list except for e readers and kale! My hands are very painful and I have a hard time holding an actual book. We prefer kale here in New York(ha ha) but maybe just don't know how to cook collard greens.

    1. I think there are a lot of good reasons for e readers. I just, at this stage, prefer real books. Doesn't mean I won't use one!
      Collards are a southern thing, I do believe.

  4. I love ereaders AND actual books! Ereaders make it too easy to spend money on books though...right from your couch! :)

    And fuck Chik fil-a and their hate chicken! We refuse to spend a dime there bc of their awful politics.

    1. Yeah, I won't go to Chik-fil-a either because of their politics but from what I remember about them, they aren't that damn good. I don't get all the hoo-ha about them.

    2. LOL -- "hate chicken." That's awesome! (And true!)

  5. I like real books too. I like to skip ahead sometimes when I'm reading and then circle back.

    Any deep fried doughnuts, definitely.

    Greens, I'm not so fond of. I like raw greens instead, spinach and lettuce only.

    I'm getting another loaf of sourdough ready this morning, having supper with my niece and then my grandson is spending the night. Yay:)

    1. The Ladies of the Sourdough! That is us!
      Have fun with that little guy.
      And yeah- I can't abide a cake doughnut. Yuck.

  6. Great list. I do e-readers as well as books though. I go back and forth. Some books you want to hold and smell and savor. I do miss knowing what other people are reading. They’re all lost in their e-readers. There was something to be said for seeing a few people in public reading the same book and thinking hmmm maybe I should look into it. E-readers put us in literary silos.

    1. "E-readers put us in literary silos."
      So, true! Never thought of that! I guess it's still acceptable to say, "What'chu reading?" But it's not the same as seeing someone reading a book you've read and enjoyed or one that you've been wanting to read.

  7. I love your list. As for the Trump, did you see the mock-up picture of his head superimposed over Greta's body on the cover of Time? That just about sums him up!

    1. Yes. I saw it. The constant shame of him is going to kill me.

  8. great list though I prefer Shipley's or Dunkin' Donuts to Krispy Kremes. my grandkids are mystified that I use bar soap (my sister makes it).

    that despicable and pathetic loser Trump spent the entire day yesterday tweeting (something like 100 times) and then tweeted about how busy he had been all day.

    1. Body wash makes my body feel gross. Like I can't rinse it off. Give me soap. And no plastic to throw away. Homemade soap is the best.
      Yeah. Trump sure did get busy- desperate tweeting.

  9. Great list! And yes, we may all die from the constant shame of him.

  10. I have to disagree on no. 2 (a good vacuum cleaner is on a par with a dishwasher) and no. 4 (kale and collards, equally yummy). In my humble opinion, as they say.

    And I don't mind Billy Joel, though there are many, many other musicians I like a lot more.

    But you couldn't be more right about Donald and Greta. Or no. 14, which says it all.


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