Friday, August 11, 2023

Things You May Need To Know Or Maybe Not

The Brazilian Plume Flower, aka Flamingo Flower, is blooming its head off. I have two of them, neither which I planted, one in the old kitchen garden area and one in the camellia bed. I've never really paid much attention to them for some reason, possibly because I didn't plant them and thus, have no emotional attachment. But they are very pretty, easy as hell to grow, do well in shade, and have nice color for this time of year. They are obviously a grow-anywhere plant. This is the distribution map that my plant app gave me. 

Is there anywhere on earth they DON'T grow? 

If I'm ever able to get back into the yard and clear some areas of the crocosmia and other invasive plants, maybe I'll try to propagate some new plants from the ones I have and plant them next spring. 

As you can probably tell, it's been a slow news day here in Lloyd. Well, I've hardly been outside so a Tyrannosaurus Rex could be terrorizing the citizenry and I wouldn't know it. For some reason, I can truly imagine one of those short-armed, big-headed dinosaurs tromping down the road in front of the Post Office, bent on catching and eating humans. Maybe it would kick over the My Gypsy Soul Boutique in frustration if it couldn't get one. How did Tyrannosaurus Rex catch prey? 
Just googled that question and here we go:

"The University of Maryland's Thomas R. Holtz Jr. has proposed that Tyrannosaurus attacked prey like canids and hyaenids do; seizing and killing prey with the jaws, with limited use of the forelimbs for capture and dispatch."

The limited use of forelimbs does sound correct. What in the world did they do with those tiny arms? 
Too much googling. 

Today was another excessive heat warning day. Temps in the high nineties and humidity of 85%. I swear- it's hard to breathe out there. Air just don't act right when it's this hot and this wet. Especially as applies to respiratory efforts. When I got up this morning I vowed that I was not going to do one lick of work outside the house and I didn't. It took me most of the day to make myself go dump the compost and taking that picture above was another concerted effort that I made only for Blogs' sake. The rest of the day was spent doing inside stuff and I am ashamed to say that I did not hang the sheets on the line or any other laundry either but instead, destroyed the planet even more by using the dryer. Which really is ridiculous but y'all- I could not make myself haul the laundry out and hang it up. 
So I cleaned toilets instead. 

I've been cooking soybeans all day long after having soaked them all night long and I'm still far from certain they'll be soft enough to eat for dinner. I wonder how many people within a fifty mile radius will be having martinis tonight and then sitting down to a hearty bowl of soybeans and brown rice? 
Probably two. 
You never know though. 

All right. I've been saving this little gem of information for just such a slow news day. Maybe I've already told you this but even if I already have, it bears repeating:
If you leave Crocs (the shoes, not the reptile) out in the direct Florida sun, like on a porch, they will shrink up. 
The first time this ever happened to me was on St. George Island when I left my strappy sandal Crocs on the deck of the house we were staying in. I couldn't believe it! And yet- it happened. 
And then a few weeks ago I left another pair of Croc flip flops on my kitchen porch which gets sun-surface intensity temps in the late afternoon and they shrank. My GOOD Crocs. My fancy Crocs! 
Now one would think that after these experiences I would have learned my lesson but NO! 
Just a few days ago I left my gardening Crocs which are the true and real and ugly Croc clogs in the same place I'd left my flip flop Crocs and, well, yesterday, I threw them in the dump. Some would say that I should have done that a long time ago anyway but obviously they are the people who have never seen my other gardening shoes. (Super Glue is involved in their maintenance.) 
I did order a new pair of the fancy-style Croc flip flops last week and they arrived yesterday. I am grateful to have them. They are so nice and springy and cushy. And I will NOT be leaving them on the kitchen porch no matter what. 

The only other thing I have to say today is that I am just about to finish listening to Prince Harry's "Spare," read by him. By the way, he is a very fine narrator. And I know that some of you out there have nothing but disdain for the man and his decisions. 
That's fine. But I will tell you a few things I have learned:
1. The British paparazzi and tabloid news "journalists" are ruthless and cruel and do not give a shit about who they slander, hurt.
2. Prince Harry is obsessed with these people. However, if my mother had died due to the chasing of the paps, as he calls them, into a tunnel in Paris, and then was photographed in the car by those same people who did not try to offer help or comfort, I would be too. 
3. Harry is very open about some of the very bad choices he has made. 
4. I would not be born a royal in a million years given the chance. And it's not always as glamorous as it appears on the outside. 
5. Mental illness doesn't give a shit what your title or rank is. Not one tiny little shit. 

Time to go make the brown rice and the delicious goop that goes on top of the soybeans and rice. I have made a lovely-looking blueberry and plum crumble (thank you, dear Liz, for the inspiration).

Happy Friday, y'all!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I don't remember seeing pics of those flowers before and they are beautiful. I really want to read or listen to Spare but I am pretty sure it'll break my heart so I don't think I likely will. Hope those martinis are spectacular - cheers!

    1. Harry doesn't let the book get maudlin. He has too much anger for that but it's not, in the end, a real angry book. He is quite grateful for the new life that he and Meghan are making.

  2. not sure I would be *into* soybeans and brown rice...unless that secret sauce is something marvelous? Hmm.....I love veggie meals..and the ingredients of yours....but hmm..... Harry.....I have respect for Harry. He tells it as he sees it and I admire that.... and his decisions are entirely his....and seem well thought out. Your Brazilian Plume flower is beautiful!
    No earthquakes and no rattlers here today..... so I'm ok w/ today! LOL! Happy Martini Friday!
    Susan M

    1. It is absolutely the sauce that makes it but honestly, I like soybeans with brown rice and soy sauce. It's an old hippie taste I still love.
      I have respect for Harry too. He's not had an easy time of it and his life experiences up to when he left (or was he pushed out?) of the royalty did not prepare him in the least for "real life."
      So glad you've had no major scares!

  3. The flowers are lovely and so's Harry. I have great respect for his courage and work ethic. Happy to see him doing well despite relentless efforts, still going on, to destroy him and his marriage. He's risen above. So's Meghan. She's the real target now.

    I didn't know crocs could shrink! What the heck are they made of? Shrinky dinks?

    1. I have a lot of respect for Harry too. I think he inherited some good things from both his beloved Granny and his mother. And I think you're right about people wanting so badly for his marriage to fail. What is wrong with humans?
      I didn't know crocs could shrink either until mine did.

  4. That flower would definitely not grow around here. The trees are starting to turn already, even though fall is a month or more away.
    I would have no desire to be a royal or famous at all. Those people have no privacy, at all. Harry was only thirteen when he mum died, hounded to death. I'm damn sure it left an indelible mark on him, that along with the british stiff upper lip.

    1. It would probably have to be grown in a pot and brought in during the winter. I swear- your seasons go so fast. It was JUST winter there, wasn't it?
      Harry was not quite YET thirteen when his mother died and no one ever tried to help either he nor William with therapy. They'd already gone through the trauma of their parents's divorce which is enough to mess up a lot of people. He got a raw deal. So did William but he has handled his situation differently as brothers will do.

  5. - a fine human i reckon, just finished reading Spare, the last part is the best. I do believe that they are solid and I do believe that Camilla is the least desirable human to have ever worn a gown. Anyway, glad that Harry got out and that he has a good brain and a pretty great life now. Whew that was a cold rocky ride there in fancy land Britain.

    Good to know about crocs...if I ever own a pair i will remember not to set them out in the sun, like we ever have sun that intense up here!

    1. I like how Harry doesn't come right out and call anyone in his family a royal piece of shit but he leaves it so that you can see what he's really thinking. Camilla and Charle's media representative sounds like a horrible person and Camilla and Charles are horrible people for hiring him and then continuing to use him.
      In my opinion.
      Yeah. I don't think you'll ever have that Croc problem.

  6. The Flamingo flowers are beautiful and if I owned an empty field I would fill it with them. I haven't seen real crocs in the stores here for at least 15 years, there were imitations for a while but even those seem to have disappeared. I know I would never leave them out in the sun, since that means my front porch and they are likely to "walk away" from there.

    1. No one would steal my Crocs! Well, maybe the fancy flip flops but those are definitely never going outside. Odd that they don't sell them where you are anymore.

  7. I have never been a croc fan but I am almost tempted to buy a pair to see if I can make them shrink!

    1. I have discovered that you can "recover" your shrunken Crocs. Wish I'd known that before.

  8. Diana was a warm, empathetic woman and Harry has inherited those traits. She was treated abominably by the press and the royal “business machine”. The photos of those poor boys following their mother’s coffin are haunting. Support for the royals is declining with the generations and I am no supporter of them - they need to be slimmed down like their european counterparts but William and Kate seem well supported in some parts of the press - a good PR job being done I think. Christine UK

    1. I agree with you completely. And I think that part of the reason Diana was so unpopular with the royal family is that the people so obviously loved her in ways that they did not love the stick-up-the-ass rest of the family. I imagine Charles hated that.
      I will never forget the images of those two boys walking behind their mother's coffin. How incredibly horrifying and traumatizing that must have been.


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