Friday, January 27, 2023

This Is Ridiculous

What a day, what a day.

Woke up feeling about the same as I had two days ago as if my lovely day yesterday had never happened. 

What the hell? What the fucking hell?

And y'all- none of this is very bad. None of my symptoms are debilitating or incredibly painful. Just...bothersome. And it's also bothersome that I have the same symptoms as Jessie and the boys and I was definitely exposed and they have covid and yet, I seem not to. 
I took another Binax test and again- negative. So I decided to drive to Tallahassee and go to a testing center and get my nasal passages swabbed professionally for a PCR test. And I did. 
The whole situation reminded me a little of a cross between some dystopian movie set and the Wizard of Oz. It's all outside in a parking lot except that the nurse (and she was a nurse because she had a name badge on with that honorific) wearing a mask and a protective face shield and gloves was behind a window in a small portable building.  I was instructed by signs to have my ID and insurance in my hand, a mask on, and to not take photos or video. 
I complied. 
The nurse asked me some questions and put me in the system although I should have already been in the system having had tests in Monticello but whatever. After all of that was completed, she directed me to the other window where she met me again, this time more fully protected in a disposable gown and fresh (I assume) gloves. Then she swabbed my nasal passages quite aggressively to the point where I have to say that it passed the point of discomfort and went into the pain zone at which time I said, "Ow!" 
I felt like such a wussy. 
But that was that. I will get results in 24-72 hours. 
Now. If I do NOT have covid, then I have something that the boys had before they GOT covid and who knows what that was? 
And if I don't have covid I can go to Publix. But if I do have covid, I can hang out with Jessie and the boys. After my test I did go over there to drop off a few things but we visited outside and wore masks. Levon was still home but August had returned to school. Levon had a headache last night but he was fine today. They were about to go take a little walk around a pond in a park. 

And I came home. 

Look at Magnolia!

Lily said that last night at 8:00 the girl informed her that today was "Dress like a book character day". Of course. Why do children never remember these things until right before bed the night before? It must be encoded in their DNA. 
Anyway, they figured out that she could be Fancy Nancy and she had the right clothes but Lily stayed up late glittering the glasses and tiara. Isn't Maggie adorable? I know nothing about Fancy Nancy but she can't possibly be as Fancy as our Magnolia June. 

And I have done very little today. I probably pushed it all too hard yesterday in my state of bliss. Mr. Moon's mother always used to caution us to not rush things when we were sick because we might "go back on ourselves" meaning that we'd get re-sick. 
(That's a medical term- "re-sick".) 
I always think of that. 

Mr. Moon and I watched the first episode of a new series on Peacock last night called "Poker Face." I think we're going to like it. It has Natasha Lyonne as the main protagonist and I like her work although I could not finish her last series, "Russian Doll." It made me so anxious I had to stop watching it. Adrien Brody was in this episode of the new series and my god, I love that man's face. He has the best nose in Hollywood. I do love a good nose. 

And today I watched a documentary about Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman who procured and groomed young girls for Jeffry Epstein. Have I told you that she is now in prison in Tallahassee? There's a federal women's prison there and she is an inmate. I think I have mentioned this but I recently found out that she is now teaching etiquette classes there. 
This blows my mind. But hey- she did hang out with royalty from childhood. 
Just ask Prince Andrew. 

Here's the newest patch I'm working on. It's on the strap of the linen dress I love so much. 

It's an underwater scene. Can you tell? I love doing that silliness so much. 

And here's part of the prep I've done for supper. 

I am sure those peppers were grown in some completely controlled chemical solution somewhere but turned over, they will nicely cup the filling I'm going to make for them. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, yuck. It'll be interesting to see what PCR says. In any case, 'don't go back on yourself" (what a great phrase!). May you feel more chipper tomorrow.

    Chris from Boise

  2. My mom would say, "don't take a backset" meaning the same thing I'd guess. Whichever, it's a ticket to take it easy.

  3. Magnolia looks perfect in her role as Fancy Nancy.
    I wish they would test for viruses other than Covid as well. RSV is particularly nasty and the symptoms are similar.
    Regardless, take it easy and behave yourself.
    Those capsicums look perfect for a filling.

    1. Well, in this case I have almost zilch respiratory symptoms. But I know what you're saying.
      The peppers were delicious. Do y'all call them capsicums?

    2. yes we do and they are super easy to grow. Except in any garden I currently live in.

  4. It's never too late to examine any of your creations.

  5. Well, Fancy Nancy's Mermer, it sounds like the endless thing I had, now ok, now not ok, except I had less energy. Whatever it is, I hope you kick it soon.

    1. And I've had no coughing! But yes, endless. I am tired of this.

  6. Maggie makes a lovely Fancy Nancy and now I have to order that book for the twins.

    1. And it looks like a pretty easy book-character costume which could come in handy! If y'all do that sort of thing in your school.

  7. I'm glad you went and got that PCR test so that you can find out for real if you have Covid or not! And as for Maggie, she looks a treat, but you're right, they DO leave everything until you're just about to walk out the door, don't they!!!

  8. Your Maggie is adorable no matter the costume!
    And yes...I think it's a universal code that they wait until the eleventh hour for projects! lolol
    Yum, stuffed peppers!

    1. I am sure that yes, it's in the Children's Handbook. It must be!
      The stuffed peppers were very fine.

  9. Well, I guess it was good to get tested since as you said it will affect your abilities to go certain places and do certain things. Even if it IS Covid you should be feeling better soon. Fingers crossed!

    Maggie looks great as Fancy Nancy (whoever that is)! I remember doing that to my mom, too -- "Mom, our science project is due tomorrow. What should I make?" At 9 p.m.!

    I like your patch. And I haven't heard of "Poker Face" but I like Natasha Lyonne so I'll watch for it.

    1. One would think I'd be feeling better soon unless I'm dying or something.
      I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know who Fancy Nancy is.
      So. Did you do a science project? I bet your mother wanted to beat you. (Even the best mothers get overcome by these feelings sometimes and you just completely described one of them.)
      "Poker Face" is getting excellent reviews.

  10. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling good yesterday. Hope you are better today. Maggie makes a terrific Fancy Nancy!

  11. It sounds like you have caught what we - for lack of medical terms - call an again-again virus. Just when you think you're over it, it returns again and again before it finally lets go.
    And yes, why do childre always say things like Hey mom, I'm supposed to bring a gift / be dressed up / show and tell / bring a cake /... tomorrow, just when they are about to go to bed? This is a question for science to solve!
    Now you have me wanting stuffed peppers!

    1. Definitely an again-again virus. I like that description.
      ALL THOSE THINGS YOU MENTIONED THAT CHILDREN FORGET UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Do they believe their parents are magic? "Oh sure, honey. I can whip up two dozen cupcakes in ten minutes! No problem!"

  12. I do hope you're feeling better today. What a perfectly gorgeous Fancy Nancy! The glitter specs!

  13. Things are not good around here right now. Husband is sick. He did a covid test which came up negative but I don't know. I didn't think it was and I'm feeling fine but last night was kind of scary. Won't go to the clinic or hospital but says he's going to call his doctor on Monday (a name picked out of the ether when he signed up for medicare and medicare advantage who he has never ever seen, the man just does not go to doctors). He's just going to tell you to go to the hospital I told him. So I've been fluctuating between being pissed off and worried and scared. Sorry Mary, can't really write about it on the blog yet but I just had to get it off my chest.


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