Saturday, March 26, 2022



I took those this morning after I hung the clothes on the line. A day far too perfect to dry clothes in a machine. 

Today slid by faster than any day this past week. I honestly do not know where it went. After I did a few morning chores and did the crossword and ate my breakfast I started making potato salad for Gibson's party and then it was time to GO to Gibson's party and we were late, even though it wasn't set to begin until 2. 

We had all encouraged Lily to make this as easy on herself as she could and she did and it was a good party. Jessie and her boys were there, Mr. Moon and I were there, Hank was there. And that was it! May and Michael and Lauren had to work and Rachel wasn't feeling up to it and so it was just us. Lily put out bread and rolls and deli meat and cheeses and a veggie platter and chips and guacamole. I brought my potato salad, Jessie brought deviled eggs. It was perfect. The kids got to play and enjoy the incredibly beautiful day and oak tassels fell on us as we ate, along with caterpillars which there are thousands of right now. 

There's one on my laundry. Lord knows how many I brought in with the clothes. 

But we are used to oak tassels and caterpillars and remove both from our hair and clothing and arms, one as casually as the other. Here are some Florida boys. 

Lily took this one. 

Gibson is holding his gift certificate from Uncle Hank and Aunt Rachel for a visit to a comic book store and a supper out together. I think he will like that. 
I'm not sure how he felt about the puzzle I gave him. Hopefully, one of these days he'll be bored and decide to put it together and then do the riddles to give him the clues to do the escape room stuff with it. 

Here are Boppy and Jessie and Maggie and Levon eating their lunch. 

A boy blows out the candles on his cake. 

Which his mama made for him. It's a Mario cake. It was delicious. 

It was absolutely a sweet party and when Mr. Moon and I left the kids were having ALL the fun. 

They were playing video games which they had been promised earlier in the afternoon. 

I don't think anyone could have asked for more. 

Mr. Moon and I drove home in the late afternoon glory. The clothes are off the line, folded and put away, there's pastry dough in the refrigerator waiting to be rolled out for a broccoli quiche. The broccoli has just been cut, the eggs have just been laid. 

Before we ate the cake, Gibson came up to me and hugged me and said, "I'm going to be sad when you go home."
"Why, baby?" I asked him. 
"Because I love you so much," he said. 
He is the sweetest. He is just the sweetest. 

Maggie's parting words to me were, "What do you say about the little egg carton I gave you?" She had filled up a miniature egg carton with carefully selected candies for us. 

Although of course I had already thanked her, I told her, "Thank you, darling. That was so sweet."
Satisfied, she nodded her head and went back to her video game. 

Manners, y'all. We all need them. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a great group of kids. So lucky to grow up in such a family group. Thanks for taking us to the party.

    1. All of those kids know they're loved. And I love how the little boys just adore the big ones. I think they're a little afraid of Maggie though. Haha!

  2. August and Levon in a bear hug--priceless. What a happy birthday day.

    1. I believe that they view Owen as the coolest guy in the room. Always. And he is so sweet with them.

  3. A lovely celebration and good memories for those kids!

  4. "Because I love you so much" .. 😭😭😭😭

  5. Manners! Yes, we do all need them. I was rude today, pretending to not be home when my neighbour knocked on my door.
    The birthday went very well from my point of view, the cake looks fabulous and what better way to finish than with video games? Happy Birthday Gibson.

    1. Every home owner has the right to not answer a door. Period. The end.
      Wasn't that a fun cake? Lily is so good at that.

  6. Your photos are just adorable - especially all those kiddos together! Happy birthday Gibson!

  7. I can never remember who is older, Levon or August, but you can already see what he what look like as a grown man in the photo.

    Happy birthday Gibson and no, I'm not at all envious of your lovely weather, not at all. Sigh.

    It's supposed to snow again today.

    1. August is older. He's taller but Levon is a bit sturdier built.
      I can't believe you're still getting snow. Well, I guess I can but poor you!

  8. Another successful celebration!
    That is an awesome video game couch they are sitting on! My kids would have loved that!

  9. Ha! I love that Maggie is reminding YOU about manners! Looks like a fun day all around. I can't believe how big all the kids are getting!

    1. Magnolia is the boss of us all.
      You would not believe how tall Owen is. Taller than me for sure now. They're not babies anymore!

  10. How is Gibson 10 already?? I remember the day he was born! Cousins are the most wonderful birthday party mates of all. Easy and true.


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