Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Workin' Men

Jessie's brakes have been making alarming noises so she brought her car out today for the Daddy Mechanic to take a look at the situation. He had two helpers. The sound of the air wrench (is that what it is?) was a little much for the boys but they were undeterred in their enthusiasm. 

At one point, August was literally hanging off the end of the jack, trying to get the car off the ground and really, Boppy only had to help a little bit. 

Those boys just love doing Boppy things with Boppy. And I am pretty sure that he loves it too. 

The next project on the agenda was more work on the fence. Cement had to be mixed to set a post in. 

Mama got involved too. 

While all of this was going on the chickens, led by Liberace, walked past us on the sidewalk to go and scratch in the little patch of wildness between our yard and the church's yard next door. Also, Maurice, who seemed to be loathe to let us out of her sight today, sat and watched as I pulled some of the dang invasive paper plants already coming back up. 

As you can see, the also-invasive crocosmia are coming up too. I'm not even going to worry about them at the moment. 

Besides doing outside work with their grandfather, they also deigned to let me read them some books. And I had so much fun playing "Go Fish" with Owen and Gibson and Maggie the other day that I suggested we try a round of that. Levon isn't quite old enough but August was extremely enthusiastic and he beat me, of course. Levon "helped" me although once it was clear that his brother had won, he announced that no, he was actually on August's team. 
I tried to define the word "turncoat" for them with its derivation but they didn't care. 

So it was a very fine day hanging out with those boys and their mother. I actually learned a few things about lug nuts and cement-making that I did not know. I do not plan to ever use that knowledge, but if I had to, it'll come in handy. 

Tonight's air frying experiment will be egg rolls. I always make my own and bake them in the oven but tonight we'll see if they come out crispier in the air fryer. Last night's wings were a big hit and I'm pretty sure I'll be making them again at some point. 
Obviously, I have a new toy. 

No deep thoughts tonight. All of the kids are going back to school tomorrow and of course we're all worried here about Omicron. Seems like everyone has it now. Jessie's going to go back to work at the hospital starting next week and they have something like 150 employees out. I honestly think we're all going to get this variant and perhaps, this will be like back burning which is what it's called when fire fighters start another, controlled fire to reduce the fuel for a prescribed burn or a wildfire. 
Said Pollyanna.
We shall see. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. funny, the term *back burning* came up with my lunch with dear friend yesterday. She's in the med. field too..... yep- numbers here quadrupled over past 3 days (Christmas incubation period for us medicals)...... it *is* a tenuous time, especially for the little ones going back to school. I think we all just delve into it as best as we can. Your day sounds lovely and both those boys are going to be so *handy* as they mature! I spent the balmy (62 degrees with all windows and doors open and 3 layers of clothes) day making a soup of *anything that is marginal*... started with a 1 1/2 yr. old pack. of ground bison in the freezer.....and went from there.....chopping up anything in sight that was on the edge in fridge and then made cornbread. It will be an interesting soup, but good, I hope! Let us all stay well and as safe and happy as we can be. We have each other and lots of love.....that's a good start!
    Susan M

  2. You're definitely having as much fun with the air fryer as those men mixing cement. Which I also fancy trying.

  3. I bet your eggrolls will be the best ever!

  4. I have a new air fryer too, and so far I like it although I haven't made anything nearly as good as wings or egg rolls. Yum!!

    I like your back burn analogy. I've read that some research is showing that Omicron does not affect the lungs the way Delta does. We all did testing before our holiday gathering this year, but I'll see if that actually worked. At this point I think it might be good to get Omicron and get it over with. But maybe it would be better to wait until the hospitals aren't so overloaded.

  5. At the doctor's today I was asked if I've been exposed to Covid in the last week. I had to answer yes. She moved to the next, unrelated question. Covid is just a fact now.

  6. Those boys are going to grow up to be SOOOOO handy! Lucky them!

  7. I've said the same thing to Dave -- we're all bound to get Covid sooner or later. We just have to hope our vaccines hold off the worst of it.

    I remember going with my dad to a shop that sold water pumps when I was very small, and there was some machine in the shop that was SO LOUD! It freaked me out and I still remember the fear. That picture reminded me of it, though August and Levon don't look scared at all.

  8. Gosh, your husband knows how to do everything. Those boys will grow up to be like him, I bet - able to fix stuff. Stay healthy!

  9. You bake your egg rolls?! Do you turn them halfway? That would be so much easier than frying them. I may have to investigate an air fryer.

    This is what I meant when I wrote covid is becoming endemic. A highly contagious but less severe form that can settle in. It has evolved itself to stay around because killing off its hosts doesn't bode well for survival. Omicron stays in the nose and throat, doesn't get in your lungs (mostly). We'll be getting our annual covid shot along with the flu shot.

  10. Memories in the making. I wonder if you and Boppy know how much you are enriching your grandchildren's lives? I see it with my own kids, how much the time spend with their grandparents grounded and still nourishes them. Kudos, you two.


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