Friday, December 17, 2021


The recipe I use for fruitcake is Mrs. Harvey's White Fruitcake. 

Google it. It's exactly the same recipe as the one I have on an index card in my recipe file. 



  1. That recipe actually looks tasty. Who knew fruitcake could taste good?

  2. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I teared up when I saw your fruitcake. What IS wrong with me? The world is so weird, and you are so not weird, I think.

  3. I immediately went googling - I'll have to try it. On one site that had it was this comment, which I may try to.
    I am a Tampa native from an old Cracker family . I grew up with a friend who took care of Mrs Harvey during a couple of her last years. This is the only fruitcake I’ll eat. In fact, we used this recipe for the groom’s cake at our wedding. The original receipe suggested wrapping the finished cake in a cloth slightly dampend with apricot brandy and placing in a cake tin. Take it out once a week (make it around Thanksgiving for Christmas) and re-dampen the cloth with brandy.


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