Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve Day

Well, dear Lord, it's been the busiest Christmas Eve day I can remember. Lily brought her babies over at nine and the first thing that happened is they all wanted breakfast. So I made two egg-in-a-hole breakfasts, one cheese toast breakfast, and one scrambled eggs and toast breakfast. All were enjoyed except for Maggie's which was the scrambled eggs, because she said they didn't smell right. Since we'd just gathered them ten minutes before I cooked them I really don't think there was a problem with them but she decided she'd eat a graham cracker for breakfast and she did. 

The picture you see above is Boppy and Owen moving the garage refrigerator into the house where it now sits in the hallway. Hurray, hurray! I don't have to walk out to the garage to get a yogurt. Of course this all involved cleaning out the old and newer refrigerators, and transferring all of my teetering-on-going-bad food into the hallway refrigerator.

And nothing says Christmas cheer like a refrigerator in the hallway. Am I right? 

There was cookie decorating. 

There was Maggie taking care of her child, Lena, aka Zippy. 

There was bed-making and laundry-doing and sitting on the porch swing telling Christmas stories. Maggie did most of the telling. Almost all of her stories ended with a bad child not getting any presents from Santa. Even Ariel! (The mermaid.) She finally said, "I need to stop telling stories about people not getting Christmas presents or Santa is not going to be bringing me that microphone I want!"
That child is such a hoot. 
Whenever I compliment her on something she says, "I know. I've been practicing." 

At one point we were all sitting in the Glen Den with Boppy and Gibson said, "This is like a dream!" 
"What's like a dream?" I asked him. 
"Us all being together like this!" he said. 
Oh my heart. He is the sweetest child. 

And Owen was so much help for his grandfather today. I am so proud of him. He's getting taller by the second. Remember a few weeks ago when I reported that he is finally taller than I am? Well today I discovered I can rest my head on his shoulder. 

So all of that was beautiful and when they left I finished cleaning refrigerators and also finished Maggie's nightgown and no, I have not wrapped anything except for Mr. Moon's present. And get this- he went to town to get Owen a toolbox and tools for his present and he bought himself a pair of AirPods because his are on the downhill slide and damn if that isn't what I bought him. 

Yes. We are the old people in "Pickles" now. 

Anyway, la-di-dah. 

It's Christmas Eve. It's Friday. Mr. Moon is making us a martini as we speak. Before we go to Lily's tomorrow I have to wrap presents, bake a ham, pick and cook greens and...oh, I don't know. Finish the laundry. 
It's okay. It is all okay even though Hank and Rachel have colds and we're all going to test tomorrow for Covid before we gather together because Vergil's family is coming to visit soon and we do NOT want to give them any horrible Florida variant that we may have picked up inadvertently. Rachel got the cold first in their house and did get tested and was negative so I assume they both will be but they don't want to spread a cold either so...
Once again, things may be different. 

I've spent time with all of my grandchildren this week, I am not feeling as if I want to spend Christmas day drinking and sobbing, I am proud of my family for facing challenges bravely and head-on, and I just feel so very, very lucky. 
Mr. Moon and I just toasted each other, and then we kissed. 
I love that man. And in that, in him and his love, I believe I am luckiest of all. 

Happy Friday, y'all. And oh hell- why not? Merry Fucking Christmas. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm amazed you made time to post today. Unbelievable amount of action chez Moon today. Merry Everything to all of you!

  2. Merry Christmas! I love reading about your family.


  3. Merry f*ing Christmas to you too Ms Moon and all your beautiful family. Thank you for your posts through out the year x

  4. Well Mary you are precious to me and although l can't post much due to eyes hands and so on l read every day. All l have from across the Pond is Balls to Christmas but l hope yours is fabulous with your amazing family. l wish you and yours all that is good.
    I want you to know that your blog sustains me through hard and difficult times, Your family is glorious and l wonder if what you call egg in the hole is what we call a Gas House Egg this side of that dratted pond that separates us. Mushy peas actually rock, Not in a Keith Richards way but there it is. Loads of love to you and yours Maggi ❤

  5. What a busy and congenial two days you’ve had with all your most precious people. It’s beautiful to follow along. Life happening in its most natural and loving way. Your family is inspiring. Merry Christmas Moons!

  6. Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas! Everyday is a happy day when the Moon family gathers!! :)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry effing Christmas Ms Moon. I love you and your years of blogging and your amazing family.

  8. Yep, Merry Fucking Christmas. As good a day as any to gather with the clan.

  9. Sounds like a great day, and I hope today (Xmas) is going great too. I'm laughing at the refrigerator in the hall. Is it going to stay there, or is that just a temporary place?

  10. What a lovely way to spend the day, surrounded by family whom you love so much. I think I caught covid from Katie. My husband is sick and so I Jack. It's been a quiet day. Maybe I'll cook the turkey next weekend:)

    Merry Christmas Mary:)

  11. You have the sweetest grandchildren. That Gibson quote says it all really. Merry Christmas Ms Moon!

  12. Hurrah for a good day today, tomorrow and many more to come.

  13. How does Mr M not know there are no self-presents in December!?

  14. Merry belated Christmas to you.
    My Grandma taught me not to use eggs the day they were laid because they had a funny smell to some people - It seems that Maggie and I are some people ;)


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