Thursday, July 30, 2020

Maurice The Nurse, Plus Other Things

So, as you can see, I got a package from Fed Ex this afternoon. 

 And that is the coconut cake that Mr. Moon made for me. Is it not glorious? It tastes even better than it looks, believe it or not. 

You know what else is glorious? 
I mean, seriously. 
Also, being able to post pictures. 

I'm sort of half-assing it here because I haven't had all my familiars transferred from my old MacBook to this one but I've figured out enough to check my email and Facebook and other blogs and okay, yeah, go to Youtube and watch one of my favorite videos of all times which I may repost here for your viewing pleasure even though I've posted it, uh, several times before. I say "may" because suddenly I've been thrown into new Blogger and I'm just trying to figure that out. So far, sorta good. 

So. Last night was rather extraordinary and no, it wasn't the drugs because I only took Ibuprofen. But Maurice slept with me all night long which isn't that odd because The Chair is her territory as I may have said before. But she was so attentive. It seemed to me that she sat closest to where my pain was and she spent a lot of time grooming my hand, licking it until I thought she'd sandpaper the skin off. That could have been annoying but it was more comforting to me. Another thing she did was when I was doing a little deep breathing because I had a small muscle spasm (I guess) she got right up in my face, put her mouth on my chin and held it there until I quit breathing like that. It was like she was not having that at all. I quit with the Lamaze breathing and she settled back down. And then, another time I stirred and woke up and she immediately got up and again got in my face and this time she kissed me on the lips. Which she has done before but not for a very long time. Right on the lips. 
Cat lips are quite thin. Have you ever noticed that? 
So she was my comfort all night long, my nurse cat. This scrappy, scabbed-up slip of a cat whom Maggie calls "Scratch" because she'll scratch a human as fast as she'll go for a flea, took care of one of her humans and it was so nice to feel her caring in the darkness. 

And hey- she might not have cared a bit about me. She might have just been- I don't know- what? Restless and being bossy? Whatever, I appreciated her and when I woke up this morning I felt much better. 
In fact, it's been almost miraculous how much better I've felt both in body and in spirit, especially as the day has progressed. And I'm sure that getting this new beautiful toy and tool has helped tremendously. 
I always love opening an Apple product. The wrappings are as elegant as the machine itself. Works of art in their own way. Once you get it out of the Fed Ex box there are definitely no cutting tools required. A tab here slips off a protective sleeve. The box it's in has a place for each component to nestle perfectly. 
Beautiful engineering of the simplest sort. 
And then, you lift the cover and there you go- the Apple appears, the MacBook awakes, and in a few seconds you are led through the setting-up process. 

Now. Let me admit right here that I had to call tech support. I could not get the trackpad to respond to my taps. Just couldn't do it. I got stuck on the page where I had to select my country. And I was frustrated. So I called the number and got put on hold, of course, but finally someone named Shaun or Shawn or whatever answered and he was a jewel and I told him that yes, I was old, and also that I'd been using Macs since the Performa which was the worst Mac ever made, I'm sure, and he didn't even laugh at me and he didn't laugh when I had to give him my e-mail address which is at aol and he assured me that he still gets people who have hotmail. 
And here's what the problem was and he didn't laugh at me when I figured it out- I was not tapping on the trackpad properly. You can change how you want your trackpad to respond and to what sort of touch and the way it comes from the factory is quite different than the way I'd had my old one set up. It wanted a mash-in-the-middle rather than a quick tap. 
So once I figured that out all went swimmingly and here I am. 
I wasn't even that embarrassed. I mean- I was just so happy to get it up and working. 
There are so many new features on this thing and of course I don't have a clue about most of them and will never USE most of them but we are so fixated on bigger and better, aren't we? 

I asked the tech where in the country he was and he told me California. I asked him how things were there and he went into a very long speech about wearing masks and staying home. As in- why isn't everyone doing those things? I wanted to say, "You're preaching to the choir here, boy!" but I just told him that being from Florida I felt his pain. 
And I do. 
I see that Herman Cain has died from Covid and was diagnosed less than two weeks after attending Trump's Tulsa rally. He had tweeted that masks would not be required at the July 4th Mount Rushmore event, going so far as to say, "People are fed up!"

And I also see that Trump is testing the waters on the idea that the election should be postponed. 
Well, we knew that would happen. 

I haven't listened to Obama's eulogy for John Lewis but I will. We were so incredibly fortunate to have that man as our president for two terms. It seems like a dream now, doesn't it? As this year just gets harder and weirder and more fucked up, it's almost impossible to believe that less than four years ago things were so completely different. 

All right. I've written too much already. And I've hit a wall and need to go crawl back into my nest. 
Here's another picture. 

See those beautiful cocoa-dark eggs? And the little greenish one in front? It's hard to tell but it's quite small. It's not unusual at all for a hen to lay smaller eggs at first. 
Which I am quite certain the young ladies appreciate. As best they can, anyway. 


See you tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. There is nothing about this video I do not love. 


  1. your writing, although always wonderful, is flowing so much more easily on your new Mac! I'm so happy you got it! One thing that makes life easier, at least. the cake, the most divine and perfect cake- I swoon just looking at it. Maurice knows... cats know....bless her for keeping you company. I watched Obamas eulogy of John Lewis today..... I could listen to that man forever. Tears.....and....well......hope for a better man in office than what we have now. Glad your day is a better one today.....SO glad
    Susan M

  2. Too much loveliness in this post. Beautiful cake, eggs, Maurice and computer, and eggs, and I said that. May this book last as long as the last. Nice to read wide columns again, to great music.

  3. Maurice is showering you with feline affection! My Lukas does the same. I hope you will enjoy the new MacBook.

  4. Seems the most stuck up cats are the most tender when needed. Glad you have that cat! Glad that the delivery man finally dropped off your Apple, and you are so right about their packaging! A work of art, it is thrilling to open them, like they actually thought "I wonder if Mary would like this little bit tucked nicely in the other little bit- bet she would- let's do it".

  5. Glad you had your therapy cat with you last night and glad you're feeling better. Your blog is not the same without your photos:)

  6. How wonderful... a new gift via FedEx and a gift from an "old friend" (aka: your kitty). We take the gifts where we can get them, don't we. As far as politics, I ain't touchin' that one. That subject... plus the virus subject... plus the riot subject... all caused me to leave Facebook for good several weeks ago. And I've never looked back, from my peaceful place without it. So glad to hear you're feeling better. Love, Andrea xoxo

  7. Yes. I have noticed that cats have thin lips. Personally, I am glad about this as I think they would look really weird with big rubber lips - like Mick Jagger. Glad to hear that your new best friend finally arrived courtesy of FedEx.

  8. I'm so glad your computer arrived and you are able to once again fully join us in blogland, complete with visual elements. :)

    I'm sure Maurice knows something is not right with you and is concerned. It may be motivated by selfishness ("She's my meal ticket!") but who knows? Animals are so intuitive and much smarter than we give them credit for being.

    Glad your tech support outing went so smoothly. How often can anyone say that?!

  9. Oh so good to read that things are improving all around. That cat is a healer, no doubt. We once had a cat who would lick my daughter's tears away - and I swear it was not for the salt content.

  10. that is a beautiful cake and yay for the new macbook. I think we got our first mac in 1984, been using them ever since.

    my cat stayed by my side all day and all night for the first week when I got snakebit. after the first week I could get up and move around so life was more normal. but she never once kissed me.

  11. After having three lousy things happen, you've just had three+ good things: 1) that cake--bravo Mr Moon; 2) your mac arrived; and 3) you have Nurse Maurice (and not Nurse Ratched). :)

  12. Cats are excellent nurses. Mine were always there for me. When Handsome Partner became quadriplegic, one cat assigned herself to him, the other to me to make me take naps with him. They're gifts.

    And what a great post. You sound happier to be reunited with a Mac, even if the track pad is baffling.

    Pictures are great!

  13. Gosh what a difference 24 hours makes huh? Well, that and a new MacBook. I'm glad you're feeling a little better.

  14. It is so good to be here. I felt as if we were sitting in the garden catching up on your marvelous day. And pictures! You paint pictures with words so vividly as well. Love.


  16. Those eggs are absolutely beautiful. I don't think people appreciate how perfect eggs are, most of the time. Such a simple beautiful shape, and the colours are so subtle. So glad to see your picture.


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