Thursday, September 29, 2016

So. Things Happen

Well, August's birthday party has been postponed until Saturday.
Lord, y'all. It's been a day.
Jessie and August and I had big fun shopping for the doin's we were going to have tonight but then Owen had a weird spell on the bus coming home from school and he had to go to the ER and Boppy and I babysat for Maggie and Gibson and thus, the party will be on Saturday.

My Owen boy, my heart, my love, has checked out fine and I got to see him and give him about a thousand kisses and he is looking upon it all as a grand adventure at this point. He is home now in his pajamas, I am sure (he puts his pajamas on as soon as he gets home no matter where he's been) and I'm also sure that his brother and sister are glad to see him. Maggie has the snot-nose again and a cough and DAMMIT KIDS, CAN'T YOU JUST STAY WELL?

So. Not the day or evening we were expecting but, as we all know, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans and to tell you the truth, August's reaction when he first saw me at Costco was enough to thrill me for an entire first birthday celebration. He joyfully bounced up and down in his seat and pointed at me and I swear (I am not making this up) he said, "Mer!"
Plus, I already gave him the giant kangaroo mama and her joey that we were going to give him tonight so my job, essentially, is done.

Mer's having a vodka tonic now and will be going to bed soon.

May all be well and may all be well and may all be very, very well.
And we shall celebrate August on Saturday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. All will be well.
    All will be well.
    All is well.

  2. Yikes! Talk about unexpected twists and turns. I'm glad Owen checked out OK. August is growing so fast, isn't he? Talking already!

  3. sounds like an average day. one minute you are just going long and the next you are getting checked out in the ER or getting stitches.

  4. Poor Owen! What was it? I don't like that it happened on the bus, scary :( I'm glad he's all ok.
    I love vodka tonic.

    The kangaroo sound great xx


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