Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hurricane Lily Time

Gray and muggy and the mosquitoes still swarming and I have to use the nasty spray and that doesn't really keep them away completely and a whole bunch of chicken feed has gone moldy and I open the plastic garbage can we keep the fresh feed in and there are approximately four thousand roaches in it and the nests need cleaning out and also, there is cat puke in my kitchen.

All right. There is still cat puke in my kitchen but now it's in the trash instead of on the floor.

This is progress.

Yes. Yes it is.


  1. Cockroaches?! Cockroaches?!
    What on earth are you going to do with that can?

    This will be exciting now to see what the rest of your day can surprise you with.

    1. I will do nothing with those roaches. There's really nothing to be done except to close the lid and give them their privacy.

  2. Do chickens eat cockroaches? I had buggy feed once, yuck. They said at the feed store there was nothing to be done, just happens sometimes, but the owner was aghast and wanted to replace it. Well the chickens had already eaten it.

  3. Bleh. I could never attain a sterile life, but I do see why some people feel moved to try.

  4. Sounds like a challenging day shaping up. I have a thing about bugs in food. Mine or anyone else's, including animals' food. Can't help it! And I'm well acquainted with cat puke in the kitchen as well as in all the other rooms in this house. It's on par with bugs in food. We do what we must, but we don't have to like it!


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