Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Diet, Exercise, Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. Plus- Other Stuff

Remember before Hermine hit and I was trying to eat all healthy and shit?
Boy. Those were the days.
So funny how little it takes to introduce chips and cheese back into my diet. Hysterical! Simply hysterical! Oh yeah.
And let's see- how long has it been since that storm? Weeks. And weeks.
But hey- Mr. Moon went out of town and so of course I had to eat a chicken pot pie because...well. Because.
And swiss cheese because he doesn't like swiss cheese and so when he's gone I can freely eat swiss cheese. Goddammit! Right?
And my walks? Hard to walk in a hurricane.
Which lasted one day.
But then...the mosquitoes! The heat! The...fuck if I know.

And you know, I didn't really eat that badly while he was gone. Many mornings I got up and made myself my own personal mason jar smoothie with fruit. And I put spinach in just about everything I cooked. And I ate salads when I went out.
Of course the salads I ate were so laden with delicious not-entirely-vegetable ingredients that I might as well have eaten hamburgers and curly fries.
Let's be honest.

Why is it so fucking hard and why do I even care any more?
Two more questions I don't have the answers to. But it is and I do.

Can I tell you that when we went to Sephora yesterday for Lily's birthday shopping fun, not one employee even asked me if I needed any help? And some of those employees were approaching my age range so we can't blame it on callow youth. Obviously, I am beyond the sort of help that Sephora can offer, even with their wide selection of beautifying and anti-aging products.

Ah well. (She said.)

So good morning and let me make one thing clear- I was not saying in yesterday's post that I am thinking about quitting writing here on the blog. I'm not sure I could if I wanted to but what I was saying is that my writing has become something that I am not very proud of.
And wondering how to make it better.
Let's make Ms. Moon great again!

Anyway, I took a walk this morning, feeling every ounce of my extra weight and that's the thing- the bigger you are, the harder it is to exercise which means you exercise less and then you are bigger. But here we are and I can still walk and for that I am grateful. It's harder every day and hurts more every day but I am not feeling overly stressed or depressed, simply facing the reality of it all.
The colors of fall around here are gold and purples and if nothing else, getting out and seeing them is sweet and a reward in and of itself.

It is supposed to get cooler this week and into the weekend, dipping down into the lower sixties at night at least, and that will be another sweetness.

So. I just watched a video which for some odd and baffling reason seems to me to be the perfect antidote to the current political bullshit which I can't seem to pull my head out of.

It made me cry. The fierceness, the feeling, the meaning, the strength of people moving together in an ancient and proscribed way. Watch it if you want. Don't if you don't. Could just be me and my particular brand of crazy it touched.

And hey- it's Billy's birthday.
Talk about fierce.

Wax on. Wax off.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I did see that before, and I loved how emotional the couple were about it. It seems an odd thing to have at a wedding, though, in a way, as the meaning is 'we're coming to invade you and eat you, be afraid,' right? Hmm.

    The writing comes and goes, I think it's waves. Probably not much point fighting it. Other than doing the sit-down-for-two-hours-everyday, come what may, thing to discipline your brain.

    What if you've an underactive thyroid?

    You can measure it yourself first by taking your temperature, before you consider going for tests. But if you did go for tests, you have to make sure they test all the hormones, not just two, as a lot of people slip under the net.

    I have filled myself with carby crap today. Terribleness. And being thinner is so pleasant... but I am struggling to care enough to do stuff about it too. I do hear you. And I don't even have mosquitoes to blame.

    1. Oh, I know that my temperature is and always has been well below 98.6. This is just who I am.

    2. I too have low temp thyroid distinction. Struggling more than ever to lose weight Hear ya on why do we still care. But l do and it makes me miserable but just can't seem to get it together in my 60s Seem to have returned to a Fuck it Bollocks to it sulky teen! Maggi xxx

  2. That video. Wow. What moves me about it it the community, fierce around them. Happy birthday Billy!

    1. YES! The community! I love it so.
      And you would love Billy so. I know that. It's a fact.

  3. Birthday greetings to Billy and yes that video has made me cry too. The goldenrod and wild asters are ruling the landscape at the moment and the trees have started turning. A few have just gone ahead and dumped all their leaves early, done with all that crap already!

    1. It's funny- we don't have the leaf change here like they do in the northern climes but we do indeed have subtle changes in air, temperature, light and color.

  4. That video was amazing. I ended up watching it 3 times then other videos about the culture that came afterwards. I want to go there and know more about this.

    As for you, Mary. I know. Thank you for telling us about it. And you have always been great. xo

    1. Oh, Birdie. I love you so. Did you ever see the movie "The Whale Rider"? If not, you need to see it NOW!

  5. I often watch haka videos for hours. I can't explain it. They are just so powerful and emotional and electrifying. This wedding one is my absolute favorite. I will probably watch it at least 6 times before I am able to move on, Yes, I have a touch of the crazy also. Going to New Zealand and witnessing a haka in person is high on my bucket list.
    I am always here reading and loving your writing, although not often commenting. I adore you and your ability to show and share all your humanness. Long may you continue!! Amen. I am wishing you peace in your heart and mind today.
    love, Angie D

  6. I love the Haka! it loses some of it's impact though in shirts, pants, and ties. and no I didn't think you were thinking about quitting the blog. as for exercise, I go to yoga class twice a week mostly without fail but I have gotten off my home practice and only manage one or two other days at home. need to get back to doing some every day.

    1. I think the shirts and ties made it even more powerful for me. The fact that some things change, but truths remain true.
      Yoga. Yes. I should.

  7. Yes, it also made me cry. I don't know why exactly. Perhaps it's the fierce faces, the community, the love in the room.

    I like Ellen's suggestion about yoga. I practice...somewhat willy nilly, but in my own way. It keeps my joints oiled and helps to settle my mind. Have you ever taken a class? Some good ones on YouTube. Take what you need and leave the rest. Your words are wonderful Mary. I enjoy your blog. X

    1. All of that- that's what makes us cry, I think.
      I took yoga for years. Unfortunately, my teacher was a bit, um, Catholic. And it was good for me and I enjoyed it and I was a bit more flexible but honestly, I was as crazy and in as much pain as I've ever been. Still, I know it would be a good thing to do. I am incorporating stretches into my routine.

  8. I just don't know what I think about the video. It sort of scared me.


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