Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Hints

No worries on Christmas shopping. I think that you can actually order things online and they will get to you the day before you ordered them. I'm pretty sure they've figured out how to do that. In which case, we have plenty of time to get it all done.

Be sure to pay extra for the requisite time-travel fee AND gift-wrapping.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. ha! i'm going to do just this.

  2. I hit Amazon again this morning. Two day free shipping with Prime. I am a happy fellow. Had to get some mini spoons for the hand scrub stuff we made. LOL.

  3. Some are waiting until tomorrow is over, in case it all ends.

  4. I'm with Elizabeth. Just hedging my bets if we all go down the drain. In Seattle, we're gonna float away on oceans of rain.

    XX Beth

  5. Angella- I'm pretty sure it's a thing. The extra charges are sort of steep but what they are so worth it.

    heartinhand- Not at that time of the morning. I assure you.

    Syd- Well of course. You MUST have mini spoons to go with homemade hand scrub.

    Elizabeth- I just can't believe that a comet would be able to hit the earth tomorrow without NASA knowing about it. I mean, I've been sort of hoping...But, no.

    Beth- I got home this afternoon to find water standing in my yard. It's raining all over the world, apparently.


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