Monday, December 17, 2012

He Can Turn The World On With His Smile

Here's the short story, the one which is the important one for me today:

I spent the day with those two people.

It was lovely.

I am so goddamn lucky.

Anything else I could say would simply be ridiculous.


  1. I want to kiss that Gibson Monroe (my namesake) all over his cheeks! Sweet boy.

    Glad you had a very good day.

  2. This picture made me smile and smile. Your Lily and your Gibson are radiant suns.

  3. They really are the definition of radiant, those two. I see Owen as far more contemplative and sturdy -- at least in the photos that you've shown us.

  4. Mom I had a lovely time with you! I am so glad we spent the day together. And I am so excited about Christmas! Love you!

  5. Can I be Gibson's honorary grandma? please??

  6. That is a grrreat picture!

    Man, your camera makes even Cabos look good. That's impressive! Or did they paint recently? ha!

  7. You are rained down upon indeed with blessings Ms Moon. I love this picture. Thanks for sharing this sweet joy.

    Miss you dear. Love you so.


    xo xo

  8. Mr. Downtown- It is his own beautiful face, isn't it?

    Nichol- It was an awesome day.

    SJ- He loves kisses. He leans in for more.

    Angella- Aren't they? Is there anything better than happy children and grandchildren? I don't think so.

    Gradydoctor- What's not to love there?

    Elizabeth- It's so hard to get a good picture of Owen these days. As I've said, he just does not want me to take his picture.

    Lily- I had a wonderful time too. I hope Gibson doesn't outgrow those boots before Christmas.

    Beth- I just asked him if he would be your boyfriend and he said yes! But sure, I'll let you be his honorary grandma too.

    Ms. Fleur- Cabos was looking good. That picture was taken with my iPhone. Thanks, Steve Jobs!

    Bugerlugs- Aren't they?

    L and L- I truly am. And I miss you too. Bad.

  9. He is delicious, but I don't have to tell you that.

  10. Gibson just looks so happy. He is still wise but in a happy way.


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