Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am having the quietest, simplest day. It has been lovely. I took a walk and picked some hurricane lilies that were growing in front of an old, abandoned house. I brought them home and put them in my favorite vase along with some tea olive which is blooming right now. I tried valiantly to take a picture of the whole arrangement, but none of the photos appealed to me in the least. It was like trying to capture the essence of the fragrance of the tea olive which is, I am afraid, impossible.
But I did get a picture of the tea olive bloom which I liked and there it is. That entire cluster is no bigger around than a quarter- such is the bloom of the tea olive. And yet, it's fragrance is so powerful that you can smell it from yards away. It does not require huge, gaudiness to release a scent, only these tiny blossoms, so small that you can quite literally smell them before you see them.
It is the perfect scent for today. It does not overpower, it wends its way to the nose and then to the brain and then to the face where you find you are smiling.

I am smiling. It is a quiet, peaceful day. The tea olive is the loudest thing in my world right now although the hurricane lily does indeed explode like a delicate firework in the afternoon light and I am as content as I could possibly be with just that vase of fragrance and color and beckoning stamens of love dust.


  1. 'beckoning stamens of love dust' is wonderful.

  2. What Jo said! Now you've given me the vapors.

    Word verification: opeeme


  3. lovely! and I enjoy the maidenhair fern hugging those beautiful eggs.

  4. So pretty! They're almost like outer-space flowers.

  5. Very lovely. I'm so jealous as I'm down to a few straggling hedge roses, cosmos and the sedum. Fall chill is in the air, and I'm never ready. I should plant mums like the neighbors, but they like to die on me every year. We have nothing remotely exotic or stunning like your flowers here in the middle. So thanks for sharing yours with us. I think the photos up close are probably better than the whole arrangement. Glad you had a nice walk and a nice day.
    And when will they invent the smell-0-matic camera??

  6. What Jo said...those flowers are gorgeous. I don't think I've ever heard of a tea olive but they sound delightful!

  7. Glad you are slowing down a bit and enjoying the hurricane lilies and stopping to smell the tea Olives.


  8. Beautiful pictures of life... how wonderful it is to be content with the simplest and yet fabulous things in life. Enjoyed reading about your day!.... smile!

  9. Tea olive is one of my favorite plants. The scent is heavenly.

  10. Jo- That's what they are!

    Denise- That's what they're saying!

    Laura Lee- Some of my most favorite things of beauty on that plate.

    silverfinofhope- Not quite as alien as the passionflower (if you've never seen one, google image it) but close.

    Mel- They will, no doubt, be able to transmit odor one day. I think. Maybe. Who knows? We are lucky in our flowers and that's the truth.

    Lulumarie- WHAT? You have to have heard of tea olive. Sweet olive? It's also called that. Go to the nursery and buy one. Plant it by your porch. If you can't find one, I'll get you one.

    Angella- It was a peaceful day.

    Lisa- Do you think Bob would like it?

    Ms. Fleur- Gotta do it.

    Taboulea- Ah. Thanks.

    Syd- Isn't it? Truly one of my most favorites.

  11. I've never seen a tea olive boom... It's so sweet! I'd love to smell it...

  12. I'm so glad you had a peaceful day to enjoy.

    The hurricane lily blows me away.

  13. No surprise lilies for us this year. too dry I guess.

  14. Dianne- It is heaven's scent.

    Elizabeth- Can you grow them in LA? I don't see why not.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- It's a mind-altering blossom.

    Ellen Abbott- I am so sorry. But be patient. As Owen says, "Maybe..."


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