Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Mission, A Joy, A Purpose

I'm going to Lily's this morning because she has a midwife appointment at nine and I'm pretty excited. The appointment was actually supposed to be yesterday but there was a birth and Jason couldn't be there today for the rescheduled appointment and so I get to go and help with Owen and that means I get to hear The Baby's heartbeat again and nothing could make me happier.

Oh baby, baby!

It's not yet full light and the chickens are making a ruckus out there. They're still in the coop and I think I'm going to make them stay there today. My hens who lay blue eggs have not been laying in the hen house and dammit! I can't find the eggs and I want those blue eggs! Not that there's anything wrong with green and brown eggs but why should the 'coons get the blue ones? No reason at all. I have searched through the wooded areas and under the old van and under the old photo lab, lying on my belly with a flashlight but I can't swear they're not there. It's hard to see. Wily hens.
So today they're staying in. Hens are funny. There are six nests in that hen house and yet, they'll wait in line for the nest they want, impatient and pacing while another hen sits on the preferred nest, calm as a lotus flower, taking her own sweet time.

I love my hens.

Well, that's all the news I got today. The world shifted somewhat yesterday as Don't Ask, Don't Tell got rescinded. I am proud as hell of Obama for making that happen. I actually wish that no one joined the military, that we didn't even have a military at all, but you know me- old hippie tree hugger, peace and love lady. And dammit, if a person wants to serve the country they should be able to whether they love people of the opposite or same sex. I watched a video of a guy calling his old daddy in Alabama from Germany where he's stationed and he told his daddy he was gay. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done.
"Do you still love me?"
"Yes, son, I do. And I'm proud of you."


The world shifts and the truth comes out and it's okay and the less lies, the better.

I better go get ready to drive to town. Speaking of 'coons, I think one must have dragged the garbage off the kitchen porch where it was waiting to go to the dump place and I have to deal with that. Damn 'coons. Getting in my garbage, stealing my blue eggs.

Well, raccoons are critters who have a mission in life and a purpose and a need and sometimes that all gets in the way of my mission, purpose and need, or at least they annoy the shit out of me. It annoys the chickens when I won't let them out into the world, too.

We shall all persevere.

And I will get to hear The Baby's heartbeat and remember what exactly IS important and that will be grand.


  1. I want hens damnit! The day my grandson was born I gave him a little stuffed horse, beacuse his heartbeat sounded like a horse galluping... Grand! How exiting for you! And yes what a wonderful shift when eyes finally open... even if they are forced to open... Great post Mary!

  2. I used to get racoons attacking my garbage and I wouldn't have cared if they took it all, but no, first they spread it out on my lawn to have a smorgesbord (?) and then they left half of it.

    The when we tied down the tops of the cans with bungee cords and they couldn't open them, I saw a 'coon rolling the WHOLE can home to get help, except the handle got in the way and he could only roll it half way before it stopped and then he rolled it back.

    Must have been extremely frustrating! Finally, something amusing to watch a 'coon do.

  3. My sister kept hens for years. She doesn't currently have them. She was unexpectedly widowed last December and also recently moved but those chickens were a continuous source of entertainment for me. They are sneaky. Like yours, they would all lay in the same nest. Once they stopped getting eggs. After about a week and a half they tore up that chicken yard looking for the eggs and found a pile of over 20 eggs hidden under the hay.

  4. Glad you get to check in your new grandbaby today. I love you.

  5. Peace and love to you. If peace and love made a sound it would be a baby's heartbeat.

  6. brother husband MungamSeptember 21, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    Damn 'coons, and gay soldiers, and wily hens! This sounds like a description of the Lloyd Armageddon!

  7. I watched that same video today. I was so pleased with the dad's reaction, but i will be really excited the day that people don't have to fear coming out...i sure hope that is reality some day!

  8. Ms. Fleur- Yes and yes!

    Dianne- I love the galloping horse sound comparison. You're right. Lovely.
    And so are hens!

    Shoshana- He rolled it back! That's hysterical!

    Ellen- I have found stashes of eggs myself. As I said- they are wily, those hens. And sneaky, too.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Can you believe it? A NEW grandbaby? Oh my god. I love you too! I wonder if you'll get another scarf out of this one?

    Denise- Or a baby's first cries.

    Brother Husband- Well, you know what a hotbed of insurrection and trend-setting Lloyd is. We're like...California! Without the fake boobs.

    Lora- You are one of my favorite people in the world.


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