Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blue Eggs and Mice and Other Assorted Topics

This is the picture of something that is not there but which had been there the very microsecond before I snapped.
A little gray mouse, cowering and being very still in my presence after I had just gently swept it out of the mud room. He was still as...a mouse. Until Buster came up to investigate. At which point the mouse risked life and limb by jumping off the side of the deck onto the ground below and scurrying away.

I swear. It happened so fast that when I looked to see the image I had taken, I was surprised that no mouse was in the frame.
He was rather darling, I have to say. But I did not want him in my house. I am sure that his entire village lives in my house and he will probably scoot back in to rejoin them when my back is turned, but for now, he is outside. Probably still trembling.

Ah lah. Country life.

We heard that Baby's heartbeat again. Little Olive, or Beanette or Whoever he or she is. The heartbeat is on the faster side of normal which can indicate a girl but not always. Everything went fine with the appointment and I played with Owen because he is having NONE of this midwife stuff at the moment. He does not wish to discuss The Baby.
"Come on!" he says to me, waving his hand and arm in a beckoning motion. "Come on!" And he takes me back to his room to show me his lion, his fish, his puzzles. Meanwhile, I try to eavesdrop as Lily and the midwife talk.
It's quite odd, being the grandmother and not the mother or the midwife assistant. Odd, I tell you. But, well, there it is. Odd or not, I am the grandmother.
I do not think about childbirth that often these days. And yet, as soon as things start going along, I remember everything. For so many years, childbirth was my focus. And now....

Life goes on.

I am cleaning a bit tonight. Not that it needed it around here! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

This is going to be such a full weekend. Jessie is coming home tomorrow, I have Owen all afternoon and into the evening tomorrow and then Lily is coming out to get him and we'll have supper together. And there is fishing planned for Mr. Moon and daughters. And Freddy is going to be here filming all weekend and I think I have a part. I am not nearly as worried about that as I am ashamed to let people see the depths into which I have sunk, housekeeping-wise.

I mean. I swept a mouse out of the mudroom today.

Again- ah-lah. I believe this is some dark film and so perhaps the spider webs and dust will fit right in. I am hoping.

And I realize that I have not yet bought Owen's birthday presents. Oh my. I am the world's worst grandmother.
No I'm not.
When Kathleen and I went to Target last Friday, I looked at the tricycles but there are so many! Did you know you can buy a trike with a cupholder? God forbid your little one get thirsty while triking about the yard. I couldn't decide. I couldn't figure it out. I left the store with nothing more than a gym towel for Mr. Moon and a new lunch bag for him as well.

Poor Owen. Poor, pitiful child.
He did get a present at the Dollar Store today. A plastic horse. "Good boy," he tells the horse, just like he tells his riding horse in the library. "Good boy."

I suppose the floors are dry now and I should go put things back in their place. I have no idea where Mr. Moon is. He should be home by now. I am cooking him fish for his supper. And broccoli.

I better go get it started.

It's been a full day. It's been a good one.

And I got a blue egg. And the little mouse is under the house and all is very, very well.


  1. Have I ever told you that I do a mean rendition of a fetal heartbeat? I truly do -- people have told me it's amazing. :)

  2. Trike suggestion... Radio Flyer. They are strong classic, but not too fanccy and RED!! They even have the cool plastic red and white streamers to boot. They are only 50 bucks new and likely cheaper online or used.

    I love our little country mice! Remember when we had that whole litter that the cat was catching one by one? They hop like little tiny Kangaroos!

  3. I would go with the basic tricycle. I remember that I was wheeling mine through the house and ran into a table. Knocked myself out with a big goose egg on my head. Maybe that explains a lot!

  4. Yes, the Radio Flyer is a must!

    At this house the cats catch mice, bring them in the house alive and release them. I've caught more than a few. Yes, the joys of wildlife!

    Happy to hear Lily and baby are doing well. I know you're going to have a fabulous day tomorrow surrounded by all those you love.

  5. Love this and love you. You are the perfect grandmother because every day is Camp Mer-Mer. Have fun, Sister Moon!

  6. I miss both my grandmothers. You can find replacements for almost any other person in life, but grandmas are special. Nobody ever loves you like a good grandma. I was very lucky. I had two like that.


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