Friday, September 2, 2011

Chickens And Eggs And Spiders

I have finally named all of the new hens. They have rewarded me by laying lovely eggs in greens, blues, and browns.

The picture above was today's haul. Seven eggs from eight hens. So far. Who knows? That lazy slacker who didn't lay one may get it together by day's end.

Elvis has done a very fine job of drawing the new girls into the flock. He watches over all of them and today he led them up onto the front porch and created a nest in the big fern again and I have gotten three eggs from there and four from the hen house nests. Owen found the ones in the fern. He was very, very excited and so was I. Elvis stood by as each hen sat on the nest as patient as a bird can be.

I love Elvis. Who wouldn't?

Okay. Now take one more look at the first picture. What is the thing you notice most distinctly?

Yeah. One of my hens has a sore butt. Damn, that's a big egg.

I don't know what I'd do without my chickens. And I don't even eat many eggs.

By the way, I ran into the spider web today. My head just bounced off of it. I sprayed Ms. Spider with the hose. She said, "Thanks for the drink. I was thirsty."


  1. I miss having chickens... I wonder if they are allowed in my neighborhood... I suppose I could make a small pen and have 1 or 2 hens. Do you think anyone would notice? I might have to check into it!

  2. What amazingly beautiful eggs! I cannot wait to have my own garden and chickens.

  3. I love the shades of those eggs. Almost a shame to crack 'em open.

  4. Those eggs are astoundingly beautiful. Perfect.

    I want some chickens and wish you could come out here and set me up.

  5. lovely lovely eggs. The chickens across the street from me yodel and holler all over the place after someone lays an egg. We're looking a coop plans...

  6. Ha! When I first saw the picture I wondered if the big egg was a standard size and the others were tiny. Now I see...ouch! I do love the chicken stories.

  7. Wait.

    Chickens lay eggs from their butts? OMG!


  8. how have erge to eat boiled eggs and soldiers!!

  9. I am fascinated by those blue eggs. Maybe the hen that laid the big egg was trying to make up for the slacker!

  10. Note to the poster above: what the heck is a soldier??
    Those eggs are so gorgeous. Dumb question, but does each chicken lay her own individual colored egg the same color every time?
    I have only been buying these brown, free-range eggs at the store and I notice that with every dozen there are some that have a spot or two of blood. Why is that?
    I'm off to make egg and ham on an English muffin.

  11. Dianne- Do check into it. You may find that it's allowable. I would never have ONE chicken, though. I think she would be lonely. They are flocking creatures.

    Nola- Those two things are such a great comfort. I hope you can have them soon.

    Stephanie- I know! They are a sort of art in and of themselves.

    Syd- Aren't they?

    Elizabeth- I would have to bring Mr. Moon, builder-of-the-coop.

    Beth- They do tend to brag when they lay. I love that call of joy and pride and perhaps even astonishment!

    Lora- The picture doesn't even do justice as to the true size of that egg. I swear.

    Omgrrl- They only have one hole, those poor chickens.

    Young At Heart- Me too.

    Lois- Could be! "Don't worry, Sister, I'll take care of today for you."

    Michele R- A soldier is a strip of buttered toast, I think. Yes. Each hen lays her own distinct color and shape. I had always heard that the spot of blood meant that the egg had been fertilized but I have come to understand that it is just something that happens now and then.

  12. I never knew eggs came in such a variety of colors until your blog. I would have thought those beautiful eggs had been dyed.
    Elvis is handsome as ever...he was an excellent choice to lead this harem.

  13. Mel's Way- Ah- the new ones we are getting, the blue ones- they are purely delightful to the eye.

    Angie- Sometimes I am.


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